Introducing Stephen Brown, Author of – “Pray Cathal” and “Kill The Wolf”

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Puzzle Box Horror’s first interview with dynamic writer Stephen Brown. From existential space horror to musical werewolf movies we are pleased to introduce Stephen Brown.

First, tell me a bit about yourself and what got you into writing, is Pray Cathal your first novel?

I am from the North East of England and live with my wife and three daughters. I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember. My mother bought me a typewriter for my 8th birthday and I began putting the ghost stories my sisters told me onto paper.  When they ran out I started making my own.. Hopefully, I have improved since then. My interest in horror was something also shared with my Father who let me pick films from the local video store.  This is how I saw the likes of the Evil Dead, The Thing and more obscure films like C.H.U.D and Xtro. Pray Cathal is my first novel.  I am currently writing a sequel as well as working on a couple of unrelated projects. 

Author Stephen Brown's Pray Cathal Book Cover

Pray Cathal has some interesting crossovers in it from outer space to seemingly zombified earth. What inspired that?

It’s more about the big questions like why and how we are here, it tackles religion and our perception of humanity. Basically saying we had everything wrong and are about to be punished for not figuring anything out. Where we are more flesh than soul our overseers are more soul than flesh so once they infect the soul within, what people become is more twisted than zombies,  it transforms people into manifestations of their darkest desires.  So fueled by greed and hunger that they want nothing more than to infect the rest of the world. It was inspired by my own beliefs that if we could just admit we don’t know why we’re here or how then we could start to move on as a species.

What were some of the biggest challenges writing Pray Cathal?

As it neared completion the computer I was writing it on crashed and the disk became unreadable.  I holed up in the bedroom for weeks with a word processor (bought by my Wife’s Grandparents) trying to write as much from memory as I could.  Overall I think it benefited from it but there was a time there when I wanted to tear every hair out of my head. Other than that I had a number of endings but think I chose the best one.

Where can I get Pray Cathal?

It’s available in hard copy and digital from Amazon

Tell me about “‘Kill The Wolf” which is a musical werewolf slasher movie? How did this combination come to be?

The main character came first.  I really liked the idea of a singer held back by his own curse. With all the ability to be a star but under the shadow of what he is.

“‘Kill The Wolf” has it all – conspiracy, mystery, werewolves, and cults – Is this a plot you developed alone or are you working with the producers of the movie?

The plot was developed while trying to come up with something we could do ourselves. Trying to use the people around us and the limited resource we have and still make something we would all want to see.

In “Kill The Wolf” will there be singing mixed into the action? If so who is writing the score and songs? Are you collaborating on lyrics?

The singer keeps the beast at bay with song, music literally taming the savage beast.  He sings to stop himself changing so the music is often the calm before the storm or the soundtrack to reign it in.I have written the songs for it and came up with the melodies but have someone else doing the music. Heavily influenced by Nick Cave, Tom Waits and the Tindersticks.  He needs poking with a stick every now and then but it should all come together.  Obviously in the present climate everything is a bit up in the air..

I’m going to guess you are a horror fan so hit me with your recent recommendations for horror films to watch and anything you think is worth reading right now?

Of the new horror films I’ve seen I really Liked Vivarium,  The Platform, and The Color out of space.  When I get time to read I’ve been enjoying the Crossed graphic novels and “If it Bleeds” by Stephen King.  I just finished the “Boatman’s Daughter” by Andy Davidson which I would definitely recommend and “Here in the Poison Garden” by Colin Mulhern which is also a great read.

Thanks for your time. Where can we find and follow you on the internets?

I can be found on Twitter as @sevrin73.



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