Is the Bedeviled Movie Based On a True Story?

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Is the Bedeviled App Real?

A group of friends is being picked off one by one, trying to figure out exactly what is happening.  Turns out, a killer Siri-like app is responsible for the carnage!  Anyone with a smart phone or an Alexa device is familiar with the creepy-powerful abilities of a “personal assistant.”  Today’s personal assistants are practically A.I. Robots who have the ability to remember our name, interests and make potential suggestions.  Bedeviled harnesses the power of “What If” psychological horror when it comes to a killer, out of control app that knows everywhere you go, everything you do and everyone you talk to.

Is there a Real Killer App Like in the Bedeviled Movie?

Anyone who sees the technology-inspired horror movie Bedeviled, wonders if Bedeviled is a real app. The truth is, there are apps that function a lot like Bedeviled. Three tech giants, in fact, are making a few artificial intelligence-like apps quite capable and commonplace. One of the well-known apps like Bedeviled is Siri, an Apple spawned application for the iphone that has the power to understand who you are and learn your habits.  Alexa, an Amazon personal assistant device, is able to even purchase goods.  And Cortana, a Microsoft application, is even built into Windows these days.  With these apps all over the devices we use today, it makes a lot of sense that one of these apps could become corrupt!

Final Notes & Review of Bedeviled (2016)

Although Bedeviled is a creative idea, ultimately, there is no real “killer app” like Bedeviled. However, it is reasonable to worry about the apps in existence today and the movie really makes us think about the direction of technology in the future! The app features in the movie seem a little outdated and unimpressive. Still, the ideology behind technology being so intricately woven into our lives that an app like this could become a killer is enough psychological terror to thrill.

In the end, Bedeviled may not be the best horror movie, but it is creative enough and done well enough to enjoy the entire film without bailing halfway through. And while other reviews may indicate the movie is too cheesy to be scary, Horror Enthusiast would still give this film a solid 5 out of 10 stars and an honorable mention!

Look out for Siri, ladies and gentlemen! You just never know!


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