Can Jason Voorhees Talk?

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Is Jason Voorhees Able to Speak? [Friday the 13th Facts]

Behind the Scenes: Friday the 13th Slasher Jason’s Linguistic Skills

Jason is almost always associated with some pretty scary music. And almost everyone who encounters Jason (before actually dying) is nearly scared to death!  It is impressive to generate so much fear without uttering so much as even a peep. But has Jason Voorhees ever spoke? Do any of the Friday the 13th movies show Jason speaking?  Has he ever had a chat with a buddy…even before he drowned? Horror Enthusiast dives deep to the bottom of Crystal Lake for the answer to one of the greatest Friday the 13th fan questions of all time: Can the Friday the 13th Killer Talk?

Does Jason Voorhees Ever Talk?

Yes. Jason Voorhees can talk. He talks two times throughout this entire horror screen career, but nonetheless, he talks.

The first time, he was shouting in desperation. In the original movie, when he is seen drowning, he shouts for help and no one comes to his aid. These were very clear words and show he absolutely had the ability to talk as a kid.

The second time, he seems somewhat overly intelligent for the Jason we all know in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993).  Although this movie is often dubbed one of the goofiest films of the franchise, it does feature a talking Jason towards the end of the movie when Jason mocks the actions of a policeman he has possessed. 

Summing Up Jason’s Social Skills

Perhaps it was after barely surviving the trauma of almost drowning. Or maybe it was the death of his mother.  Some suggest it could be due to a mental illness, or his low IQ.  Or maybe there is another reason as to why Jason Voorhees remains one of the silent killers. No matter his reason for quiet…he does a great job hacking and slashing and remains the horror movie killer with the highest body count. And whether he talks or not, no one would want to invite him to the party!


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Did Friday the 13th Copy Halloween? [Movie Comparison]

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Friday the 13th vs Halloween: Which Movie Copied Which?

A lot of people believe that Halloween copied Friday the 13th. While it is probably true that both horror movie franchise giants have ‘borrowed’ a little from one another…the truth is, Halloween actually came first.  John Carpenter’s original Halloween was filmed in 1978 and featured the ruthless killer Michael Myers in a nearly polished fashion right away.  And while we are big fans of both slashers, Jason Voorhees seems a little under-developed in Sean Cunningham’s original Friday the 13th, released 2 years later in 1980. There are a few crossovers, however, that cannot be ignored and hint that the creators shared an interest in viewing each others films!

Slasher Similarities

The Case of a Properly Masked Killer

did Halloween copy friday 13th

Although the first Michael Myers comes complete with a very attractive ‘killer mask’, Jason Voorhees is forced to resort to wearing a sack over his head for the first two films. Jason did not receive his shiny new hockey mask until Friday the 13th: Part 3, in 1982.  Horror Enthusiast speculates, however, that the Friday the 13th franchise realized the reason Halloween movies were grossing more in the USA was probably because Michael Myers had a mask.  Having a mask makes a killer more identifiable, and more interesting.  A quick look at the gross records of the movies backs up this theory:

  • Halloween (1978) grossed approximately $47,000,000 in the USA [masked killer Michael Myers].
  • Friday the 13th (1980) grossed $39,754,601 in the USA [unmasked killer].
  • Halloween II (1981) grossed $25,533,818 in the USA [masked killer Michael Myers].
  • Friday the 13th: Part II grossed $21,722,776 in the USA [unmasked killer Jason Voorhees]

And then something interesting happened. The Halloween franchise distanced itself from Michael Myers entirely for Halloween Part III: Season of the Witch (1982) and totally bombed at the box office. It is interesting to note Halloween Part III did not feature any single masked killer that could be identified in promotional material. In other words, there was no “single greatest villain” at all!  That year, Friday the 13th Part III was released featuring the new, masked Jason Voorhees and it more than DOUBLED Halloween’s domestic gross that year! Check it out:

Friday the 13th killer with a machete and hockey mask.
  • Halloween Part III: Season of the Witch (1982) grossed an estimated $14,400,000 in the USA [no Michael Myers killer at all].
  • Friday the 13th: Part III (1982) grossed $36,690,067 in the USA [new masked Jason Voorhees killer].

