Where Is the Real Nightmare On Elm Street House Located?

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Is the Nightmare On Elm Street House Real?

It is real and it recently sold for almost 3 million dollars

Any real Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy Krueger fan knows the iconic house featured throughout the franchise as the Thompson residence home.  The house in the movie was given the fake address of 1428 Elm Street in Springwood (a fictional town in Ohio).  Most fans do not realize, however, that the house is a real home and someone actually lives in it now.  The house was originally constructed in 1919 and the real address is…

Where is the real nightmare on Elm Street House Located – It is found at 1428 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 – which just sold for almost 3 million dollars in 2022

Recent photo of the front of the real nightmare on elm street house

The owner herself explains that many tour buses and tourists go by her house on the regular, snapping photos along the way.  However, the house has not always looked as good as it does now.  The owner claims it was a long road to restoring the home since the infamous Nightmare franchise used it in production. 

What Happened to the Nightmare On Elm Street House?

An inspired woman by name of Angie Hill purchased the Nightmare on Elm Street house in 2006 with a vision for restoration.  After the famous horror films used the property, a private owner basically destroyed the place.  The pool was not kept up, all of the wood and dry wall was cracked or otherwise unacceptable.  The paint was chipping.  Although the house is located on a really nice street in a really nice LA neighborhood, Hill herself admitted that the property looked the worst on the street when she purchased it. 

inside photo of the renovated nightmare on elm street house

Hill explained that the entire home needed to be renovated, so that is exactly what she did.  She replaced what sounded like most of the house (literally including the walls, ceilings, floor, roof, paint, everything).  In fact, the renovations were so extreme that she took the opportunity to draft a new floor plan entirely.  She decided to leave the front of the house mostly the same, only freshening up the paint, including a nice new bright red front door.

Is There Anything Wrong With the Real Nightmare On Elm Street House?

Angie Hill was insistent on smudging the house when she moved in…a practice of cleansing a home using Sage.  This practice, while spiritual in its origin, may have been required, as she says the house had a really powerful effect on her…and that it had an “oppressive odor.” A very weird vibe indeed!  She admitted that it even took her a long time to be able to go into the basement of the house without being scared.

With that said…besides its horror movie history, the home is actually quite nice! It is currently ‘unofficially appraised’ on Zillow (called a ‘Zestimate’) at over $3,000,000.  That would mean paying a rent of about $15,500 a month!  This home is very impressive for a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom property…though, it is still a beastly 2,700 square feet.  It is listed as a traditional and modernist “fusion” and is considered a Spaulding Square home (in a certain nicer area of Los Angeles).  And it does also have a detached guest house!



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