Props That Create Dread in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Props That Instill Existential Dread

The flesh-wearing, chainsaw-wielding horror movie slasher, Leatherface, loves to accent his kills with some of the most horrifying objects and tools.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies feature a number of unique advantages for including a variety of interesting props. The Texas Chainsaw plot involves a collection of victims’ vehicles, personal belongings, and skeletons…and this collection has apparently been occurring over time.  This means nearly anything could be found in the Sawyers’ house or a Texas Chainsaw graveyard, even a speak-n-spell!

Some of the Most Dreadful Texas Chainsaw Props

Although there are plenty of spooky items found in a Texas Chainsaw movie, some of the props are much more realistic and terrifying than others.  These are some of the subtle and no so subtle scary props used.

Decrepit, Rotting House

Decrepit old house from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror movie

Setting the scene is important in delivering a truly fearful experience.  While Leatherface is prone to pop out anywhere, giving the impression he actually stalks his prey like a hunter…providing him a scary place to live is also important.  Many horror films utilize a decrepit home that may be caving in on itself..but few horror movie slashers live in a home littered in rotting human and animal remains. It is almost as if they are collecting disease!

Meat Hooks

Probably one of the most obvious props that terrify throughout a Texas Chainsaw movie, are Leatherface’s meat hooks. Being hung on a meat hook would be catastrophic to one’s chances of survival.  Many characters have tried to pull themselves off, and there is little success to be had there. In the event one does make it off a meat hook, they are severely injured, likely suffering a punctured lung, damaged heart or other unsustainable injuries. And then there’s the bleeding…a trail that leads the killer right to them.

Immobile Vehicle Graveyard

a car and actors from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

A lot of horror movies feature vehicles that stop working, giving the owner trouble or leaving them stranded. However, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre features vehicle graveyards, filled with immobile vehicles.  Additionally, the vehicle that brings the group into danger to begin with, generally becomes disabled one way or another (either the Sawyers disable it, someone crashes it, or the keys are located on a dead victim).  Disabled or otherwise immobile, abandoned vehicles are a notable part of the fear that is felt during a Texas Chainsaw movie. They instill the inevitable hopelessness the victims will ultimately experience.

A Chicken

Leave it to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre creators to make something as simple as a chicken and chicken bones scary. The live chicken and scattered chicken bones are probably so terrifying because they are next to, and among, human skulls and human bones.  The subconscious idea that the audience absorbs from seeing these bones together, is that the owner of the property views human beings in the same sense as a chicken: food.  It is also really unsanitary.


Being stuck in a wheel chair during an encounter with Leatherface is a special kind of nightmare.  It would become absolutely impossible to survive in a wheelchair, thus the prop of the wheelchair is used to highlight immobility as a weakness. Unfortunately, Franklin dies within seconds of meeting Leatherface largely due to his inability to escape.

A Meat Freezer

meat freezer in texas chainsaw massacre film

In the original film (1974), a victim is stuffed into a coffin-sized meat freezer, later to briefly emerge in terror only to be stuffed back inside.  Being that a meat freezer is a rather cold, dark place to be, it is reasonable to understand the terror one must feel when stuffed inside.  This freezer of horrors was being used to keep the meat fresher (victim still alive). Leatherface’s apathy to humanity may the intangible horror prop here.

Human Face Lamp

Leatherface is notorious for his meticulous leather working of human flesh.  Similar to “Ed Gein” the grave robber, Leatherface and his family outfitted their home with a variety of furnishings made from human flesh.  One particularly eerie prop that is terrifying in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) dinner scene is the human face lamp hanging over the dinner table.  It is often so bright that people overlook it is an actual face…however, it adds a touch of raw horror that surpasses the skeleton in the room!

Last Notes About Texas Chainsaw Props

Although many people immediately assume the scariest props in a horror movie are the masks or weapons, in this one a chainsaw..the truth is a horror movie requires much simpler props to design a terrifying setting and realistic feel.  As seen in the Texas Chainsaw films, even the simplest prop can become a terrifying horror movie asset. It is almost as if Leatherface could make anything scary!


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Horror Conventions 2022

Featured Horror News Indie Horror

Another year and another chance to meet your favorite actor/actresses at a Horror convention. 2020 horror cons were a bust, thanks a lot COVID. 2021 we were at 70% power at the conventions. 2022 is the year of the “Horror Con Comeback.” We’re calling it now. Undoubtedly things will change but here is a list of cons to keep an eye on for 2022. We tossed in some of the comicons as well, many are featuring horror celebrities this year. Stay safe out there and mind the zombies.