Unfortunately for the Halloween franchise, it would be much harder to get back on the horse. In fact, Friday the 13th would go on to release 3 more movies (part 4, 5 and 6) before having any competition from Halloween again. Halloween part 4 would be released in 1988, attempting to out-gross Friday the 13th Part 7.  Still, Friday the 13th Part 7 would out-gross Halloween part 4. Have a look:

  • Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984) grossed an estimated $32,980,000 in the USA [masked Jason, with no competition from Michael Myers that year].
  • Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) grossed $21,930,418 in the USA [masked Jason, with no competition from Michael Myers that year].
  • Jason Lives, Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) grossed $19,472,057 in the USA [masked Jason, with no competition from Michael Myers that year].
  • Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers (1988) grossed $17,768,757 in the USA [masked Michael Myers].
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) grossed $19,170,001 in the USA [masked Jason Voorhees].

The entire point of comparing the history of earnings from these films is to highlight the fact the Friday the 13th films did not earn more than Halloween movies until after Jason was properly masked.  Clearly, a properly outfitted villain is everything! 

In the case of an identifiable, masked killer, Horror Enthusiast speculates Friday the 13th copied Halloween!*

*There is a even a scene in Halloween Part 4, where Michael Myers can be briefly seen stalking Dr Loomis, wearing a Jason hockey mask!

The Case of Gender Discrimination in Killing

are michael myers and jason the same

One argument could be that the Friday the 13th franchise chose the gender death count based upon the success of the Halloween.  While this argument would not be very valid from the initial history of the two franchises and their horror starts…it could be the case later on in the struggle throughout their rivalry.  Breaking down the history reveals an interesting pattern change between the 1988 and 1989 movies.  Here is how both franchises began…

  • Michael Myers and Halloween claim 5 female victims and 4 male victims in 1978.
  • The Voorhees’ and Friday the 13th claim 5 female and 6 male victims in 1980.
  • Michael Myers and Halloween claim 5 female victims and 7 male victims in 1981.
  • Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th claim 4 female and 6 male victims in 1981.

A little time passes before the two franchises go head to head again. However, in 1988, Halloween part 4 is released to compete with Friday the 13th Part 7.

  • Michael Myers and Halloween claim 3 female victims and 17 male victims in 1988.
  • Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th claim 8 female and 8 male victims in 1988.

It is interesting to note that a previous bias to avoid too many female kills had been heavily retained in the Halloween franchise, while Friday the 13th decided to even it up. However, Friday the 13th must have decided that did not work out very well, as the two giants competed in 1989 again, only Friday the 13th had re-limited their female death count. Have a look…

  • Michael Myers and Halloween claim 4 female victims and 15 male victims in 1989.
  • Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th claim 5 female and 15 male victims in 1989.
monster grabbing woman in canoe from Friday the 13th movie

Although previous patterns for the first two may have indicated their own trial and error…and in the case of gender discrimination in killing, Horror Enthusiast speculates that Friday the 13th may have copied Halloween’s gender death count ratio.  Please be aware, this speculation must have been to avoid media scrutiny, not based upon profit…as Jason had been raking in the dough!

The Case of an Edged Blade

One could speculate that Friday the 13th chose to give Jason Voorhees a giant machete to outdo Halloween’s choice to outfit Michael Myers with a kitchen knife.  While the machete is admittedly much larger, a quick recap of the history of kills in the start of the two franchises reveals otherwise.

  • In Halloween (1978), Michael Myers claims 4 knife-based deaths. And in Halloween II (1981), that number drops to only 1 knife-based death.
  • In both Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), the Voorhees’ claims a total of 4 machete-based deaths.

Skipping ahead to the next relevant years of competition between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, 1988 and 1989…

  • In Halloween Part 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Michael Myers claimed 2 deaths by knife. And in Halloween 5 the following year, again only 2 victims are killed by knife.
  • In Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) only one person is claimed by machete. And in Friday the 13th Part VIII the following year, again only one person is killed by machete.

In the end, the two slashers are creative enough in their death scenes to not always require their primary weapon of choice; Thus Horror Enthusiast speculates that in the case of an edged blade, neither horror franchise copied the other.

The Case of Franchise Name and Film Titles

Does Michael Myers wear Jason mask

Halloween’s first film being released 2 years earlier than the first Friday the 13th, creates some natural insinuations about the rivalry.  The most obvious comparison: the names of the films.  “Halloween” was most likely chosen because of it’s stigma…or the ‘already-encouraged celebration of all things scary.’  This is a common tactic used in Hollywood, as a surplus of horror movies are always available during the Halloween season. Surely, naming an entire movie after the holiday is a great way to rake in the real dough!  And they were right, Halloween did tremendously well it’s first year, being released a few days before Halloween on October 27, 1978.

