How to Buy the Perfect Halloween Mask

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Halloween Mask Buying Guide 2019

Ultimate Horror Movie Halloween Mask Buying Guide

High quality horror movie Halloween masks are not as common as one might think. Many masks these days struggle to make it through a single night of fun. A good Halloween mask is capable of winning costume contests, collecting the most candy in the neighborhood, and scaring the BEJESUS out of your friends. The art of buying the right Halloween mask, however, is a rather meticulous skill and one which should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are many tips for buying a great Halloween mask that is guaranteed to leave an impact, as well as survive the evening!

Steps to Buying the Best Halloween Mask

Finding the right Halloween mask can be complicated but fear not: we’ve laid out the groundwork for you!

Step #1: Think About Your Favorite Horror Movie Slasher




There are tons of horror movie masks out there. Taking the time to find the right mask is invaluable. If you take the time to find a horror movie mask that truly speaks to you, you will fill the role more flawlessly. A lot of times, a horror movie fan will favor one slasher or franchise more than the others; and oftentimes this horror movie slasher is the best one to choose when looking for a horror movie concept mask.

Step #2: Find a Horror Movie Mask That is Unique Concept


Of course, there is a little more to think about when purchasing a Halloween mask than simply picking your favorite horror movie slasher. A horror movie mask should also be a unique concept. No one wants to wear the same exact mask as someone else at a party or in a neighborhood trick-or-treat group. After all, everyone wearing the exact same hockey mask is lame. For that reason, there are unique concept masks. Picking an artistic rendition of your favorite horror movie slasher will set you apart from the crowd.

Step #3: Make Sure Your Mask Is Scary Enough


A horror movie Halloween mask should be able to pass the “scare test.” The scare test is an unspoken, unofficial “test” that is administered by YOU (the mask buyer) on a friend or sibling. Basically, it works like this: if you do not think putting on the mask and hiding in a closet will absolutely terrify your test subject…then this mask isn’t scary enough for Halloween!

Step #4: Find a High Quality Mask Supplier

High quality mask suppliers are hard to come by. Many suppliers are selling cheap, thin-layered latex that barely survives a few hours. It really sucks when the mask rips before the fun begins. Finding a mask supplier that can ship in a timely, efficient fashion can be a lifeline to remember for Halloween time. The better-quality mask suppliers also produce more realistic looking horror masks. Horror Enthusiast takes great pride in only supplying the highest quality Horror Movie Masks.

Step #5: Display Your Mask After Halloween

Buying a high-quality Halloween mask not only means that it will survive the night, but also that it will be display-worthy. Many of the best quality Halloween horror movie masks are so cool they deserve a permanent stand. All types of horror movie fans love to display their used Halloween masks on the walls, on the mantle, or even for collectible purposes.

Best Halloween Mask Ideas 2019

Obviously, some of the best choices for a Halloween mask will always be the classic horror movie slashers. These classic options do not grow old and haunt throughout time. Some of the most iconic horror movie slashers with some pretty great Halloween mask concepts include: Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Hellraiser, Jason Voorhees, and many others! There are a lot of reputable sources for high quality Halloween masks, including Horror Enthusiast. Ultimately, buying a higher quality mask that also doubles as a collectible can mean fun more than one year, and maintaining resale value!

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