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Not shockingly we are more into the scary costumes for Halloween, or maybe it is shocking. At least we hope so! Halloween this year is sure to see some of the classic scary costumes. We had another Scream released, Halloween Kills, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so many other great scary moves to use to inspire costumes this year. Let’s dig into our recommendations for scary costumes for this Halloween.


I’m just not seeing enough Krampus out there each year. The anti Santa and nightmare fuel for European children dating back to something like 300 BC and here in the US since 2015. Krampus needs more representation this year and there are tons of Krampus options out there from the movie costumes to scary creative masks and full costumes. This is an old demon scene and although it takes a fair bit to pull it off there is no one way to do Krampus right so make it your own.

Check out some scary Krampus costume options here or click the images below.




Ghostface is one of those iconic and terrifying costumes and movie monsters. The killer(s) in Scream are literally wearing this now historic scary costume. This year there are several Ghostface variations and even child Ghostface costumes. Nothing sounds more frightening than being chased by 10 tiny Ghostfaces.

Get Ghostface costumes here

Cheddar Goblin

Cheddar Goblin Mask

From the Cult Classic Nic Cage Horror movies Mandy comes the Cheddar Goblin. It’s way scarier than it sounds. I mean what is more terrifying than Mac and Cheese and Goblins?

Bring home this green Cheddar Goblin Mask to your little goblins for a cheesy good time at dinner or for any occasion! Straight from the cult classic horror film Mandy, a Full overhead Mask that is comfortable and easy to wear. Great for use for Trick or Treating, Home Haunts, Haunted Houses, or any party! Could this also be Yoda’s evil macaroni eating twin brother quit possible!

Get the Cheddar Goblin mask here

Michael Meyers Halloween


It’s never going to stop being scary. The dead facial expression. The immortal and unstoppable force of Michael Meyers. These Michael Meyers masks just keep getting more and more creepy each year. With another Halloween movie coming out just around the corner, you can rest assured this mask will instill fear in the neighborhood.


Get your Michael Meyers Masks here

Fulci Zombie

Based on one of the most iconic horror movies ever, Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the Boat Zombie from the Lucio Fulci cult classic, “Zombie.” Pairs nicely with ripped up and bloody clothes. Outcomes are often screaming children and terrified neighbors. Isn’t that the point of scary costumes?


You can get your own Fulci Zombie mask here

Lil Stevie the Sea Horse


It’s the eyes that really do me in on this one. That and anything from the sea. Sea horror is just some of the scariest horror out there. The mouth moves on this oddly terrifying sea creature. Add some flippers or just a regular outfit and it’s sure to be a hit at that work party Halloween costume contest.

You can find this sea creature here.

Werewolf Full Costume


It’s a classic and this one comes with everything you need, even the feet. Another mask with a moving mouth and the good folks and Zagone Studios who make this know how to create great costumes. This is one you can leave in your will to the grandkids. The Werewolf never goes out of style!

Get your werewolf costume here.

Aliens.. UV Aliens!


We all got the memo that the government knows we got ourselves some aliens out there. Jordan Peele’s “Nope” really drives it home, see it if you have not yet!

UV Black Light Reactive Down to Earth Alien Costume Kit. A great alien mask that can double as an insect head that now reacts with black light. The Costume includes UV Reactive Down to Earth Mask, UV Green Skeleton Gloves and UV Green Skeletal Shroud. 

Become and alien here


Hellraiser’s smartest and most diabolical demon from another astral plane – Pinhead! The classic played by Doug Bradley is sure to win the herts and souls of everyone you meet.

Get your Pinhead Mask here

So Many More Options

Our friends at Horror Hub Marketplace have thousands of costumes for the whole family and even some hand picked options for some of the scarier costumes. Get lost in the many masks, props, costumes and collectibles at Horror Hub. The sights you will see….

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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