Can Jason Voorhees Talk?

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Is Jason Voorhees Able to Speak? [Friday the 13th Facts]

Behind the Scenes: Friday the 13th Slasher Jason’s Linguistic Skills

Jason is almost always associated with some pretty scary music. And almost everyone who encounters Jason (before actually dying) is nearly scared to death!  It is impressive to generate so much fear without uttering so much as even a peep. But has Jason Voorhees ever spoke? Do any of the Friday the 13th movies show Jason speaking?  Has he ever had a chat with a buddy…even before he drowned? Horror Enthusiast dives deep to the bottom of Crystal Lake for the answer to one of the greatest Friday the 13th fan questions of all time: Can the Friday the 13th Killer Talk?

Does Jason Voorhees Ever Talk?

Yes. Jason Voorhees can talk. He talks two times throughout this entire horror screen career, but nonetheless, he talks.

The first time, he was shouting in desperation. In the original movie, when he is seen drowning, he shouts for help and no one comes to his aid. These were very clear words and show he absolutely had the ability to talk as a kid.

The second time, he seems somewhat overly intelligent for the Jason we all know in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993).  Although this movie is often dubbed one of the goofiest films of the franchise, it does feature a talking Jason towards the end of the movie when Jason mocks the actions of a policeman he has possessed. 

Summing Up Jason’s Social Skills

Perhaps it was after barely surviving the trauma of almost drowning. Or maybe it was the death of his mother.  Some suggest it could be due to a mental illness, or his low IQ.  Or maybe there is another reason as to why Jason Voorhees remains one of the silent killers. No matter his reason for quiet…he does a great job hacking and slashing and remains the horror movie killer with the highest body count. And whether he talks or not, no one would want to invite him to the party!


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