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Most Horrifying Texas Chainsaw Massacre Furniture

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is filled with horrifying costumes, effects, props and furniture.  Some of the wretched home decor is scarier than the rest…however, almost all of the home furnishings found throughout the Sawyer (or Hewitt) residence is absolutely unnerving. After wreaking decades of havoc on travelers through Texas, the wicked killers have collected a number of creepy artifacts.  Analyzing any of the furnishings in Leatherface’s home during any film will reveal the true sadistic nature of the family of cannibals.

List of Scary Furniture Found in Texas Chainsaw Movies

These are some of the scariest horror decor and flesh inspired furniture found throughout the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films.

Furniture Made of Bone

A lot of the furniture throughout the Sawyer (or Hewitt depending upon the movie in the franchise) residence are outfitted with bone or actually made from human bones. The lamps are sometimes made from bones.  All types of bones are used in the furniture, rib cages, ribs, knees, arms, legs, skulls…just about everything.

Bone Chandelier

A bone chandelier like the one in the dinner scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre III instill real fear in the audience.  This chandelier is comprised of so many bones (arms or legs it looks like), that it implies many victims have seen the dinner table before.

Animal Skull Centerpieces

The dinner table is can be seen affixed with an animal skull or two.  This is a very respectable dinner table centerpiece in the house of a cannibal family.

Filthy Antiques

Picture of Texas Chainsaw Massacre house chainsaws

There is a lot of fear to be had in old, antique, rusty and filthy pieces of furniture.  Not to mention a chainsaw collection including the chainsaw he used to saw up all those unfortunate teenagers. Old, unkempt furnishings and horror decor are everywhere in a Texas Chainsaw movie.

Human Flesh and Face Lamps

There are lamps seen throughout the films that are made using human flesh. Sometimes, they are made using the flesh of a human face.

Standing Skeletons

The cannibals have claimed many victims and have an array of skeletons littered throughout the residence along with them. Many of the skeletons are fixated in a standing position.

Hanging Bones and Skulls

As if full size human skeletons weren’t enough, there are always all types of weird fixtures hanging from the ceilings in select rooms.  These are presumably Leatherface’s idea of home decor, however, they are horrifying and made of skulls and bones and dead animals.


Final Notes About Texas Chainsaw Massacre Decor

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a terrifying franchise and often all the credit goes to Leatherface and the chainsaw, and maybe his cannibalistic family. People hardly attribute any of the fear to the furnishings and horror decor throughout the Sawyer/Hewitt residence, but these furnishings play an important role in the buildup of fear. And the collection of Ed Gein-style furniture and horror decor show that Leatherface and family have been doing this for a while.


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