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Were There Any Cameos in the Halloween Movies?

Halloween is a long running favorite slasher franchise and Michael Myers is a ruthless killer. While he may steal most of the limelight, there are many cameos present throughout the Halloween movies.  Some of the celebrity appearances and cameos are more obvious, while others are more subtle and can be almost impossible to detect without knowing to look for it.  A true Halloween fan will have a “palm face” kind of moment when confirming some of these cameos for themselves.

List of Celebrity Cameos in the Halloween Movies

It is always fun to see other celebrities and parts of the crew show face throughout the movies. Check out the full list of celebrity cameo appearances throughout the entire Halloween franchise.

John Carpenter

The creator of Michael Myers and Halloween himself, John Carpenter, both directed and wrote the original Halloween (1978). He also had a cameo in the masterpiece as the voice of Annie’s boyfriend (a character named Paul).

He declined a cameo offer for Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) remake.

Dana Carvey

Dana was given a small cameo role in Halloween II (1981) and then went on to bigger roles, including starring in the “Wayne’s World” franchise with Mike Myers (no not the Halloween movies’ killer).

Nancy Kyes (aka Nancy Loomis)

Halloween I and III featured a cameo from an actress by the stage name “Nancy Loomis.” Loomis is also the last name of Dr Loomis in the actual movie itself (just a coincidence).  She plays one of Laurie Strodes friends, Annie Brackett, in the first film and second films.  She then plays Dr Challis’ ex-wife in the third Halloween movie.

Alan B. McElroy

Famous and talented writer, Alan B McElroy, can be seen playing a state trooper cameo role where the ambulance crashed early in the fourth film, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988).

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah michelle geller cameo in halloween on a TV screen

Sarah is seen for a brief second or two on TV as two girls enjoy Scream 2 (1997) in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie lends the voice of the curfew announcer and phone operator in the 3rd movie, Halloween III: Season of the Witch  (1982).


She was also obligated via contract to cameo in Halloween Resurrection (2002), however, enjoyed the script and production so much she filmed a full 4 days and had a much larger part in the film.

Rick Rosenthal

Director of Halloween: Resurrection (2002) made a cameo appearance in the movie himself as a college professor. His cameo can be found rather early in the film, about 16 minutes in.

Last Words About Cameos Throughout Halloween

There are a lot of Halloween movies, and a lot of opportunities for a celebrity cameo appearance. Ironically, with how many opportunities the Halloween franchise has had for cameos, it has kept non-cast involvement rather light.  In fact, some movies do not appear to have a cameo at all! 

If you think you have found a new cameo that is not present on this list, please comment below so we can add it!


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