Morgan House – Kalimpong, India

Date of Discovery

The mansion was built in the 1930s by an English jute baron – George Morgan.


Morgan House Kalimpong or Morgan House

Physical Description

The mansion is built in a colonial British style. It sits on a 16-acre estate on the Durpindara mountain with views of the Kangchenjunga mountain range, and the valleys of Relli, Labha, Deolo, and Kapher.


The mansion was built as a summer getaway for the wealthy jute baron and his wife where they held extravagant parties when visiting. It is currently operating as a boutique hotel and is open to tourists.

Mythology and Lore

It is rumored that many tourists in the house have felt a presence while staying there. Further reports include hearing voices when no one was around and the sounds of high heels walking on the wooden floors. These are presumed to be made by the ghost of Lady Morgan haunting the mansion. It is believed that lady Morgan may have died in the house and is unable to let her treasured home go.

Modern Pop-Culture References


None known

Television Series

None known


None known

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