What Personality Type is Leatherface?

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface is a notorious chainsaw-wielding horror slasher villain who has literally cut through dozens of people.  But where does he get his drive and where does he find his satisfaction in life? What does the real Leatherface want out of life?  Horror Enthusiast has boiled the human stew down to the bottom of the pot to reveal the true grit, offering the most accurate Myers-Briggs personality type possible for the slasher.

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Leatherface Have?

Leatherface is an ISF-P Myers-Briggs personality type.

Leatherface is more complicated than he looks and possesses a lot of characteristics under the surface.  These personality traits have contributed to his suspected personality type.

Not a People Person

Although Leatherface has a few close family members he sees on a regular basis, he seems to really enjoy his alone time.  He enjoys to do things himself, and really wants to put his hands on things he may be focusing on.  This personality trait ranks him a strong “I” Introversion.

Reserved and Hesitant

It may be a tough decision for Leatherface to jump quickly into any action due to his fear of consequence. His entire life he has been punished and practically abused; thus as much as it may seem he is impulsing rushing at victims, he is actually quite a reserved killer, only acting on his family’s demands like a dog. This reservation and disregard for how realistic his family’s orders may be, contribute to his ranking “I” Introversion.

Obedient Soldier

The facts of Leatherface’s life are: follow orders or be punished. He is loyal to his family, despite always being bossed around and yelled at.  Every once in a while, they cross the line, but most of the time, Leatherface is seen as obedient. Most of his family’s demands are to murder or otherwise disfigure the family’s victims.  His lack of “big picture” vision ranks him more as “S” Sensing than intuitive.

Based Upon Experience

Leatherface thinks in simplistic fashion, using only basic facts as building blocks to complete his tasks.  He requires experiences in order to feel confident, obedient, or fearful.  Leatherface’s past has led him to fear disappointing his family, to try to avoid letting a victim survive, and to get the most out of the little things in life.  Living life based upon the black and white perspective of past events also makes Leatherface rank “S” Sensing.

Concerned With What Others Think

Leatherface chainsawing a victim illustration

Leatherface has always been concerned of what others think about him. This type of personality trait has led him to murder his peers and boss over their heartless accusations of him being a “retard,” “retarded,” and a “dumb animal.”  Leatherface is also seen in many films in absolute emotional devastation after disappointing one of his family members.  In fact, his need for approval is one of his biggest motivators, making him a powerful “F” Feeling.

Yearns for Peace and Harmony

Ironically, the horror slasher Leatherface is a big softy deep down inside! He is so distraught any time his family is a muck and seeks stability.  Leatherface does not murder his family, ever, but instead enjoys nightly family dinners and playing peacefully in his room.  Additionally, he has even been caught empathizing with a victim or two, all making for a really mushy rank of “F” Feeling.


Plays With His Food

This chainsaw-loving monster also loves to play with his food before dinner.  Frequently, Leatherface can be found mutilating, using makeup on, or otherwise exchanging heartfelt interactions with his victims before their demise. This sense of playfulness and the presence of a child-based intellect create the perfect atmosphere for a rank of “P” Perceiving when it comes to personalities!

Highly Flexible Killer

No matter the victim’s size, confidence or escape plan, Leatherface is one horror villain who is down for whatever! He has been seen chasing victims through houses, the streets, factories, the woods, and even through the top of a bus.  And he’s ready to drop anything he’s doing to respond to the murderous calls of his family members…making him a strongly flexible killer and a strong “P” Perceiving rank.

Final Mental Health Notes on Leatherface

Leatherface is much more complicated than he appears, offering a variety of submissive, obedient traits that mask a need to be accepted (pun intended).  He is not very friendly to the outside world, but most definitely loves his family. In the end, Leatherface’s Myers-Briggs personality type of ISF-P has made him an extremely interesting and thrilling horror slasher to watch!


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