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Interesting Facts About Saw

Finding yourself trapped in a Saw movie is probably one of the worst nightmares most horror fans could imagine!  The Jigsaw killer is calculated and has planned out his extravagant plots long before a victim even figures out what is happening.  So how did the writers and creators of the Saw movies devise such an intricate horror slasher?  Horror Enthusiast has pried through the traps and devices that make the movies and Jigsaw killer, to offer fans some of the most heinous Saw movie fun facts!

Interesting Facts and Trivia in the Making of the Saw Movies

A Title Change

The final Saw movie, Jigsaw (2017) was originally supposed to be called “Saw: Legacy.” This movie is often considered a bonus to fans (and to the creators), as the 7th film in the franchise, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010), was supposed to be the last Saw movie produced!

Saw’s Film Style

The intended film style for the original movie was to be through security footage only. In other words, the film would be presented as though it were found footage from security cameras laced together. Despite how it may have turned out [awesome], the creators of the original Saw still give credence to the Blair Witch Project as their initial inspiration for a Saw-type movie.

A Difference In Opinion

Saw wasn’t meant to be about blood and guts. The gruesome outcomes of the traps and insane violence that is seen in many of the later Saw movies did not match the vision the first movie’s creators had for a psychological scare with a twist ending. Regardless, some fans love the Saw films for psychological thrills and others for the straight up gore!

A Believable Relationship

The lead roles in the third film went to Tobin Bell (no surprise) and Shawnee Smith. It was decided that the two would spend several weeks hanging out and getting to know one another before the film so that their relationship would appear more natural.

Straight to Video Release

The original 2004 masterpiece was a super low budget film (only about a million dollars allocated). It was intended to go straight to video and most of the actors shot all of their scenes in just a day or two.  However, even more impressively, all of the filming was complete within 18 days total.

The Saw with the Most Traps and Deaths

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010) is the movie in the franchise with the most traps (11) and the highest kill count (27 bodies counted).

The Longest Saw Film

Saw III (2006) is the longest of the 7 Saw movies. Saw III officially ranks in at 108 minutes…that’s a lot of carnage!

Jigsaw Inspiration

Leigh Whannell created the Jigsaw character (not the puppet but the idea of John Kramer) after having a bit of a scare during an MRI.  He began imagining a desperate person who would become psychotic after learning they were going to die.

Saw II Takes the Cake

The first sequel of the franchise, Saw II (2005) takes the cake for the highest grossing Saw film in the entire franchise. This is true both in the United States, and from within its home territory, Canada.

An Original Prop

The creepy little doll that rides around on a bicycle and represents Jigsaw was an original prop.  This Jigsaw ‘puppet’ was made from complete scratch by crew themselves (largely made by director/writer, James Wan himself).

The Longest Pre-Production Saw Film

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010) was the longest pre-production Saw film in the franchise. This is because of the intense process involving interweaving 3D effects with real-life acting. Despite other Saw films averaging a 9 week pre-production prep time, the 3D sequal would take 21 weeks!

Largely a Canadian Franchise

The original Saw (2004) was the only movie in the franchise to be filmed in California. The entire rest of the 7 Saw films (including the latest Jigsaw movie) were produced and filmed in Ontario, Canada.

NC-17 Rating

The original Saw movie (2004) earned itself an initial rating of NC-17 mostly because of the sound and lighting. Obviously the producers decided to change that up a little bit in order get an “R” rating for threaters. Oddly enough, sound and lighting is not normally the reason fans hear later down the road (usually they have to tune down the gore and violence instead).

Final Words About the Making of the Saw Franchise

The Saw franchise is one of the most creative and innovative of the horror movie franchises. The deaths are typically unique and mechanical in nature.  The slasher’s motivation is also unique and creates sympathy among the audience. The victims are usually given a chance and considered people who do not value their lives or the lives of others…making for truly interesting “in between death drama.” One of the most interesting things about Jigsaw is that his legacy continues to claim victims long after he has passed.  Whether others commit the murders on his behalf, or people wind up in traps he has already set for the future, he is one of the most intelligent horror movie killers and racks up one of the highest body counts of them all!



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