Can Leatherface Talk?

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Does the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Killer Ever Speak?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features some of the most gruesome scenarios ever seen in the horror movie genre.  Leatherface is a terrifying slasher who has been terrorizing since the 1970s!  Throughout Leatherface’s long career, he has been seen dancing with a chainsaw, running through the woods, and playing with makeup.  However…does Leatherface ever say anything? Can Leatherface even talk? If Leatherface could talk, what would he say?

Leatherface’s Extensive Linguistics

In all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Leatherface can be seen doing many things. Most of the things Leatherface spends his time imply he enjoys a simple living. However, he has never, ever spoken a word on screen. Leatherface has not told us anything about his past, his pass times, or his family. He has not told us how he is feeling or why he is killing.  Leatherface has never spoken a single word in any of his films. He has, however, grunted, screamed and riled in pain. He loves to moan at dinnertime, howling along with his victims…however, he never speaks a genuine word in any film.

Leatherface expresses himself other ways. He spins in circles with his chainsaw to express frustration.  He shoves people’s heads into super hot ovens to express his distaste and to stand up for himself.  He puts his head down and runs inside in shame anytime he is yelled at by the rest of his family. And he slaughters his boss and coworkers whenever he is fired.

What Would Leatherface Say If He Could talk?

Deep down, Leatherface is a softie.  As explained by the creators of the Leatherface character, he was meant to adapt his personality to match the mask he is wearing.  It has been suggested that he does not have a personality of his own and that he has to use these masks to express himself. This is why he is seen wearing 3 different masks in the original movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). 

  • The first mask is his “killing mask” and is used to…well, chase down his victims and kill.
  • The second mask is his “Old Lady Mask,” which is used when Leatherface wants to do some cooking in the kitchen.
  • The third mask is his “Pretty Woman Mask.” This mask is used for dinnertime and usually features fresh makeup, all of course to dress up for dinner.

If Leatherface could talk, he would likely say “I’m hungry.” “You’re food.” and “Don’t we make a nice family?”

Final Words About Leatherface’s Social Skills

The famous chainsaw-wielding Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher is not someone who has been known to be very vocal. He hates conversation and does not have many friends.  His family is not very nice to him and it has turned an already misunderstood, damaged man into a total reclusive monster who is only interested in slaughtering, skinning and eating his victims.  In the end, Leatherface has always preferred to let his mask and chainsaw do the talking!

Leatherface is not the only killer who does not speak. Jason Voorhees also never talks so we also explore if Jason can talk.

Could the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Happen in Real Life?

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Is There a Real Life Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The obnoxious sound of Leatherface’s chainsaw slicing through the wall in a decrepit, bone-filled house off the beaten path will strike pure terror in anyone’s heart. In fact, it is possible that many people would drop dead of a heart attack right away if they actually saw Leatherface in real life. Chainsaws are most certainly real.  Masks of flesh are most certainly possible. And deranged cannibalistic psychopaths are absolutely possible.  So, could the Texas Chainsaw Massacre actually happen in real life?

Is a Real Life Leatherface Possible?

Many people think that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based on the life of Ed Gein, however, that is only partly true.  The Texas Chainsaw movies were only fractionally inspired by Ed Gein. Furniture that has been made out of bone and flesh, Leatherface’s masks made from the flesh of human faces, and a truly unkempt home are all parts of the movies that were inspired by Ed Gein. Still, there are real life examples of home decor, furnishings and masks found made by Ed Gein that show this type of corpse and body mutilation is more than possible, psychologically.  There are many documented cases of human cannibalism, some close to home in the past and some abroad in third world territories still occurring today. Obviously there are murders all the time. 

And thus, yes it is more than possible for a corpse mutilating, murdering cannibal to exist. Yes, it is possible for a real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre to happen. YES, it is possible for a real life Leatherface to exist.

What Would a Real Life Texas Chainsaw Massacre Be Like?

There are many components of a true Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.  Here are some of the most commonly found attributes which make a Leatherface movie, a real Leatherface movie.

Unsuspecting Victims

Unfortunately for the victims, most do not realize what is happening until it is already too late. Leatherface may be really scary, but he usually does not show up right away. Instead, his family first begins interacting with the victims, almost as though they are normal, contributing members of society.  The victims usually have an ultra low guard by the time they are any where near Leatherface himself.

Tow Trucks and/or Immobile Vehicle Graveyard

A lot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre films feature tow trucks that respond to victim car crashes, and/or a full-on vehicle graveyard.  The vehicles in this graveyard are always immobile and appear as though they may have been there for a long while.

Gas Station and/or Rest Stop

The Leatherface movies almost always start out on the road somehow, and the victims almost always end up stopping at a gas station or a rest stop of some kind for one reason or another.  Usually, it is for gas. Sometimes, they get directions.  It is always unwise to follow those directions…but they usually do!


