Haunted Places Photos

These are photos we have taken of haunted locations, graveyards, cemeteries, and any spooky places we can get into. We’ve been traveling all over the world shooting graveyards, haunted hotels, haunted houses, ghost sites looking for the best lore and taking photos to share.. If you use these images for a blog post, social media or otherwise let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by tagging them @puzzleboxhorror.com .

Our first gallery is from Lafayette Cemetery Number 2 in New Orleans Louisiana. This is one of two major graveyards in New Orleans and has a very long history. As the plaque notes, it is believed this site started informally as a burial ground in 1850. In 1858, the city of Lafayette, before being annexed by New Orleans, constructed 120 tombs within. In 1865 a survey and plan were drawn up of the cemetery and the avenues and pathways designated. Society tombs found in this cemetery include the Butcher’s association (1868) and the French Society of Jefferson (1872).

Ghoulish Costumes

This massive cemetery was both haunting and beautiful as you will see. Over the years it has fallen into some disrepair and has been the victim of vandalism.

Horror Masks