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Which Horror Movies are the Weirdest?

The horror movie industry has brought us some seriously twisted creations. It is very clear, however, that some of these movies invented a whole new kind of strange. In fact, many of the newer movies have very effectively pushed back the threshold for the grotesque and bizarre. From abortion babies that survived to come back on a deformed vengeful kill-fest, to animal bones in human furniture littering the Sawyer house, there are some pretty outrageous scenes out there! So, which of these very many bizarre terrors makes the list of the strangest horror movies of all time? The latest Horror Enthusiast survey reveals the weirdest horror movies ever to grace the screen!

List of the Most Bizarre and Strangest Horror Movies

This is a list of the most bizarre and strangest horror movies ever made.  They are ranked in order of weirdness!

The Human Centipede (2009)

The Human Centipede brings a whole new level of “sick and twisted” to horror.  The antagonist, a crazy scientist, collects tourists to mutilate and rearrange them into a single being: a human centipede, connected by the oral and anal orifices. The movie is so gross, it is honestly a little sickening even typing about it! Body Horror at it’s worst.

Red Christmas (2016)

Ever wonder if a baby could survive an abortion? What would happen if it did and came back deformed and in a rage many years down the road with a serious chip on his shoulder?  Red Christmas is about a terrifying plot for revenge that absolutely shatters one family’s holiday season!

Society (1989)

Society is a cult-favorite and all-around weird.  It is part dark comedy, despite most people seeing mostly just the horror.  The plot centers around a teenaged boy who finds out his parents are a part of a bizarre second life full of sadistic orgies.  Society is one of the weirdest horror movies out there, though quite graphic.

Teeth (2007)

A girl who is practicing abstinence has a biological evolution and her vagina grows teeth (dantata).  These teeth become a sexual nightmare for many a men who she encounters.  Ultimately, this is one of the weirdest horror movies out there.

House (1986)

House is about a Vietnam veteran-turned-writer who spends some time in his aunt’s house after she passes, trying to cope with the past and the loss of his son.  He winds up believing his son is still alive and that “the house” has got him.  And this haunted house literally comes to life in the weirdest, most bizarre ways!

The Village (2004)

The Village is seriously strange. The entire plot surrounds omnious, weird events that transpire in a secret and isolated village.  While the village countryside may seem peaceful and serene, what happens there is…well, not so chill. The Village definitely makes the list of the strangest horror movies of all time.

Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

This movie is a twisted story from hell…a true nightmare that the protagonist seemingly cannot wake up from.  In terms of weirdness, there is always something happening which has the audience left befuddled and wide-eyed. The plot is absolutely filled with “strange” and “confusing,” so try to keep up

The Wickerman (1973)

The Wickerman is about a detective’s search for a missing girl on a remote island.  He finds the people that live there to have some pretty strange practices and the entire movie is a mental work out.  The movie was remade in 2006 with Nicholas Cage, however, many people consider the remake much worse than the original (sorry Cage). To be clear here: it isn’t weird because it’s Pagan-related, it’s weird because it’s weird!

The People Under The Stairs (1991)

The People Under The Stairs is a pretty strange idea.  A wealthy, affluent couple decide to try and find the perfect son by kidnapping kids, adopting them, and cutting out their tongues when they are bad.  These mutilated kids are stored under the stairs, in the basement, where it is dark and filthy. The victims are kept so malnourished that they are scary as hell to encounter!

texas chainsaw massacre is weirdThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may seem slightly out of place on the list, just because it has had so many sequels that no one considers it weird anymore, however, making furniture out of dead people IS WEIRD!  Littering animal bones all over the floors of a house IS STRANGE.  And making masks and dinner out of the victims is TRULY BIZARRE; And thus Texas Chainsaw Massacre rightfully deserves a place on this list, no matter how weird things have gotten!

A Few Final Notes…

Remember, horror movie preference (and all preference in general) is both relative and subject to change. This means that what one person considers strange or bizarre, may seem quite normal to another. It also means that a horror movie we once considered weird may eventually warm up to our taste with time. This type of evolution is very common when it comes to the horror movie industry, as society as a whole tends to become more jaded as time moves forward. This is due to the fact that newer horror movies always feel the need to out-gore and out-scare their predecessors. Thus (for example) a 60-year-old man looking back at the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and admit to himself “You know, I used to think this movie was super graphic back in the day when it was originally released, but now it seems a little tame.” In fact it doesn’t even make the list of horror villains with the most kills. When it comes to bizarre and strange, taste and tolerance will most certainly very between horror fans and overtime.



