What Personality Type is Freddy Krueger? [Myers-Briggs Personality Type]

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Freddy Krueger: a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Breakdown

“One…two…Freddy’s coming for you!” This common catchphrase can be heard sung in the background before many deaths.  A Nightmare on Elm Street’s famed killer, Freddy Krueger, is the only horror slasher to claim his victims in their sleep.  With the power to manipulate dreams and fingers of knives…what more could a horror slasher ask for? Still, it seems Freddy is never satisfied and always craving more victims. Thus, Horror Enthusiast has decided to dig deep into the darkest alleyways of the dangerous killer’s mind to offer the most accurate Myers-Briggs personality type possible!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Freddy Krueger Have?

Freddy Krueger is most likely an EST-P Myers-Briggs personality type.

Freddy Krueger is one of the most entertaining horror movie killers, possessing a lot of dynamic, interesting attributes about his personality that have contributed to his suspected personality type.

Affinity for Attention

Freddy Krueger may have a serious problem with killing most people he encounters…but it doesn’t stop him from wanting the attention!  Freddy has been caught gloating about the attention he gets and wishing for more several times throughout his films. Sometimes, he wants the attention to grow more powerful, other times he enjoys the attention in a form of infamous notoriety. Regardless, this type of behavior has earned Freddy a powerfully attractive personality type of “E” Extraversion.

Freddy knows a lot of people and has harvested a lot of souls. He shoots wonderful glamour shots for the media.  He can also be seen rocking out with his victims, playing video games with them, and even working out with them (before their unavoidable death)! Not only does Freddy like to hang with nearly anyone, but lots of people admit to really liking Freddy (as present in Wes Craven’s A New Nightmare).  Freddy’s large fan base and huge group of friends helps lock in his “E” Extraversion personality trait.

Problem Solver

The claw wearing slasher is famous for working through a number of problems to get what he wants.  Freddy has even brought another horror slasher, Jason Voorhees, back from hell in order to give him the entrance he needs to start killing again!  Freddy has worked his way around a number of other problems as well, making him a powerful “S” Sensing killer.

A Pragmatic Killer

freddy krueger pushing on weight bar from nightmare on elm street movie

Reasoning is a really important part of a killer’s logic.  And while it may be nice to have a plan for any problem, being able to reason with the variety of ways to solve that problem is essential in coming out ahead. Freddy is such as successful killer as he has been able to use experience and factual analysis to predict his victims movements and thus claims many lives.  Freddy’s logic secures him the “S” Sensing personality trait.

An Eye For Weakness

Freddy Krueger has an amazing ability to detect a victim’s biggest fear and ultimately their greatest vulnerability. This attention to detail and skill of determining inconsistencies is critical in exploiting a victim in their dreams. Freddy’s behavior truly extracts the maximum amount of fear and helps earn a personality rank of “T” Thinker.

A Technical Slasher

Of all the horror movie killers, Freddy Krueger has to be one of the most creative and innovative slashers of them all.  He has killed people so many different ways, nearly all of them gruesome.  No matter the killing, he takes advantage of the fears of each person, or the technical details available to him. This spectacular show put on with each murder locks down his “T” Thinker personality rank!


Keeps His Options Open

Freddy may be a little rough around the edges, but he really enjoys a good chase! Freddy loves to stalk and chase his victims, even taunting them at times. Ultimately, Freddy is one of the only killers who really enjoys the chase probably more than the kill itself. He pays close attention to details and an individual victim’s fears, in order to create the most powerful “P” Perceiving personality trait possible!

A Seasonal Killer

Although Freddy is down to hack and slash whenever they release a new film, there are almost always references in his sequels (and even in the original movie), to him lying dormant for long periods of time.  The first movie, for instance, only features Freddy Krueger killings years after his death.  Each sequel seems to allow an entire new group of fresh meat to move onto Elm Street before he begins claiming souls.  This sporadic type of behavior and his fluctuating energy levels lock into place his “P” Perceiving personality rank.

Final Mental Health Notes on Freddy Krueger

freddy Krueger with knife glove on

Freddy Krueger is one of the most infamous horror movie killers of them all. He is a dream-weaving, claw-wielding nightmare monster that no one wants to ever run into.  He has proven that he is indestructible, immortal and will keep coming back.  But still, underneath all those tattered cloths and burnt flesh, lies an attention hungry man who was rejected by society and simply turned to the darkside to satisfy his cravings. Freddy Krueger is an EST-P personality type, but he is also a lover, deep deep down and just wants to be accepted!


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