There would be lots and lots of blood in a real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Sawyers (or Hewitts, depending upon which part of the franchise you are watching) are cannibals and furniture artists…and they prefer human-only parts!  This means being fully comfortable with cutting, slicing and dicing up human flesh and body parts. Not to mention the actual murders themselves.

Human Flesh and Bone Furnishings

Leatherface and his family love crafting the flesh and bone of their victims into furniture.  Their house is absolutely decorated with human body parts. There are human face lamps. There are chairs made of bone.  And a variety of other furnishings and horror decor.

Fun Fact: Did you know you can actually BUY Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Leatherface Inspired Horror Decor?

Yummy Dinner

Leatherface drags victims through his house and into his room for butchering, collecting parts for use in his family’s famous cannibal soup.

From Ed Gein to…???

leatherface ed with cleaver illustration

The funny thing about people like Ed Gein (only a grave robber and corpse mutilator) and serial killers is that normally they are discovered after the fact.  This means, unfortunately, if there could be a real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that it could be happening already.  So be careful out there on those Texas highways…and never take any unfamiliar detours not on your GPS!!  As one simply never knows when a real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre could be taking place off the beaten path, on some dirt road somewhere!

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How Did Leatherface Make His Masks?

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Sending victims running outrageously through the woods, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is absolutely filled with gruesome, violent deaths. Leatherface is a monster with a chainsaw…but he is also a monster without it.  Leatherface’s mask alone is enough to inspire fear in any victim.  This is because Leatherface dons masks made of human flesh, made from the faces of his victims. So what type of skills does Leatherface require to make his human face flesh masks? How much experience did he need before he started pumping out his high-quality grisly masks?

Horror Enthusiast has dug around in some of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre body pits to sift around and find the true origin behind the skills and design of the Leatherface mask.

What Does Leatherface Need to Make a Mask?

Leatherface staring at the camera

Slaughtering people correctly (both to murder them and skin their faces off), requires the work of a good butcher.  The mask requires serious tailoring skills. Sewing the mask together requires a steady hand and some fine needlework. 

That said, Leatherface has a ton of experience when it comes to being a butcher.  In fact, being a butcher is all he has ever known, career-wise.  On top of his cattle-butchering experience…he has been butchering stranded people for more than 40 years! Of course, the more people he butchers, the more faces he skins, the more masks he sews…the better he gets at the whole thing.

Technically, both the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Leatherface alike require a steady flow of victims through their abandoned town.  Without a steady flow of victims, they cannot eat, but more importantly, Leatherface cannot make new masks. New victims mean new masks.

Ultimately there is no shortage of victims rolling through the Sawyer house.

How Does Leatherface Create His Mask?

Although the first two movies do not share much information about the origin of the Leatherface mask, the third movie in the series, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990), is rather revealing. In fact, R.A. Mihailoff (who played leatherface in this movie), can be seen right from the start making a new mask for himself.

Step 1: Leatherface starts by dragging his victim into his little butchery area, usually either the Sawyer house basement or his room. Sometimes the room is hidden, other times it even has a window (allowing some victims to witness the atrocities from outside the house).

Step 2: Leatherface skins the face off the victim. It is important to note that Sometimes the victim is alive, even during the start of the skinning phase. Yet other times they have first bled out on a meat hook or froze in a meat freezer. Most of the time, they are already dead by the hands of Leatherface or a family member.

Step 3: The next step is sewing the mask together, as it typically requires a variety of slices to skin a face clean off a victim. The mask is essentially finished after it is sewn together, giving it a “homemade” kind of feel.

Leatherface has many personalities, based upon the mask he may wear.  Sometimes he is sympathetic, sometimes matriarchal, and other times, he is a stone cold hunter!  Some psychologists have speculated he uses the masks to change identity as a way of fulfilling himself.

How Was the Leatherface Mask Made in Real Life?

Leatherface with chainsaw and victim hanging from hands tied to a rope

Supposedly, the original Leatherface mask from the first movie was made out of a combination of fiberglass and latex. This interesting combo for material creates an almost see-through look and it has been said to be very fragile.  The fiberglass was essential though, as it created a very real “dead skin” kind of look.  The mask looks exactly like dried out, dead skin.

What Influenced the Real Leatherface Mask

A lot of the influence behind the real mask used in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and subsequent films in the franchise, came from the real life trophies of Ed Gein, the grave robbing corpse mutilator. Of the many items found in Gein’s home included a mask made from the face of a human being. In fact, his uniquely grotesque home furnishings and horror decor, all made from human bones and skin, also inspired the look for the inside of the Sawyer residence.

Gein did supposedly actually wear these masks, spawning the horror icon we know today as Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.