January 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Villicon, 21-23, Orlando, FL
  2. HorrorVille, 22-23, Cocoa, FL
  3. Cowtown Horror Fest, 29-30, Hurst, TX


  1. Fan expo New Orleans, 7-9, New Orleans, LA
  2. Albuquerque Comic Con, 14-16, Albuquerque, NM
  3. Fan Expo Portland, 21-23, Portland, OR

February 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Mad Monster Party Carolina, 18-20, Concord, NC
  2. Days of the Dead Atlanta, 25-27, Atlanta, GA
  3. MystiCon, 25-27, Roanoke, VA


  1. Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest, 6, Simi Valley, CA
  2. Long Beach Comic Expo, 12-13, Long Beach, CA
  3. Con Nooga, 18-20, Chattanooga, TN
  4. Pensacon, 18-20, Pensacola, FL
  5. Farpoint, 25-27, Hunt Valley MD
  6. Alaska ComicCon, 19-20, Fairbanks, AK

March 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions::


  1. The Fandemic Dead, 18-20, Atlanta, GA
  2. TransWorld Halloween Con, 17-20, St. Louis, MO

April 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. TBD


  1. WonderCon, 1-3, Anaheim, CA
  2. MoCCa Arts Fest, 2-3, New York City, NY
  3. Fan Expo Philadelphia, 8-10, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Star Trek: Mission Chicago, 8-10, Chicago IL
  5. Ratha Con, 9, Athens, OH
  6. Fanboy Expo: Las Vegas, 22-24,
  7. Fan Expo Cleveland, 29- May 1, Cleveland OH

May 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions::


  1. Crypticon Seattle, 20-22, Seattle, WA
  2. Stranger Con Chicago, 21-22, Schaumburg IL


  1. Fan Expo St. Louis, 13-15, St. Louis, Missouri
  2. MegaCon Orlando, 19-22, Orlando, FL
  3. Florida Supercon, 20-22, Miami Beach, FL
  4. Kids Con New England, 21, Concord NH
  5. Star Wars Celebration, 26-29, Anaheim, CA
  6. Corecon, 26-29, Fargo, ND
  7. Comicpalooza, 27-29, Houston, TX
  8. Fanboy Expo Columbus, 27-29, Columbus, OH
  9. Phoenix Fan Fusion, 27-29, Phoenix, AZ
  10. Stoker Con May 12th – May 15th (Stoker Awards for Writers)

June 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Spooky Empire June 17-19, 2022 @ Wyndham Orlando Resort
  2. Stranger Con New Jersey, 25-26, Edison, NJ


July 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Southeast Hollows Haunt Convention, 29-31, Savannah, GA
  2. Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention, 29-31, Long Beach, CA
  3. Motor City Nightmares, 29-31, Novi, MI

August 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Idaho Halloween and Horror Convention, 12-14, Boise, ID
  2. Midwest SlaughterFest, 13-14, Bellevue, NE
  3. CreepyCon Knoxville, 26-28, Knoxville, TN
  4. Maryland Pop and Horror Con, 27-28, Linthicum Heights, MD

September 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Tidewater Horror Convention, 9-11, Norfolk, VA

October 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:


  1. Biohazard Con, 22, Sacramento, CA
  2. Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention, 21-23, Lexington, KY

November 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:

December 2022 Horror and Comic Conventions:

  • Stranger Con December 17-18
  • Did we miss any? Leave us a comment if you have the inside scoop on a Horror Convention we might have missed for 2022. Check the websites and our advice is not to buy too early with the current state of things. Here’s to hoping 2o22 is the year of the Horror Con Comeback! See you all there.


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    Urban Legends- The Deadly Curse of Thomas Busby’s Chair

    Featured Horror Mystery and Lore

    If you ever visit Thirsk in the UK, I recommend you stop by the Thirsk museum, a small museum that houses some rather interesting pieces. This includes rooms featuring certain people, places, and timelines. This museum was created in 1975 with the goal to preserve items from the past, allowing others to view them. The building containing the museum is in itself a historical wonder with a number of famous people having been there. One of the most popular sights to see there is a seemingly normal wooden chair hanging from the ceiling by pieces of string. This chair is known by the name Busby’s Stoop Chair, the former owner of it was Thomas Busby.