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Urban Legends: The UFO Sighting of McMinnville, Oregon

Featured Horror Mystery and Lore

One of the most famous pictures of a UFO was taken in 1950 on a farm near McMinnville—this controversial photograph showed what looked to be a flying saucer in the sky and was even printed all across the country in both newspapers and magazines, including Life. The problem is, is that it has still not been disproved and there is still no one who really knows the truth of the photograph.

Timeline of Events and Investigation


UFO Sighting 1950 - McMinnville, Oregon
Photography by Paul Trent

Between 7:30 and 7:45 pm in May, Evelyn Trent was out feeding their rabbits in the yard of the couple’s farm and saw “… a good-sized parachute canopy without strings, only silver-bright mixed with bronze,” which prompted her to yell for her husband. When her husband didn’t come out, she ran into their house to find him and their camera, before they both raced back into their yard. When Paul saw the object as well, later describing it as, “a round, shiny, wingless object,” that was hovering in the sky. Evelyn would later describe what they had saw that night, “as pretty as anything [she] ever saw.”

That night, the 43-year-old farmer was able to take two photographs before the flying object disappeared into the evening mist, and there has never been a more popular photograph to ever come out of Yamhill County. The images weren’t published until about a month after they were taken, because they wanted to finish off the roll before getting the images developed, in The McMinnville Telephone Register and The Oregonian. Life magazine followed up with publishing the story and images after the Oregon publications, which allowed the entire nation to marvel over the unidentified flying object. It didn’t take long for an investigator from the U.S. Air Force to make a trip to visit the Trents on their farm outside of McMinnville. “The object was coming toward us and seemed to be tipped up a little bit,” Paul Trent offered up to the investigations officer, “it was very bright—almost silvery—and there was no noise.”

This particular investigator had heard about these kinds of stories before, it was the Golden Age of UFO sightings, after all—however, most of all the other alien sightings had been easily debunked. Unlike the others, this was no weather balloon, private planes, or otherwise obvious hoaxes.


In 1965, the Air Force finally found a legitimate university with a well-credentialed physicist, Edward Condon of the University of Colorado, who was willing to thoroughly study the matter.


In 1967, Condon led an exhaustive UFO study and finally finished a 950-page report under the name, “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects,” which dismissed most of the reported sightings, but then stated that, “at least one, showing a disk-shaped object in flight over Oregon, is classed as difficult to explain in a conventional way.” This study determined that the photos were genuine and that the Trents were honest in their reports.

Condon’s study declared that it was, “one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated—geometric, psychological and physical—appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two [credible] witnesses.”


When Condon’s report was released, it was firmly established by 1968 that UFOlogy was a border science that lay well outside of the mainstream sciences. His results were, of course, argued with, because UFO enthusiasts believed that if he had confirmed the existence of UFOs, then he would have ruined his reputation.


Until both Evelyn and Paul passed away in the late 1990s (Evelyn in 1997 and Paul in 1998), they maintained that their story was genuine and even modern analysis doesn’t provide absolute results as to whether or not the images can be debunked. It seems that skeptics believe it’s a hoax, whereas believers assert that it’s evidence that cannot be discounted on the existence of UFOs. The only thing that has been proven over the years since the photograph was taken, is that even under intense scrutiny it can neither be definitively debunked nor confirmed.


Researcher Joel Carpenter (1959-2014) attempted to recreate a plausible UFO picture on the Trents’ farm, but it was clear the picture was shot using optical illusions to make it seem as if a near object was actually in the distance.


A group of French skeptics also did an in-depth investigation and attempted to recreate the photographs that the Trents had taken–their conclusion was that the original photographs were of a small model and not of an actual UFO.

Aliens in a Car
Photography by Miriam Espacio

What are your thoughts on this very long-survived UFO sighting that still refuses to be debunked with confidence? Do you believe that these 70-year-old pictures could possible be authentic, or are they the best surviving hoax that has ever been captured on film? Let us know your thoughts below!



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