Similarly, Friday the 13th seems to take advantage of the only other “horror-driven” day of the year: Friday the thirteenth. Friday the 13th (1980) would be released on May 9th, 1980, one month ahead of that year’s Friday the 13th, June 13th, 1980. 

Regardless of it’s release date, it is clear Friday the 13th chose to capitalize on the naming scheme piloted by the Halloween franchise, thus, Horror Enthusiast speculates that in the case of franchise name and film titles, Friday the 13th  may have copied Halloween’s naming scheme.

Final Notes About the Horror Franchise Rivalry

Michael Meyers behind a young woman looking out the window

Friday the 13th obviously came after Halloween, and thus it is reasonable to assume John Carpenter’s cult hit had at least lightly influenced the Friday the 13th creators and crew; However, both franchises deserve respect for their individual contributions to the slasher genre.  For horror alone would not be what it is had it not been for so many victims spanning across these 21 movies (there are 10 Halloween films and 11 Friday the 13th films). Both franchises deserve a tip of the hat.

The Halloween versus Friday the 13th rivalry is one for horror history books no doubt, however, it is one that lives on to this very day. Each day, a new fan is born and as long as the franchises see interest in the audience, Michael and Jason will remain prominent slashers.  And when one slasher is slashing, it usually wakes other killers up from their slumber as well…as the profits these killers rake in make it worth it to slash and slash again they will! Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a “Michael vs Jason” movie someday soon.  After all, there couldn’t possibly be a better matched fight and horror fans from both franchises would be thrilled to see it happen (hint hint)!



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Does Jason Voorhees Have a Weakness?

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What Is Jason Voorhees’s Weakness?

Does the Friday the 13th Killer Have a Weakness?

Jason Voorhees always seems to survive any attempt on his life.  He has been dismembered, blown to smithereens and even disintegrated…yet he always returns!  Still, all horror movie killers seem to have a weakness and there almost ALWAYS seems to be a way for the supreme protagonist to somehow make it out alive as well.  Therefore…as Freddy Krueger himself wanted to know…

Does Jason Voorhees have a weakness? Can he be controlled?

Ways to Beat Jason Voorhees If You Were In a Movie

Horror movies can be hard to survive for anyone…however, an undereducated victim always dies faster.  Understanding some of the weaker parts of Jason Voorhees will increase the likelihood of surviving a Friday the 13th movie. Here are some of Jason’s greatest weaknesses used to defeat him.

Afraid of Water

Freddy vs Jason (2003) created a dynamic between nightmare master Freddy Krueger and horror movie slasher Jason Voorhees. Freddy realizes after he brings Jason back from hell to terrorize and kill that Jason is running wild and needs to be better controlled.  Thus, Freddy ends up probing Jason’s brain to find what is feared the most.  What Freddy discovers is that Jason’s traumatic childhood drowning created a fear of water. This fear for water allows Freddy the best advantages in controlling Jason.

Low Intelligence

Jason always seems to be outwitted. No matter which Friday the 13th movie, he is nearly always led to be the fool.  Whether being controlled by Freddy, victimized by the his peers for his mental deficiencies, or falling into a trap…Jason Voorhees can’t seem to get ahead in the thinking department. One of the best ways to survive and/or control Jason is by taking advantage of his low intellect and inability to solve complex problems.

A Soft Spot for Family

Jason Voorhees in a hockey mask from Friday the 13th movies

As the saying goes “even bad men love their mama” and Jason Voorhees does have a soft spot for his mother.  Jason and his mother had a close relationship, causing her to murder on his behalf for an entire movie (she is the real killer in the first Friday the 13th movie, not Jason).  Jason’s weird shrine to his mother is evidence that they have a very special bond.  Freddy uses this bond to his advantage, pretending to be Jason’s mother in his dreams in order to wake Jason up to slaughter on his behalf.


Yet another exploit discovered by Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs Jason (2003), Jason is vulnerable when he is sleeping. Freddy even sacrifices one of his possessed victims in the movie in order to stab and inject two needles worth of high-powered tranquilizers to knock Jason out for transport.

But Jason Is Still Kicking!

The movie Freddy vs Jason (2003) may have led fans to believe water is Jason’s weakness, he definitely survived a childhood near-drowning experience and haunts teens at a camp in the woods called “Crystal Lake.”  Ultimately it would appear that Jason Voorhees’ only weakness is his low intelligence. Still, however, that has not stopped Jason from maintaining the highest kill count of all horror movie slashers! If Jason Voorhees has a true weakness, it has yet to be properly exploited…as he keeps coming back to kill and kill again!