    Thomas Busby’s Background

    Thomas Busby is not someone you would consider a good citizen. He resided in North Yorkshire during the 1600s and was known as a drunk, would constantly steal, and some refer to him as a thug. Eventually, Busby married a woman by the name Elizabeth, she was the daughter of a man named Daniel Awety. Awety consistently committed petty crimes, he purchased a farm he was able to customize to accommodate for his illegal activities. The farm was in Leeds and was called Danotty Hall. He supposedly had built a hidden chamber in the home connected by a secret passageway to the cellar. Busby befriended Awety and together they committed many crimes. Busby owned a small inn near Sandhutton which was three miles away from Danotty Hall.

    The Murder of Daniel Awety

    The last day of Daniel Awety’s life was far from uneventful. From what we know, Awety and Busby had a heated argument at some point during the day which accelerated greatly over the next hours. No one is quite sure what they had argued about but there are theories that it could’ve been regarding Elizabeth or their illegal activities. Though arguments were not unusual in their relationship, the extent of this one was. One part we are sure of in this story is; Thomas Busby arrived at his inn drunken and in a volatile mood when he sees Awety who threatens to take Elizabeth away from Busby. But Busby was already focused on the fact that Awety was sitting in his favorite chair. They continued to argue and it ended in Busby physically forcing Awety out of the chair.

    Later that night Busby was still riled up and seething from the argument and in his fragile state, he got hold of a hammer. He made his way to Danotty Hill and bludgeoned Awety to death using the hammer. Busby hid the body in the woods afterward, but people quickly became suspicious of Awety’s sudden disappearance. A search was made in the area where he lived and they discovered the remains. Thomas Busby was immediately arrested and charged with murder.

    During the Summer of 1702, they held the trial for the conviction of Thomas Busby. In the end, it was determined he would be sentenced to death. He was supposed to be hung from a gibbet, then his body would be dipped in tar and gruesomely displayed in front of his inn, still connected to the gibbet. The Inn remained until 2012, renamed Busby Stoop Inn.

    The Curse of Busby

    This next part of the story is not clear how the events happened, but we do know that either way Busby was determined to make misfortune strike again. In one version, it is said that Busby was allowed to have a last drink in that favorite wooden chair of his. When he finished his drink and was taken from the chair, he screamed a final warning, that anyone who sat in the chair after his death would die. The other way some people believed the curse came upon the chair was him shouting it shortly before he was hung from the gibbet. His spirit was also believed to be haunting his beloved inn, but the chair has been the main focus.

    The first recorded death that has been linked to the chair took place after a man and his friend sat in it during their visit to the pub. They both became intoxicated and one of them decided to sleep on the road that night, never making it home. His body was found in the morning hung from a tree near where the gibbet was. The friend he had been with admitted to robbing then murdering the man, but he did not reveal this until he was on his deathbed. The next significant one was during the late 1960s when two airmen dared each other to sit in the chair, unassuming of the fate they would suffer hours later. That night when they were on their way home, their car ran off the road and hit a tree. Both men died on their way to the hospital. Some other honorable mentions include someone falling through the roof of a building, a woman suffering a brain tumor, a heart attack, and many more vehicular accidents. All of these took place shortly after people sitting in the chair and all of them ended in death. The chair can be linked-to around 60 deaths.

    Because of all the misfortune that took place after sitting in the chair, the decision was ultimately made to have it hung on the ceiling. Many people feared that someone would unknowingly sit on it or bump into it and have some freak accident kill them. To this day it still resides in the Thirsk Museum. Would you take the chance and sit in Busby’s Deadly Stoop Chair?



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    The Best Supernatural Horror Streaming Now

    Best Of Best of Movies Featured Scary Movies and Series
    Updated March 19th 2021

    Have you been endlessly clicking through each of your streaming services looking for the best supernatural horror movies and series? Look no further as we have taken the time to watch them all and select the best supernatural horror currently streaming on HULU, NETFLIX, and AMAZON PRIME. You won’t find slasher films in this list because we prefer the supernatural. Included but not limited to hauntings, possessions, monsters, and complete and total psychological mind f#$%ks. We’ll keep updating so you don’t have to mindlessly scroll through endless movie lists like the zombie you might be someday.

    Best Supernatural Horror on HULU

    1. The Wretched

    75% Tomatometer “The atmosphere is eerie and there’s a nice twist I did not see coming.” Staci Layne Wilson

    A young boy begins the journey of navigating not only his parent’s divorce but also fighting the old witch that has possessed the next-door neighbors. Great story and very well executed with a classic twist in the end. Like witch horror movies? So do we and here is our best of witch horror list.

