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Are The Final Destination Movies About Real Stories?

The Final Destination movies are pretty insane in terms of “believability.”  Some of the deaths are simply down-right unlikely and of course the supernatural nature of the movies make them feel safer. Still, a lot of similar deaths have been documented. People around the world, have (unfortunately) suffered some pretty horrible fates that sound both, unlikely and unbelievable in nature. Some deaths are more like the plot in Final Destination, where a tragedy is side skirted one day, only to return another.  Some even involve actual plane crashes.  There are also real life deaths which have been extremely graphic, while also complicated…much like the movies.  In short, yes, Final Destination is possibly based on real events and many of these cases basically prove it!

Real Life Examples of Final Destination

There are some really crazy coincidences out there, and sometimes, they involve death! Like the popular Final Destination franchise, these deaths are very similar to the outrageous sequence of events many of the characters suffer throughout the movies.

Drowning in a Water Bowl

In 2001, a swimming coach tripped and fell on some concrete. The fall knocked him out and he slid down an icy sidewalk.  His face landed in his cat’s water bowl, which was barely full at all.  Still, the water was enough to cause him to asphyxiate and drown. Sadly, even a tiny bit of water is enough to take down the best of swimmers in the right conditions.

Wanted by Death

In 1977 Air Indiana Flight 216 crashed and there were no survivors. There was one single team member who was not on the flight, however, surviving the tragedy much like the Final Destination movie itself.  Unfortunately, however, he would only survive a couple weeks longer, his life being taken by a drunk driver along with his younger brother.

Ejected And Run Over

In 2013, Asiana Airlines crashed a Boeing 777 into the San Francisco International Airport runway.  The plane landing was bumpy, and exposed passengers to the open air, where 3 Chinese schoolgirls were thrown from the plane.  They were some of the only passengers without their seatbelts on.  While two of the girls died on impact, one survived only to be run over by one of the rescue vehicles rushing around the scene.

Destined to be Gunned Down

The interesting case of a famous sportscaster in 2012 showcases a woman who almost diverted death by bullet.  Jessica Redfield is recorded noting that she received a strange, eerie feeling that caused her to leave Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto, Canada. The mall was then shot up, deaths in the same food court she was just enjoying.  One month later, she died in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

Spear Through The Eye

The year is 1999 and the location is Liverpool.  Unfortunately the rest of the story involves a physical education instructor and a javelin.  As the story goes…the instructor loses his balance on a high jump and the javelin strikes the eye and pierced the actual brain.  He died several days later after suffering both, a coma and a chest infection.

Surviving One Plane To Die On Another

One woman is recorded surviving the attacks of September 11th (on the World Trade Center in New York), only to suffer a strangly-related death shortly thereafter. Two months following the 9/11 attacks, Hilda Mayol died as a passenger of American Airlines Flight 587 when it crashed in New York.

The Exploding Lava Lamp

In the year 2004, in Washington state, a man in his mid-twenties decided to heat his lava lamp using the stove range, rather than the bulb it came with.  The result was a high-pressure bomb-like effect that caused the lava lamp to explode, sending tons of glass shards splintering the air.  Unfortunately, one of these shards punctured his heart and he died.

Death by Rescue

In 2013, Asiana Flight 214 crashed.  It was a terrible disaster, leaving 3 people dead and many injured.  Supposedly, one of the passengers who survived the incident was struck and killed by a rescue vehicle (fire truck), approaching the scene. It should be noted, however, that there are many conflicting stories and the official ruling several years later may argue she was already dead.  Still, so many people were convinced of seeing her alive before the vehicle approached, and thus the death seems very “Final Destination-like.”

Fire Hydrant From Hell

There is a recorded case in Oakland, California involving a large SUV plowing into a fire hydrant and turning it into a rocket.  This rocket was propelled by the insane water pressure in the hydrant finally being able to bust loose the hydrant.  In this case, the hydrant shot off and impacted the back of a man’s head, killing him instantly.  Supposedly, the fire hydrant still continued another 20 feet, even after striking the man’s skull.

Could Final Destination Happen In Real Life?

Final Destination movie scene on escalator with woman being saved by a man

With the large number of strangely similar deaths, it is very obvious that something like Final Destination could most certainly happen in real life. While the movies themselves were not based on true stories directly, they were most certainly inspired by unbelievable tragedy…and that is seen all the time! These deaths, however, are so close to the “level of craziness” depicted in the Final Destination deaths, that there is more than enough evidence to support real-life Final Destination-style dangers.  That said, it may be best to outfit your summer cottage with a few corks and fire extinguishers…because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!



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