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Friday the 13th Movie Cameos

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Celebrity Cameos in the Jason Movies [Friday the 13th Trivia]

Are There Any Cameos in the Friday the 13th Movies?

The Friday the 13th franchise has been highly entertaining for decades. In fact, Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake never seem to get old! That said, throughout the long duration of Voorhees killings, there have been plenty of opportunities for celebrity cameos. There are a lot of ‘short lived’ roles (pun intended) that need filling, and cameos are sometimes the perfect way to get the job done.  Many of these cameos will be super obvious!

List of Celebrity Cameo Appearances in the Friday the 13th Movies

The Friday the 13th movies are iconic in the horror slasher genre, and thus a cameo appearance is a really cool ordeal!  Here is the complete list of celebrity cameos that appear throughout the Friday the 13th movies.

Betsy Palmer

Mrs. Voorhees, Jason’s mother, from the original film was invited to partake in a cameo for the second film, Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981).

Steve Miner

The voice of the TV newscaster in the 3rd film, Friday the 13th Part III (1982), is the director, Steve Miner!

Corey Feldman

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985), was supposed to star Corey Feldman, however, his role of Tommy Jarvis was given to someone else due to scheduling conflicts.  Instead, Corey shot a few scenes to be used as a cameo in the film.

Walt Gorney

Walt played Crazy Ralph in the first two films.  He then returned to lend his voice as the narrator in the beginning of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988).

John Carl Buechler

John is one of the best special effects and makeup  guys out there. He also plays a firefighter who finds and retrieves Jason’s broken mask at the end of the movie.

Kane Hodder 

The screenwriter for Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) makes a cameo in the movie.

California DJs

Two California DJs can be seen in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993). When Jason goes to hell, he throws a party first!

David Cronenberg

Cronenberg was killed on screen in a cameo appearance during Jason X (2001) as part of a deal made with director, Jim Isaac. Call it…pay back.

Robert Shaye

Robert Shaye has produced all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, including Freddy vs Jason (2003).  He makes a cameo in this film as Laurie’s high school principal.

Rey Mysterio

Famed wrestler makes an appearance in Freddy vs Jason (2003). He can be seen “as the person who jumps.”

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline is a part of a crowd about 27 minutes into the film. She is wearing a long-sleeve green shirt.

Last Notes About Friday the 13th Cameos

There were a couple that probably could have happened, but some red tape must have got in the way.  One example is the cameo of Adrienne King (the heroine of the original Friday the 13th movie) which was rumored to happen for the Friday the 13th (2009) remake.  It ultimately did not happen because the producers decided they did not want any originals to be in the remake.  It is obvious the franchise has had a lot of chances to cast cameo appearances, but has been rather conservative in doing so.

If you think you have found a new cameo or find other great cameos from famous actors in horror movies, please comment below so we can add it!



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How to Escape Jason Voorhees If You Were In a Movie

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Would You Escape a Real Life Jason Voorhees?

What If Jason Voorhees Was Chasing You?

Jason Voorhees is one tough killer to survive! He is notorious for his hockey mask and machete and holds the highest horror slasher kill count of all horror movie villains to date! The movies tell us that a real life Jason Voorhees chase would be terrifying and very hard to survive! Do you think you could survive Jason Voorhees? Take the Jason Voorhees Survival Quiz and find out today!

Would You Survive Jason Voorhees In Real Life?

Horror Enthusiast has determined the likelihood of your survival in a real life Jason Voorhees chase based upon your score of Jason Voorhees Survival Points.  Jason Voorhees Survival Points can be earned from making favorable escape decisions versus being lost when making a less than favorable decision.

You start out with Zero (0) points.

By tallying up your score at the end of this quiz, you will be able to determine whether you would be able to escape a real life Jason Voorhees, or drown at the bottom of Crystal Lake!

Weapon to Use Against Jason Voorhees

There have been many ways characters have tried to defend themselves against the horror behemoth.  Some methods have done more damage than others.  Still, characters that do not maintain a vigilant mindset about defending themselves throughout the film, almost always meet their demise rather early after encountering Jason. Some weapon choices will be rewarded with an increased chance of survival, while others receive a penalty.  You may only choose one weapon, or none.

  • If you would attempt to shoot Jason Voorhees with a shotgun, add 9 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to stab Jason Voorhees with a knife, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to wrestle Jason’s machete free from him, add 6 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to use the environment as a weapon, dropping a heavy object onto his head, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to use a baseball bat or other blunt force object against Jason, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you choose to avoid an encounter, and never choose a weapon, do not modify your score.

