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The Faculty Starred A Lot Of Famous People

The Faculty (1998) was a break out movie for so many actors and actresses we now know as totally famous today.  There are many actors who had also already well-established themselves going into their role in the alien-invasion horror thriller. And the all-star cast of The Faculty work very well together, despite much of the talent being very early in their careers. The movie was hip and a real gem to be a part for everyone involved.  It is scary, suspenseful, interesting and a little funny at times (keeping it light for all types of audience members).  So, who ultimately got their break out role from The Faculty in 1998? Let’s take a look at both, some of the newcomers at the time and also some of the established actors who took part in the sci-fi horror flick!

Famous People Starring In The Faculty

There are a lot of famous actors and actresses in The Faculty. This is the comprehensive list, in order of whom most likely benefited the most from playing in the movie. Careful, there may be a couple small spoilers strewn throughout!

Josh Hartnett

When many people think of The Faculty, they think of Josh Hartnett.  He played the ultra-cool “repeating his senior year” Zeke Tyler, who drove an awesome muscle car and dealt drugs (his own concoction).  After The Faculty, Hartnett moved on to star in several other films, including horror flick 30 Days of Night.

Elijah Wood

No one can think of The Faculty without also recalling Elijah Wood‘s infamous performance as the bullied nerd that saves the world. He even ends up getting the girl in the end!  After saving the world from aliens, Wood would go on to star in the Lord of the Rings franchise (and other films).

Jordanna Brewster

Jordanna Brewster may have played a total b*tch throughout most of The Faculty, however, her character was most certainly believable and memorable.  Her break out performance in The Faculty would land her several other roles in many other movies, including the extremely popular The Fast and The Furious franchise.

Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall played the science nerd who comes up with the “full conspiracy theory” and how to resolve the situation. Her character was critical in overcoming the aliens.  Since The Faculty, DuVall has taken several other roles, both in movies and several TV shows.

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen did a great job of playing a rather complicated role in The Faculty, a teacher that does a complete 180 degree personality adjustment.  She goes from being an innocent, shy, rather pathetic English teacher, to a snarky, witty and sleek dressing alien who knows how to defend herself.  Following The Faculty, she would become the famous Jean Grey in the X-Men series.

Laura Harris

Laura Harris had a great opportunity to play one of the central roles in The Faculty, very early in her career. She was responsible for being the new student in school, as well as the queen alien.  Playing both a heroine and a villain is complicated, but she did great! Harris has since landed roles in several other projects, including TV shows Dead Like Me, Women’s Murder Club, and the ever-popular 24.

Shawn Hatosy

Shawn Hatosy played Stan in The Faculty, a jock who decides he wants to quit the football team and improve his study habits. As other characters point out, this change in character comes at a rather convenient time, when everyone is suspicious of whom could be an alien.  Hatosy picks up several other roles after The Faculty, in such movies and projects as Alpha Dog, Reckless, and Southland.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek came into The Faculty with some previous experience, and already having attained fame.  This did not stop her from providing an outstanding performance as the school nurse in the movie, and going on to star in several other films afterwards.


Usher plays a key role in the movie, the jock that replaces Stan as he quits the football team (the team always needs a captain). He makes for a rather scary alien who becomes a problem multiple times throughout the film. Usher has obviously had plenty of success since The Faculty.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a science teacher at the high school in The Faculty.  He is both, a convincing teacher and also a terrifying alien.  He suffers probably one of the most gruesome deaths at the hand of Hartnett’s character, Zeke.  Stewart has had plenty of success, both before and after The Faculty.

faculty movie famous castRobert Patrick

Robert Patrick plays one of the most iconic villains in the movie, the coach of the football team. He is a brutal competitor, wanting to push his team to success at all costs. This obsession of success and dominance only becomes amplified as an alien.  Patrick played in many other films and television series, both before and after The Faculty.

Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth played the unforgettable Principle Drake, who many of the heroes and heroines believe is the lead alien.  She is very convincing, both as a good guy and a bad guy.  She is very well-known for roles before and after The Faculty.

Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald is the father of Elijah Wood’s character in The Faculty.  He looks, talks and acts like a real dad would from that time and does a great job of disciplining his kid.  He has been known for many films both before and after The Faculty.

Jon Abrahams

Jon Abrahams is often overlooked in The Faculty, but he plays a character that does have a recurring role throughout the film, labeled as one of the students in the high school.  He is the boyfriend that is fighting with his girlfriend throughout the first part of the movie. He later stars in many films himself, including another horror flick, The House of Wax remake in 2005.

Final Words About The Faculty Cast

The Faculty is one of the most underrated alien-horror films out there. It’s got a truly “all star” cast, and they do a great job of capturing the high school era at the time, while making the alien invasion plot as believable as it could be.  The movie is chilling, cunning, and creates true paranoia in the characters and audience alike.  Who could be an alien? Who could be the head alien? And how do you stop them?  The Faculty is a sci-fi horror thriller that all horror fans should watch at least once!



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