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Behind the Scenes, Secrets and Easter Eggs in the Halloween Movies 

Almost everyone and their mother has seen or at least heard of a Halloween movie. Michael Myers is famous for his shadowy movements and knife-slashing ways.  And while this mask-wearing creep might seem pretty straight forward…the Halloween franchise has hidden a few secrets, Easter Eggs and behind the scenes tidbits throughout the films.  These are some of the greatest and most shocking  Halloween movie trivia and secrets there are!

Most Surprising Things About the Halloween Movies and Michael Myers

The Fear Meter

Halloween (1978) was filmed out of sequence, and so badly in fact, that director John Carpenter created and implemented a “fear meter” to help Jamie and cast understand exactly how scared they should be in each scene.

Marion’s Recurring Role

Most people overlook Dr Loomis’ nurse from Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) being the same actress, playing the same role (Nancy Stephens playing Nurse Marion) as from Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981).  She smokes in the earlier movies as well as in the later movie…where Jimmy’s friend asks her if anyone has ever told her that smoking kills. She replies cleverly with “Yea, but they’re all dead.”  Ironically, she dies pretty much at the end of that cigarette.

Jamie Lee Curtis Found Herself in the Halloween Movies

Jamie was nervous all the way up to the end of the first day of filming Halloween.  She reportedly spent the entire first day of production panicking over what she believed to be her poor performance. She even thought she was going to be fired. However, by the end of the day, John Carpenter himself called Jamie to congratulate her on securing her role as Laurie Strode, being very happy with her performance.

Mocking Jason Voorhees

In the beginning of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), short-lived character, Jimmy, scares Dr Loomis’ nurse, Marion, while wearing a hockey mask that looks eerily similar to the mask worn by Jason Voorhees. There is also a part in Halloween Part 4: the Return of Michael Myers about a third of the way into the movie where Michael Myers himself is seen wearing a hockey mask instead of his own mask while stalking Dr Loomis. Admittedly, some fans contest this scene, attributing the hockey mask-like shape to poor lighting and bad camera skills.

Season of the Witch III Director Cameo

The third installment of Halloween, Season of the Witch, is the only installment that is not about Michael Myers. Most people do not realize that the director and writer, Tommy Lee Wallace, is also the Silver Shamrock Commercial Announcer (voice only) throughout the film.

Laurie Strode Lends a Voice

Jamie Lee Curtis, the star who plays Laurie Strode in the first two movies (and 3 subsequent sequels years later), lends her voice as the Curfew Announcer and Telephone Operator in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.  This is an uncredited role…and more of a cameo appearance.

Michael Meyers

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later shows a newspaper clipping that features a misspelling of the infamous horror slasher…spelling his name “Michael Meyers” instead of “Michael Myers” (within the first 15 minutes of the film).

The Original Director Almost Directed H20

Halloween H20 (1998) was almost directed by the original Halloween director-genius, John Carpenter. There was a disagreement about compensation which left Carpenter feeling underrated, and a bit of bad blood due to Carpenter feeling he was underpaid for the original film.

One of the Most Successful Independent Films of All Time

is there a ghost in halloween painting of a man looking in a haunted room

John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) was one of the most successful independent films, ever.  The budget for this film was a mere $300,000. The earnings were more than $47 million in the US alone. Today, the earnings would have been much higher due to inflation (probably somewhere around $150-200 million today). No wonder Carpenter felt he was underpaid!

Driving Michael to His Death

An obvious blooper exists on the road to Michael’s death in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, when Laurie is driving him while he rests in the body bag towards the end of the film. The road from the driver’s windshield looks rocky, windy, dirty and rough; however, from the rear window, it looks smooth and paved, complete with painted lines.

Mr. Sandman

The song “Mr. Sandman” plays in two halloween movies, being found in Halloween II (1981) and also Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998). John Carpenter, writer of Halloween I and II has revealed in an interview that the song was chosen to represent Laurie being alone, and because it is eerie sounding.  It has been speculated that Carpenter wished to use the song in the original movie but had not yet secured the rights due to finances.

Dick Warlock’s Audition

Halloween II (1981), the nurse-slaughtering sequel, featured a different Michael Myers than the original film.  Dick Warlock won the role by stalking director Rick Rosenthal in his office wearing a Michael Myers mask. He reportedly wouldn’t respond to anything Rick said until he felt he had scared him enough to ask for the role. Creepy.

Final Words About Halloween & Michael Myers

The amount of passion that has been poured into the Halloween franchise is overwhelming, and thus the fictional killings have taken on a form of their own. So many people are involved in the creation of the Halloween movies, that there is no end to the creative killings. Thus, there are also an endless number of mistakes, bloopers and funny facts about the movies that result. Without a doubt there are still many Easter Eggs and secrets to be discovered throughout the Halloween films.  And the best part? They keep making new ones!



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