Final Words About Leatherface

Leatherface loves to wear different masks throughout the movies. In fact, he changes masks frequently, not just from movie to movie, but also wearing many masks sometimes within a single movie.  He has also worn the mask of his victim in the same movie as he has killed them.  For Leatherface, the thrill does not stop at simply slaughtering his victims, but also in butchering them, skinning their face off, and dancing around with his chainsaw wearing a mask of their face.

How to Escape Leatherface If You Were In a Movie

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What If Leatherface Was Chasing You?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre brings a lot of fears to life: the fear of chainsaws, the fear of cannibals, the fear of being hunted after being stranded, and the fear of ruthless monsters. However, the full terror of the movies has been isolated on-screen…until now!  What would you do if you were being chased by Leatherface? Take the quiz below and find out if you would survive!

Would You Survive Leatherface In Real Life?

Horror Enthusiast determines your likelihood of survival in a real life Leatherface chase in terms of Leatherface Survival Points. Leatherface Survival Points are earned by making positive decisions in an attempt to escape Leatherface, while they are subtracted from poor decisions.

If you are a male, you start out with Zero (0) points.

If you are a female, you start out with Five (5) points. Females are more likely to survive an encounter with Leatherface.

By the end of the quiz, you’ll have tallied up your score to determine if you could teach others how to survive a real life leatherface, or if you are just another meat carcass!

Weapon to Use Against Leatherface

can you live through texas chainsaw massacre

It is imperative to defend yourself against a horror movie slasher.  Though, some people prefer flight over any other action, and some prefer to hide.  There will be a lot of bonuses to be had by fighting back, as Leatherface is just a normal human being under the dead flesh and susceptible to pain like anyone else. Some weapon choices will be better than others. It is not acceptable to combine weapon choices, you may only choose one, or none.

  • If you would choose a large object to bash Leatherface over the head, add 1 point to your score.
  • If you would choose a bladed weapon (such as a knife or glass shard) to attempt to sever Leatherface’s arm or otherwise repeatedly stab him, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to use the environment as a weapon, such as luring him into a trap of some kind, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to strike Leatherface with a car, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to shoot Leatherface with a gun, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to wrestle Leatherface one on one, add 1 point to your score.
  • If you choose to avoid an encounter, do not modify your score.

Hiding Place When Running From Leatherface

Hiding is a really important part of surviving a Leatherface encounter. He is strong, fast and well-armed, thus, wit and a few quick hiding places is essential for moving throughout his environment and finding a proper escape. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.  It is not acceptable to combine hiding places, you may only choose one, or none.

  • If you would choose to hide in a closet, add 2 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide underneath a previously slain victim, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in the woods, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in a disabled car or vehicle, add 2 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in a meat packing plant, factory or other butchery, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you would never choose to hide, do not modify your score.

Escape Routes to Escape Leatherface

A lot of Leatherface Survivors have fought back before escaping.  Many have died trying to escape. And many have gotten super lucky gambling with an escape plan.  Depending upon your plan, you may be more or less likely to escape. It is acceptable to combine two (2) options in order to devise your proper escape plan.

  • If you would attempt to kill Leatherface with a weapon that you have scavenged from the wilderness, cannibal’s home, or collection of ‘past victim artifacts,’ add 5 point to your score.
  • If you would attempt to drive yourself out using one of the Sawyer/Hewitt family vehicles, add 3 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to flag down a passerby vehicle on a through road, risking running into a cannibal family member, add 2 points to your score.
  • If you would be willing to jump from a two story window without knowing what is below, add 2 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to run through the woods, add 10 points to your score.

Ways to Die Against Leatherface

can you live if leatherface attacks you

If You want to live when a real life leatherface is chasing you, chainsaw and all, you will want to avoid these common mistakes that have led to the demise of countless others.  These stupid mistakes will affect your ability to survive.

Going Back to Help Others

Typically this strategy never works out and at least one person dies when someone doubles back for a friend.  Usually, it’s the person that is being saved…however, sometimes no one makes it out. 

If you would double back for a friend, subtract 6 points from your score.

Picking Up Hitchhikers

A lot of times, a hitchhiker leads the group to their doom.  It’s never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers in a Texas Chainsaw movie, and is always a prelude for disaster.

If you would pick up a hitchhiker, subtract 4 points from your score.

Asking a Local Resident for Help

Many of the local residents in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films are “in on it” with the Sawyer/Hewitt murderous family.  When being chased by Leatherface or his crazy family, it is advised to avoid seeking out local residents for help.

If you would pound on a neighbor’s door for help, subtract 8 points from your score.

Entering Unknown Houses 

A lot of the victims from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre have chosen to enter the residence of someone they do not know, willingly, before they are hunted or murdered.  Most victims probably would have had a better chance of survival if they had avoided entering strange homes in secluded locations.

