Is Jason Voorhees Immortal?

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Can Jason Voorhees Be Killed? [Friday the 13th Trivia]

Is the Friday the 13th Slasher an Immortal Killer?

Jason Voorhees is a sincerely strong horror movie slasher. Fans have watched him sustain unbelievable blows and violent damage to literally stand motionless.  He has even been lit on fire (Freddy vs Jason, for example), to simply walk forward with his blade as though it were not happening at all! Friday the 13th fans have been debating Jason’s mortality and when exactly he became the impenetrable monster that he is today.  Horror Enthusiast thumbs through the volumes of the Friday the 13th franchise to discover whether Jason Voorhees is immortal…or not!

Ways Jason Voorhees Has ‘Died’ (Ways They Tried to Kill Jason)

Can the hockey mask-wearing Friday the 13th slasher be killed? Following all of the ways people have tried to kill Jason Voorhees throughout his movies makes the answer clear!


Although it is later explained that Jason Voorhees survived the childhood tragedy, most fans believed and still believe he died in Crystal Lake.  Technically, he survived the drowning…and although it is not clear if he was immortal at the time of the near-drowning, it has been speculated he was born immortal.


Many people, including Tommy Jarvis (a character in some of the movies), thought that dismembering Jason Voorhees would kill him.  Unfortunately, Jason is immortal and he survived dismemberment.

Explosive Firing Squad

Jason Voorhees suffers some pretty extreme gunfire and literally blows up as a result. The FBI unloads a ton of fire power on this horror movie slasher.  None of the agents who fired at Jason that day would ever suspect he would be back yet again!

Swallowed By Hell

Jessica Kimble (a character in one of the movies) uses a magical dagger to strike Jason, sending him straight to hell. Still, hell would eventually spit him back out to slash again!

Atmospheric Disintegration

Of the many insane ways horror movie slashers meet their “demise,” being burned up alive in Earth’s atmosphere HAS TO BE THE CRAZIEST!  Jason still returns after his outrageous death in Jason X (2001).

jason voorhees drawing from Friday the 13th holding a machete.

Jason Has the Last Laugh

Although many sources claim that Jason Voorhees is definitely dead…his constant re-emergence at Camp Crystal Lake has been evidence that he is here to stay.  Jason has literally come back from hell itself in order to torment again.  One time, another killer (Freddy Krueger), even had the power to bring him back.  No matter how many times fans may think he is dead for good, he seems to return! Jason Voorhees also maintains the title ‘deadliest horror movie slasher’ (highest body count)!

This horror movie slasher may live on forever through his glorious on-screen kills…however, he has also become a cultural horror icon, as each year, millions around the world enjoy a hockey mask costume for Halloween. One thing is definitely certain, Jason Voorhees is immortal one way or another!



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