Horror Movies and Series

There are many great horror films and series out there. We choose to focus on the supernatural sub genres of horror. The hauntings, possessions, monsters, psychological, aliens and all that existential dread we get from cosmic horror movies. From our favorite horror movie quotes to horror based on real events we’re hand selecting the best supernatural horror out there one day at a time.

Fact or Fiction: Found Footage Horror

When The Blair Witch Project premiered in 1999, the world witnessed what could reasonably be believed to be real footage of three student filmmakers. These students would go on to disappear while filming their investigative documentary; their footage, as revealed by the movie, was later found by a third party and published for the world to see. The documentary-style film allowed the audience to see through the eyes of the protagonists. We were able to step into their shoes, with a growing sense of trepidation, as they dove into the gruesome legends woven into the history of Burkittsville, Maryland (Derry 228).

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