    1. Pyewacket

    82% Tomatometer “The director is out for blood, and while this is a slow-burn affair that craftily bides its time until just the proper moment to unleash a flurry of dexterously ominous thrills, the craven wickedness of it all is portentously intoxicating.” Sara Michelle Fetters 

    The angst of a teenage girl mixed with a bumpy relationship with her mother leads to grim things. Out for blood, the young girl performs an ancient death curse. Whose demise will it really end in?

    1. Lights out

    76% Tomatometer “A lean, mean scare-machine, and a surprise contender for horror of the year. Seek it out. Then, for God’s sake, buy a bedside lamp.” Simon Crook

    Rebecca could never tell fact from fiction in the dark as a child, and now her young brother faces the same problem. A supernatural entity has come to torment the two holding a strange attachment to their mother.

    1. Thelma

    93% Tomatometer “Thelma is a wonderfully composed work, one that involves you at a pace of its own.” Rhys Tarling

    A college student experiences a series of extreme seizures resulting in new supernatural abilities. Her new powers are dangerous and frightening, seemingly triggered by her love for another student. (In Norwegian, only has English subtitles)

    1. Welcome to Mercy

    70% Tomatometer “A rare horror movie whose creators seriously represent both sides of a dilemma, and is therefore more mature than it seems at first glance.” Simon Abrams

    Madaline visits a convent and learns she is on her way to becoming the Antichrist. She must work together with her friend August to confront and fight and demons inside of her.

    Best Supernatural Horror on NETFLIX

    1. The Ritual

    74% Tomatometer “It is a haunting film, with immaculate direction, impressive creature design, as well as well-acted and well-realised characters.” Adi Pramana

    After a death in their group, four friends go for a hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. When they become lost in the forest, a series of evil and mysterious events plague the travelers.

    1. His House

    100% Tomatometer “His House is a terrifying debut that breathes a fresh voice into the haunted-house subgenre.” Robert Daniels

    A refugee couple from South Sudan have just escaped the horrors of their world, only to be thrown into another. Evil hides in the corners of their new English town life.

    1. Girl on the Third Floor

    84% Tomatometer “Stevens shows that he is ready to earn his chops in the directors chair and it’s easy to get excited about what he plans to tackle next. Girl on the Third Floor has a lot of heart and some of it might be bleeding out right on the living room floor.” Ryan Larson

    A couple moves into a house with plans to renovate it. The house has other plans though. 

    1. Apostle

    78% Tomatometer “Evans departs from his usual action fare to weave a gripping story centered around unique Pagan-like mythology steeped in blood and sacrifice. It’s folk horror, but with a new level of brutality and viscera unlike most of its ilk.” Meagan Navarro

    Thomas Richardson comes home to discover that his sister has been kidnapped by a cult. Thomas infiltrates the cult and learns of the true evil lurking within it.

    1. Polaroid

    The critics hated it but we really enjoyed it so it’s on our list. Give it 15 minutes and you decide if it really is that rottne!

    A highschool girl who has an innocent interest in photography finds a vintage polaroid camera and begins to experiment with it. But the people who have their picture taken with the camera are mysteriously met with a sudden and gruesome death.

    1. Little Evil

    92% Tomatometer “Little Evil is fast-paced, funny, and more clever than you think it will be.” Eddie Strait 

    This one has a comedy twist but who doesn’t love a horror comedy? A newlywed couple is enjoying their life with their five-year-old son who may or may not be the Antichrist.

    Best Supernatural Horror on AMAZON PRIME

    1. Annabelle: Creation

    71% Tomatometer “It’s perhaps one of the most exciting connective twists I’ve seen in a horror film.” Jordy Sirkin

    Based on the famous haunted Annabelle doll. A nun and 6 orphaned girls are welcomed into a new California home. The owner’s 7-year-old daughter had passed away in that home a few years earlier, leaving a mysterious doll behind in her bedroom. One of the curious orphans discovers it and the evil inside of it.

    1. Devil

    50% Tomatometer  This is another one where we watched and really enjoyed it. Critics be damned for messing with the devil in an elevator. “A taut, expert and engrossing thriller with sense of visual restraint that is refreshing in this age of abhorrent overexposure.” David Keyes

    5 strangers are on a normal elevator ride until it gets stuck in the Philidelphia office tower. Their normal ride turns dark when they learn that the Devil is among them.

