How to Write and Promote Your Indie Horror

The horror and paranormal genre inspires creators such as writers, indie filmmakers, visual artists, poets, musicians (horror score composers) and so many other types of mixed media expressions. The first thing we all have in common is a love of the mysterious, the unexplained and the macabre. The second thing most of us share is the motivation to turn our passion into a business.

Puzzle Box Horror wants to be part of that journey for our members and community. Our founder and team of writers and moderators have a great deal of experience in the areas of publishing, securing funds and sponsorship for indie horror film projects. 

Did you know that 2019 marked the first time that the horror movie industry surpassed $1 billion dollars in revenues in twelve months? Horror fans are a loyal and informed audience, but lately there has been a massive resurgence in paranormal and horror entertainment (novels, books, games etc.). 

There is a reason why Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other media outlets have spent hundreds of millions of dollars sourcing refreshing, new and terrifying scripts, books to screenplay adaptations and series for horror fans. We are legion (lol). And marketing to horror and paranormal fans is a huge money maker for producers. 

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Are You a Horror Creator? Get Interviewed or Published by Puzzle Box Horror

We love meeting ‘makers’ from around the world. Whether you are a scriptwriter, videographer, gothic poet, journalist who loves to blog about the paranormal, painter or illustrator, comic book writer … seriously, if you love horror, we love you already. And we would also like to interview you.

What happens when you get interviewed by Puzzle Box Horror? Our writers will connect with you to ask some questions about your work, your process, and why you love the horror and paranormal genre. Your interview will be published on our blog, with a backlink to your website and author byline. Guest blogging or interviewing is a great way to boost traffic to your own project or business website and build brand recognition. 

It is also fun. Contact us to learn more.

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