Scariest Masks Used in Horror Movies


Most Realistic Masks Used in Horror Movie Costumes

Gruesome, Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

The world of horror has brought a lot of truly disgusting, and terrifying masks out of the darkness. Some are latex and meant to quite literally be a Halloween mask.  Other masks had other uses before they shielded the horror slasher’s mug!  There are some masks which are better known than others, even world-renowned…and then there are some super niche horror movies with much less recognized masks.  Still, there is no end to the creativity in Hollywood and in form of horror movie masks! 

Terrifying, Gruesome, Realistic or Scary Horror Movie Masks

With the diverse variety of mask types available, horror movie killers can be seen with some sincerely creative masks. This list is ranked in order of scariest to tamest of the best masks used in horror movies.

Please note: Masks only. Paint doesn’t count. Makeup doesn’t count.  It must be a covering part of the face with a physical object than can be removed to make the list!

Leatherface Mask

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre hosts one of the scariest horror movie slashers in the genre.  Leatherface is a larger, beast-like killer and his mask may be just as scary as his stature and weapon. Leatherface makes his masks out of human flesh, so they are naturally one of the most terrifying of all the horror movie masks out there.

Buying a real Leatherface inspired mask (not real human flesh obviously) is pretty easy, but many are cheap.  It is still possible, though, to buy a high quality Leatherface mask.

The Strangers Bag Head

Jason mask scary

The Strangers highlighted one of the most common cliches in the horror genre: protagonist stuck in the house, slashers trying to break in and terrorize. Only the Strangers did it all in one single house, throughout the entire movie.  Most of the fear was psychological, but the small visual peeks at the killer are terrifying mostly due to the bag over his head.

It is possible to buy the Strangers Bag Head mask, a few places offer them. Some are authentic, others are knock offs and look-a-like bag masks. They are all pretty scary though!

Michael Myers

Almost everyone (fan or not) knows the face of Michael Myers. He is a ghost-white latex-faced killer with zero facial expression and the “blackest eyes.”

There are a wide variety of real Michael Myers masks available for sale. Like all costume, Halloween and horror movie masks, some are higher quality than others.


The Masquerade Mask

The masquerade mask has been used in a variety of horror movies. Some of the most notable include the Purge movies and Valentine (2001). The masquerade mask is naturally scary as it is meant to ‘blend the wearer into the crowd,’ made popular centuries ago. Parties around the world make use of the masquerade mask…making it a truly scary horror movie mask…as it typically represents an unknown killer!

Masquerade masks are obviously extremely accessible and easy to buy. It is possible to buy Purge-style Halloween masks (realistic replicas) as well as the authentic recreations of the Purge masks themselves.

Jason’s Hockey Mask

The Friday the 13th franchise created one of the most iconic (and deadliest) killers of all time, Jason Voorhees.  Jason’s Hockey mask is one of the only identifying features a victim sees before the machete.

Purchasing a Jason Voorhees style hockey mask is easy, as they are available to buy in all types of colors and qualities.

Jigsaw Mask

ghostface scary mask

Saw’s John Kramer (aka Jigsaw) is a very intelligent horror movie killer.  Although he does not typically show himself nearly as often as the other horror movie slashers…he most certainly shows off his Jigsaw doll. The Jigsaw doll is most memorable due to its mask.  The Jigsaw doll sports a spooky clown-inspired white-faced mask with the red hypnotic spirals on the cheeks!

Some Jigsaw masks for sale are made of cheap PVC or plastic, while it is also possible to buy a high quality Jigsaw mask (even made of nice grade resin).

Ghostface Mask

The antagonist of the Scream franchise (no matter who the killer is), wears a long-mouthed ghost-like mask with a black hood.  The mask is extremely identifiable and thus the character has infamously become known most commonly as “Ghostface.”

Ghostface is probably the most commonly purchased Halloween mask available and worn. It is also probably the easiest Halloween mask to buy, both in availability and price. Still, some are higher quality than others.

Buy the Best Halloween and Horror Movie Masks (and scariest)

If you are looking for a truly scary Halloween or horror movie mask, a lot of these masks, and similar Halloween masks are available to buy online. There is a super wide variety of extremely realistic Halloween masks out there.  It’s important to be careful when purchasing masks outright, as many of them lack quality.  The last thing a high quality Halloween or horror costume needs is a cheap mask.  High quality masks mean better scares.  Buying a realistic, high quality horror mask can absolutely complete a look. 

Some masks are also considered horror movie props and are awesome collector’s items. Many horror fans collect masks (even those that were not featured in horror movies) for their intrinsic scare-based value, as well as their future monetary value.  It has been proven that many of the higher quality masks become instant investments when properly cared for.


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