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Does the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Killer Ever Speak?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features some of the most gruesome scenarios ever seen in the horror movie genre.  Leatherface is a terrifying slasher who has been terrorizing since the 1970s!  Throughout Leatherface’s long career, he has been seen dancing with a chainsaw, running through the woods, and playing with makeup.  However…does Leatherface ever say anything? Can Leatherface even talk? If Leatherface could talk, what would he say?

Leatherface’s Extensive Linguistics

In all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Leatherface can be seen doing many things. Most of the things Leatherface spends his time imply he enjoys a simple living. However, he has never, ever spoken a word on screen. Leatherface has not told us anything about his past, his pass times, or his family. He has not told us how he is feeling or why he is killing.  Leatherface has never spoken a single word in any of his films. He has, however, grunted, screamed and riled in pain. He loves to moan at dinnertime, howling along with his victims…however, he never speaks a genuine word in any film.

Leatherface expresses himself other ways. He spins in circles with his chainsaw to express frustration.  He shoves people’s heads into super hot ovens to express his distaste and to stand up for himself.  He puts his head down and runs inside in shame anytime he is yelled at by the rest of his family. And he slaughters his boss and coworkers whenever he is fired.

What Would Leatherface Say If He Could talk?

Deep down, Leatherface is a softie.  As explained by the creators of the Leatherface character, he was meant to adapt his personality to match the mask he is wearing.  It has been suggested that he does not have a personality of his own and that he has to use these masks to express himself. This is why he is seen wearing 3 different masks in the original movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). 

  • The first mask is his “killing mask” and is used to…well, chase down his victims and kill.
  • The second mask is his “Old Lady Mask,” which is used when Leatherface wants to do some cooking in the kitchen.
  • The third mask is his “Pretty Woman Mask.” This mask is used for dinnertime and usually features fresh makeup, all of course to dress up for dinner.

If Leatherface could talk, he would likely say “I’m hungry.” “You’re food.” and “Don’t we make a nice family?”

Final Words About Leatherface’s Social Skills

The famous chainsaw-wielding Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher is not someone who has been known to be very vocal. He hates conversation and does not have many friends.  His family is not very nice to him and it has turned an already misunderstood, damaged man into a total reclusive monster who is only interested in slaughtering, skinning and eating his victims.  In the end, Leatherface has always preferred to let his mask and chainsaw do the talking!

Leatherface is not the only killer who does not speak. Jason Voorhees also never talks so we also explore if Jason can talk.


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