Who Became Famous From the Saw Movies?

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 Any Famous People Come From Saw?

The Saw movies are one of the most gruesome and sadistic horror franchises of them all!  As much as the franchise focuses on the torture and suffering of its death scene victims…a few talented performers had their break out role in a Saw movie.  Here are some of the most prominent actors and actresses which got their real start from dying in a Saw movie…

Leigh Whannell

Wayne is well known today for his roles in the Insidious franchise, among other films. Before Insidious, however, Leigh played Adam Faulkner-Stanheight in the original Saw movie…where all his magic began!

Erik Knudsen

The younger actor playing Detective Matthew’s son in Saw II, Erik Knudsen, saw a plethora of opportunities after his performance in the Jigsaw torture house! Being that Erik was only 16 at the time of the first Saw movie, he has had the opportunity to grow more diversely into the opportunities that have been presented.  Some of Erik’s more recent work includes: Youth in Revolt (2009), Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010), and Scream 4 (2011).

Shawnee Smith

Although Shawnee was known from the movie “The Blob” in 1988, it was not until she assumed her role of Amanda Young in the Saw franchise that she received mainstream success. Although she would receive many other roles in a number of other projects after the original Saw, she would also go on to play Amanda 3 more times in Saw II, Saw III and Saw VI.

Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw

There may be a little hesitation in adding Tobin Bell to this list, as he did have a huge acting history before Saw (dating all the way back to 1979, in fact).  Truth be told, however, most of Tobin’s roles were uncredited or too insignificant to land him mainstream publicity.  Playing John Kramer (aka Jigsaw) in Saw (2004), nearly 25 years after his first movie role, landed Tobin his international fame and household recognition status.  Tobin would reap continued success from the Saw franchise for years to come.

Michael Emerson

Michael is another actor who had many roles before Saw, but did not seem to achieve mainstream success until making an appearance in Saw. After his role in the first Saw movie, Emerson would be picked up for a number of big projects and lead roles including: 4 seasons of Lost (TV), 5 seasons of Person of Interest (TV), and even the Joker in the 2013 Batman movie!

Final Notes

The Saw franchise is most notorious for the torture devices and creepy Jigsaw killer (doll included). Although the number of actors and actresses which get funneled through the death scenes is rather large, very few of the faces seem to turn up mainstream success afterwards.  Still, the movies are made in an extremely realistic fashion and all actors or actresses who die a Jigsaw death deserve a round of applause!



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Who is the Voice of Billy the Puppet From Saw? [Saw Facts]

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Is the Voice of Billy the Puppet Familiar?

The scary little tricycle riding puppet from the Saw movies, more formally known as ‘Billy the Puppet’ is one of the most terrifying props used throughout the franchise.  His oversized head and creepy eyes let the Saw victims and the audience know that danger is imminent. Usually Billy is around to explain to the victims why they are in the trap to begin with and the general rules of the game.  He also tells people how to survive the games.  James Wan (the original Saw director) did a great job making the puppet from scratch himself.  However, many Saw fans still want to know, who plays Billy the Puppet as far as casting goes (what real life actor is credited with Billy the Puppet)? Who is the Billy the Puppet voice in Saw?

Tobin Bell Voices Billy the Puppet

Billy the Puppet is very diabolical in appearance. But the news the puppet has to relay is much scarier! That said, the actual voice used for the puppet to speak to the victims about the traps they are in…is all Tobin! He is the complete villain package, both playing the vigilante-style sympathetic killer that is John Kramer (the Jigsaw killer), as well as being able to voice his own accomplice-puppet!

Tobin Bell is a very talented actor. Whether he is showing face on the screen itself or simply loaning his voice, he knows how to captivate the audience with the power of his presence. He is without a doubt the PERFECT Jigsaw slasher for the Saw movies! And Billy the Puppet has been an excellent partner to Jigsaw.  They are truly a very good fit, and thus, it is only appropriate that the Saw puppet is voiced by Tobin himself.

Final Notes About Billy the Puppet

Rusty wheels on a little red tricycle. White gloves to match an eerie white, humanoid-like face. Black unkempt hair and a mechanical mouth that moves as the killer speaks.  Billy the Puppet stands out as one of the most horrifying props used by a horror movie killer to date!  And it even has the scariest voice to match…thanks to Tobin Bell, the voice of Billy the Puppet!



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