If you are advertising a product or service to an audience that loves paranormal and horror content, you’ve arrived at the right place. Puzzle Box Horror is a new and rapidly growing fan site, that offers quality reviews, original horror and paranormal fiction, journalistic articles and more. We’re about celebrating the genre, and building community around our shared interest in the unexplained, and downright terrifying.

We offer a variety of different advertising opportunities and banner sizes on our website. We also accept sponsored blog posts, and guest posts with back link attribution to merchandisers, promoters for indie horror or paranormal films and interview opportunities on our Puzzle Box Horror podcast (coming soon). We also promote horror and paranormal original art, photography and authors from the genre.

Banner Advertisement Sizes

Each graphic advertisement option can be provided in a static single-image format, or a carousel of three promotional graphics for each banner.

· 728 x 90-pixel banner (above the fold) on content pages.

· 320 x 250-pixel banner (embedded within featured article content).

· 300 x 250-pixel banner (sidebar featured advertisement).

· Social media sponsored content (placement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Contact our team for more information about advertising and sponsorship opportunities and back link exchange programs at Puzzle Box Horror.

Terms of Advertising Services

1. Advertisements are subject to editorial review in accordance with our community guidelines. We do not accept sponsored advertisements that contain hate speech, racial or religious objectionable content, profanity or content of a sexual nature.

2. Creative copy must be received 5 business days prior to commencement of the advertising campaign on Puzzle Box Horror.

3. Payment for advertisement services will be processed through PayPal.

4. We do not issue refunds for advertising. In the event of an unexpected and unpreventable outage or downtime of the Puzzle Box Horror website, we will reinitiate campaigns to fulfill the duration of promotion guaranteed by our contract.

Contact us here to advertise with Puzzle Box Horror.



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