Are you a creator of Horror? We want to help the world experience more great horror stories whether that be in film, books, games or art. Horror leaves an impact so let’s talk about making great horror.

Guest post on our site! Pitch us an idea and let’s get you on the front page of Puzzle Box Horror. Contact us here to send article ideas you want to write about.

Things we will promote:

  • Horror Films/TV Shows
  • Books
  • Comics
  • Graphic Novels
  • Games
  • Short Stories
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Something we have not thought of?

So, how can we help? Glad you asked because it varies by project. Some projects we might consider sponsoring by doing a creator interview which we post on our front page and send out of socials and email. Our focus is on supernatural and mystery oriented horror. It’s not that we don’t support action or gore horror it’s just not our particular cup of tea when it comes to production. This is a judgment-free zone though so that doesn’t mean we don’t still watch those films! Think of us as a supernatural horror incubator. For films, for example, we have assisted from working on set to bringing in the equipment we have to reduce costs (Portland, Oregon Metro Area).

What else do we offer for supporting on set horror production in the Portland, Oregon area:

  • Original Audio scoring
  • Onset audio recording
  • Production support and equipment we have
  • Someone to pick you up when you want to throw it all away! – this might be our best service.

Contact us here about co-creating Horror.



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