5 Things To Know Before Visiting a Medium

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Seeing a psychic is an intense experience. You may be feeling anxious, confused, or unsure – especially if you’re in a stage where you’re seeking answers. The good news is that a visit with a psychic can be life-changing, as long as you’re ready to believe. Read on for our top 5 things to know before visiting a psychic.

  1. Nothing is Set in Stone

Any good psychic will tell you. You have the power to change your fate.

When a psychic gives you a prediction, they are simply reading your energy and determining your future based on your current path. However, one move you make tomorrow could change your entire reading! If you get some not-so-great news, don’t fret… because your future is in your hands.

2. Not all Psychics are Created Equal

A psychic is no different than a dentist or therapist (okay, maybe a little different), in that you have to find one that is right for you. If you go to your first reading and walk out disappointed, don’t swear off psychics forever. Simply start shopping until you find one that you vibe with. However, once you do, you should stick to seeing only them. Visiting multiple readers within a short time can result in different predictions, and change or confuse your path.

3. There are Different Reading Styles

Every psychic has their own unique reading style, and most will offer a range of services. Some prefer tarot cards, a few will hold an everyday object of yours in their hands, and a handful will simply sit with you and rely on energy and intuition. It’s crucial to choose the reading style that you believe will suit you best.

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4. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions, at First

We know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t that the whole point? Why did I see this psychic if I’m not able to have my questions answered?” But hear us out.


Letting the psychic guide the session will give you an unbiased reading, as they aren’t able to draw assumptions based on your previous questions. For instance, if you ask “will I be married in the next 10 years?”  in the beginning, they’ll pick up that love is a priority, and may try to sell you a love spell or tell you what you want to hear so you keep coming back. Try to listen to what they have to say, and ask any follow-up questions at your discretion to get the most accurate reading.

5. Don’t Give in to the Stigma

While psychic readings are a bit more accepted in today’s spiritual world, there is still stigma from the skeptics. Don’t listen to the non-believers who call psychics “fakes” or “scammers,” because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely a few frauds. But the majority of legitimate psychics act as a life coach, simply guiding you towards a proper path with your best interest in mind.


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