    1. It

    86% Tomatometer “In the end, Muschietti’s film is a big, fat, gorgeously produced love letter to King’s epic novel.” Sara Michelle Fetters

    Based on Stephen King’s novel, this movie follows the journey of seven young outcasts. They meet the evilest ancient being out there that emerges from the depths of the sewers every 27 years. They all must overcome their fears to banish the clown, Pennywise.

    1. Midsommar

    83% Tomatometer “Ari Aster’s approach to horror filmmaking seeps into your subconsciousness with great effect, lingering like an uninvited guest.” Wenlei Ma

    A young couple struggling with their relationship decide to go on a trip to a Swedish festival. It turns into a nightmare when the locals show their true colors.

    1. Possum

    90% Tomatometer “[Possum’s] shiver-inducing, claustrophobic, hauntingly brilliant nightmare fuel, powered by an engagingly disturbing central performance from Sean Harris.” Joey Keogh

    A puppeteer has to relive his childhood nightmares and past secrets.


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    Urban Legends – The Cursed Buckout Road

    Featured Haunted Places Horror Mystery and Lore NA

    When you mix a long history of violence with an abandoned mansion on a spooky road surrounded by woods, you know what you get? The paranormal. Since Buckout Road in White Plains, New York has this combination, naturally, it has quite a bit of paranormal history. Though this one is especially interesting with arson, grave robbing, witch trials, and more littering its history.

    History of Buckout Road

    Quite a bit has happened on this shady road in New York. To begin, there was a large event where many slaves were illegally released. This established the first free black community in New York. It’s been rumored to have been a checkpoint in the Underground Railway as well. There was a clash between Native Americans and white settlers which ended in mass murder, with some victims even being scalped. One of the more well-known incidents there included the murder of a family member that lived in a mansion on Buckout Road. This was the Buckhout family, they had initially lived in Sleepy Hollow, which you likely have heard of from the story of The Headless Horseman. The road was named after this once prominent and landholding family. On the road stands one lone headstone that belongs to John and Charlotte Buckhout. John and Charlotte had not been the murder victims in their family though, it was actually the wife of Isaac V. Buckhout, whose name was Louise. Isaac had discovered that Louise was having an affair with a man named Alfred Randall, and he viciously murdered the two lovers. Issac was eventually hanged for his actions on New Years day in 1872. He was later buried in Sleepy Hollow.

    Albert Fish

    Albert Fish was one of the worst human beings imaginable, and it is alleged that he owned a residence on Buckout Road. He was a child killer, and he was also a cannibal. Some consider him the real life Hannibal Lecter, and he has other names such as the Brooklyn Vampire, The Gray Man, and more. Fish was born in 1870, he was always a quiet and unassuming man who kept a very private life. His family had a long history of mental illness, his brother was in an asylum, his uncle was diagnosed with mania, and his mother routinely suffered from hallucinations. He went on to consume human waste, stick needles into his pelvic area, and just overall become very unstable. He began to eat raw meat, eventually graduating to human flesh. He went on to murder and eat three children, he is just another example of the evil that can be connected to Buckout Road.

    Witches and Ghosts and Cannibals, Oh My!

    You can’t be on a haunted street without seeing an old, and a worn-down red barn, right? This is exactly what used to reside on Buckout Road. Multiple people have claimed to have a paranormal experience with it too. It was said there was a family of cannibal albinos that lived in the home, and if you disturbed them, they would eat your flesh. If you stopped your car in front of the barn and honked your horn three times, they would come out and attack you. There was one report of that a teenager went to put an M-80 (a powerful type of firecracker) into the mailbox to prank the ghostly albino family. But when he opened the mailbox, he saw the decapitated head of a child inside.

    There have also been a surprising amount of reports of witches on this road. It was said that three women were burned at the stake on suspicion of them being witches, and this was before the Salem witch trials took place. It is rumored that these three witches left three white X’s on the road in a certain spot, and every once in a while these three markings are reapplied. Supposedly if you flash your lights three times on the markings and turn off your car engine, your car will not start back up. Many locals claim that they have had car trouble on that road.

    The final, less common occurrence was of a ghost called the Leatherman. He was said to be a ghostly figure that drives on the road at night, looking for his home which is a long gone cave. There are not many who have claimed to have seen the Leatherman.

    Movie and Book

    There is a book with an in-depth look at the history of Buckout Road, it is called Buckout Road: Revealing the Horrifying Truth of Westchester County’s Alleged Haunted Street by Eric Pleska.



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