Does Jason Voorhees Have a Weakness?

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What Is Jason Voorhees’s Weakness?

Does the Friday the 13th Killer Have a Weakness?

Jason Voorhees always seems to survive any attempt on his life.  He has been dismembered, blown to smithereens and even disintegrated…yet he always returns!  Still, all horror movie killers seem to have a weakness and there almost ALWAYS seems to be a way for the supreme protagonist to somehow make it out alive as well.  Therefore…as Freddy Krueger himself wanted to know…

Does Jason Voorhees have a weakness? Can he be controlled?

Ways to Beat Jason Voorhees If You Were In a Movie

Horror movies can be hard to survive for anyone…however, an undereducated victim always dies faster.  Understanding some of the weaker parts of Jason Voorhees will increase the likelihood of surviving a Friday the 13th movie. Here are some of Jason’s greatest weaknesses used to defeat him.

Afraid of Water

Freddy vs Jason (2003) created a dynamic between nightmare master Freddy Krueger and horror movie slasher Jason Voorhees. Freddy realizes after he brings Jason back from hell to terrorize and kill that Jason is running wild and needs to be better controlled.  Thus, Freddy ends up probing Jason’s brain to find what is feared the most.  What Freddy discovers is that Jason’s traumatic childhood drowning created a fear of water. This fear for water allows Freddy the best advantages in controlling Jason.

Low Intelligence

Jason always seems to be outwitted. No matter which Friday the 13th movie, he is nearly always led to be the fool.  Whether being controlled by Freddy, victimized by the his peers for his mental deficiencies, or falling into a trap…Jason Voorhees can’t seem to get ahead in the thinking department. One of the best ways to survive and/or control Jason is by taking advantage of his low intellect and inability to solve complex problems.

A Soft Spot for Family

Jason Voorhees in a hockey mask from Friday the 13th movies

As the saying goes “even bad men love their mama” and Jason Voorhees does have a soft spot for his mother.  Jason and his mother had a close relationship, causing her to murder on his behalf for an entire movie (she is the real killer in the first Friday the 13th movie, not Jason).  Jason’s weird shrine to his mother is evidence that they have a very special bond.  Freddy uses this bond to his advantage, pretending to be Jason’s mother in his dreams in order to wake Jason up to slaughter on his behalf.


Yet another exploit discovered by Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs Jason (2003), Jason is vulnerable when he is sleeping. Freddy even sacrifices one of his possessed victims in the movie in order to stab and inject two needles worth of high-powered tranquilizers to knock Jason out for transport.

But Jason Is Still Kicking!

The movie Freddy vs Jason (2003) may have led fans to believe water is Jason’s weakness, he definitely survived a childhood near-drowning experience and haunts teens at a camp in the woods called “Crystal Lake.”  Ultimately it would appear that Jason Voorhees’ only weakness is his low intelligence. Still, however, that has not stopped Jason from maintaining the highest kill count of all horror movie slashers! If Jason Voorhees has a true weakness, it has yet to be properly exploited…as he keeps coming back to kill and kill again!


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