Hiding Place When Running From Jason Voorhees

jason attacking person from Friday the 13th movie

Jason is a fast-paced killer, and when he’s got you in his sights…it is typically a good idea to keep moving! However, there are still many opportunities to duck out on Jason in order to recover your energy.  Most of the time, choosing a quick hiding place to recuperate is an essential part of successfully escaping Jason Voorhees. Where would you hide to catch your breath? You may only choose one hiding place, or none.

  • If you would choose to hide in Crystal Lake, add 2 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide underneath a cabin, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would try to hide behind a tree, add 7 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide inside a cabin, add 5 points to your score
  • If you would choose to hide in a cornfield, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you choose never to hide from Jason, at any point, do not modify your score.

Escape Routes to Escape Jason Voorhees

There are not many ways to reliably survive a Jason Voorhees encounter. Still, some survivors will tell you that it more than certainly can be done!  If you select one of the correct escape routes, you will see a much better chance of surviving your ‘killer’ encounter! You may only choose one escape option.

  • If you would be willing to try and psychologically outwit Jason, convincing him you are his mother in order to escape, add 10 points to your score if you are male OR 15 points to your score if you are female.
  • If you would be willing to fight Jason, one one one, in order to escape by attempting to destroy Jason via gunfire, explosives or bombs, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would be willing to fight Jason, one on one, in order to escape by attempting to dismember him, add 18 points to your score.
  • If you would be willing to attempt escape by way of canoe, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to run through the woods, add 8 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to swim through Crystal Lake to make your escape, add 2 points to your score.

Ways to Die Against Jason Voorhees

If you are looking to survive a real life Jason Voorhees chase, you will want to avoid making one of these frequently-made mistakes.  Remember, one small mistake against a brute like Jason, could mean the end of your life!

Lake House Vacationing

So many victims have fallen to Jason Voorhees simply because they choose to take a beautiful summer vacation at the lake house.  Jason always hunts his prey best during summertime!

If you would be found enjoying a ‘lake house summer vacation’ with your friends, subtract 20 points from your score.

Joking Around

can you escape jason

Jason does not tolerate any type of disrespect.  If someone is making fun of him, taunting him or otherwise irritating him, his natural instinct is to kill them as soon as possible. Some victims have mistaken him for harmless, or even tried to talk to him before losing their life. And those who do not move at all typically die fastest.

If you are the type to freeze up, make jokes or otherwise try to befriend your bully, subtract 15 points from your score.

Going Swimming

When survivors go swimming, they are notoriously vulnerable in horror films (especially in the slasher genre).  Everyone knows that you do not go swimming when Jason’s at the party.  Jason may be afraid of water and drowning, but the death rate for survivors who have entered Crystal Lake, is too high to ever suggest going for a swim.

If you would go skinny dipping, bask on a floatable, or otherwise take a plunge in Crystal Lake, subtract 15 points from your score.

Getting Drunk

A lot of the victims Jason has slain have been partying beforehand.  If there is booze around, then it’s a pretty good sign that there is enough irresponsibility present for Jason to wreak extreme horror havoc.  Alcohol also naturally reduces one’s ability to defend themselves in a horror slasher.

If you would find yourself drunk at a party, simply subtract 10 points from your score without complaining.

Walking Alone at Night

One of the worst ways to go in a horror movie, is alone. And in the Friday the 13th movies, Jason Voorhees loves to stalk those who walk alone at night. In fact, those who go it alone have an extremely low survival rate.  Remember, always use the buddy system!

If you would choose to walk alone at night, even from one cabin to another for a quick moment, subtract 20 points from your score.

Having Intercourse

It is never good to have intercourse in a horror slasher film. In order to survive as a survivor, one’s hormones must be suppressed throughout the duration of the movie.  If you choose to have sex, even if you use a condom, you will still be risking your life at Camp Crystal Lake!

If you would choose to be intimate while at a lake house, subtract 15 points from your score.

Did You Survive Jason Voorhees?

Bloody Bed scene from Friday the 13th with Kevin Bacon

Time to tally up your Jason Voorhees Survival Points to determine whether or not you would survive a real life encounter with Jason.



0 to 9 points………… SLIM CHANCE OF SURVIVAL

-9 to -1 points……… PROBABLY DEAD ON ARRIVAL

-24 to -10 points……DEFINITE DEATH


Jason is not easy to survive when he gets his mitts on you. If you failed to survive, keep in mind he’s got the highest kill count of all the horror slashers to date, and thus he has a lot of experience hacking and slashing!



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