If you would enter a stranger’s home to use their telephone when in trouble, subtract 12 points from your score.

Going on Fun Excursions With Your Friends

So many victims fall in numbers. Leatherface and family prefer to hunt groups of people all at once.  Most of the victims who have fallen to Leatherface started out as a part of a large group of friends traveling on a fun vacation or trip of some kind.

If you would carpool in a big van to have a great time with your friends for a weekend somewhere awesome, subtract 15 points from your score.

Falling Asleep

Although we aren’t dealing with a nightmare killer here, any victim who has fallen asleep due to exhaustion, concussion, or loss of blood, almost always dies.  It is extremely hard to survive if you are in a state which requires any type of unconscious period in a Leatherface chase.

If you would take a nap or otherwise find yourself unconscious around Leatherface, subtract 15 points from your score.

Did You Survive?

leatherface killer survival

Tallying up your Leatherface Survival Points will indicate your likelihood of surviving a real life encounter with Leatherface. 



0 to 3 points………… SLIM CHANCE OF SURVIVAL

-9 to -1 points……… PROBABLY DEAD ON ARRIVAL

-19 to -10 points……DEFINITE DEATH


Do not feel bad if you have a low score! It is quite difficult to survive Leatherface in the movies and would be equally as difficult in real life.

Is Leatherface Mentally Challenged?

Scary Movies and Series

Leatherface, the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise slasher, has long been rumored by fans to battle mental illness. However, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) did reveal a few details about his past and the history of Leatherface before he ever used a chainsaw.  Turns out, Leatherface did suffer from an intellectual disability (basically a mental retardation) being diagnosed with a degenerative neuro disorder when he was only 12 years old.  Leatherface was raised by the Hewitts/Sawyers (depending upon which movie) after being abandoned in a dumpster at a meat packing plant.  Although it is highly unlikely he ever took an IQ test, or a test of any kind for that matter, many horror fans speculate that Leatherface would have a rather low IQ.

Does Leatherface Have an Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation)?

There are a few facts and activities spread throughout his killing sprees on-screen, which give credence to his diagnosis of mental illness being accurate.

Leatherface Plays With Children’s Toy

In Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Leatherface enjoys some time with one of his favorite children’s toys, a sort of “speak and spell” type of electronic.  The digital screen displays the image of a clown and Leatherface types “FOOD” repeatedly while the machine replies “Sorry, wrong answer!”  Eventually he angrily smashes and thrashes around, throwing a fit.

Leatherface’s Curious Encounter

In Leatherface Chainsaw 3D, the monstrous chainsaw-wielding villain stops dead in his tracks during a chase for a kid with a toy chainsaw. Although Leatherface eventually gains composure and scares the kid off, he is taken aback to see another chainsaw weilder.

Frustrated Tantrums

Leatherface is seen in many films getting frustrated with his inability to catch his victims or appease his family members.  Usually he will become more violent than normal, spinning out of control with his chainsaw while standing in place…or shoving one of his family member’s heads into an oven, fire ablaze!

Human-Face Masks

Many psychologists would likely declare Leatherface mentally ill. One of the biggest reasons being that Leatherface feels a lack of identity to the point he needs to shave faces off of other human beings, wearing them as his own.

Creepy Bone & Flesh Collection

Although there are normal uses for animal bones and various organic matters, Leatherface (and family) take it to a whole new level of disgusting. The Hewitt/Sawyer properties often feature dead animals, hanging bones and human skulls scattered all over the scene!  They are even cannibals, creating a human stew (probably really high in protein). In fact, a psychologist would probably have a few disorders lined up for Leatherface based on his collections alone!

Other Characters Recognize Leatherface As Mentally Slow

There are a couple of key characters who have been around Leatherface for a good part of his life to know him well. Leatherface’s boss and co-worker at his butchery call him a “dumb animal” and even a “retard,” leaving him angry enough to slay them right then and there.  Later on, the sheriff is talking to Leatherface’s uncle Charlie about getting Leatherface under control…referring to him as “retarded.”

Leatherface is Mute

Leatherface is unable to verbally communicate, besides a few grunts and groans. Occasionally, when a survivor has successfully hurt Leatherface, he can be heard screaming like a little girl.

Leatherface Plays With Makeup Like a Child

Leatherface is unable to resists the temptations of decorating his victims and his mask made of human face with lipstick in one flick.  Although most would agree: Leatherface would be a terrible makeup artist and should stick to his day job!

The Final Word on the IQ of Leatherface

Leatherface is most certainly mentally handicapped and suffers a low IQ. Ultimately, this explains why he so quick to follow his family’s truly demented orders, and also why he is sometimes a little easier to outwit than other horror movie slashers.  Regardless of his true IQ and how mentally deranged he may be…Leatherface is infamous for an array of truly entertaining on-screen kills!

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