Major Arcana Tarot Card Overview – The Devil Meaning

Devil Tarot Card

Within the tarot, The Devil is the 15th card in the 22-card Major Arcana set. In most cultures and religious traditions, the devil personifies evil, indulgence, and excess. Without delving into the particularities of each manifestation of the devil, it suffices to acknowledge that this creature possesses a complex and varied historical development. Most Major Arcana sets typically illustrate the devil in its most popular satyr depiction as Baphomet, a winged goat-human hybrid. Baphomet is portrayed perched on a raised platform with an inverted pentagram on its head. The deity lords over a man and a woman, both naked, wrapped in chains.

The Upright Devil Card Meaning

When upright, The Devil card typically symbolizes an obsession with material objects and a willingness to indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle. Similar to the man and woman chained to Baphomet in the card’s imagery, when revealed, The Devil indicates your attachment to materialism and grandeur. This can lead to your feelings of emptiness and powerlessness. Due to a weak willpower, uncontrollable impulses and urges direct your actions, as Baphomet holds you captive. Until Baphomet’s chains are broken, satisfaction is out of reach.

The Reversed Devil Card Meaning

When revealed in a reversed position, the card’s power dynamic shifts. Upside down, The Devil suggests an upcoming period of freedom in your life. The path to freedom, though, is never easy. Breaking away from the chains of Baphomet involves an exceptional level of self-awareness and a commitment to the painful task of self-improvement. The temptation to return to materialism is ceaseless, but your willpower is strong and overcoming Baphomet’s enslavement will be worth it. The immediate future possesses challenges and hardship, but the distant future is bright and filled with purpose. 

The Devil Card in Popular Media

In 1993’s American Western film Tombstone, (starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, and Bill Paxton) Allie Earp (Paula Malcomson) reveals a three-card tarot reading. She flips over The Tower of Babel, Death, and The Devil, softly saying, “Oh dear,” as she does it. She’s met with resistance when Louisa Earp (Lisa Collins) dismissively says, “Oh, Allie. I wish you’d learn to play a real card game.” Immediately after, lightning cracks in the background and a masked man enters with a gun.

The deck Allie used was the Visconti-Sforza Pierpont-Morgan Bergamo type, as evidenced by the lengthy skeleton illustration on the Death card. In that deck The Tower of Babel and The Devil cards are lost to history. 

“Keep The Fire Hot” 2 Krampus Christmas Horror Films (not) For the Whole Family

Scary Movies and Series

Krampus approaches with an unsettled face, ragged looking eyes and a looming dark body. Monster horns twist up from his head, showing his half-goat, half-evil spirit ancestry. Behind this monster, adults and children run through the avenues, pursuing snickering youngsters and grown-ups the same as they celebrate the spirit of Krampus.

Lienz’ yearly Krampus Parade, otherwise called Perchtenlauf or Klaubaufe, revives a centuries-old convention: Young men take on the appearance of the legendary Krampus and march through the streets in an antiquated ceremony intended to scatter winter’s ghosts. They walk wearing hide suits and wooden masks while carrying cowbells. The convention—otherwise called the Krampuslauf, or Krampus Run—is having a worldwide resurgence and recognition partly made famous now by major Horror productions such as these including an appearance by William Shatner himself.

Krampus 2015

A Christmas Horror Story – Featuring William Shatner including a Krampus vs Claus fight scene.

How to Buy the Perfect Halloween Mask

A Scrap of Flesh - General Horror

Halloween Mask Buying Guide 2019

Ultimate Horror Movie Halloween Mask Buying Guide


High quality horror movie Halloween masks are not as common as one might think. Many masks these days struggle to make it through a single night of fun. A good Halloween mask is capable of winning costume contests, collecting the most candy in the neighborhood, and scaring the BEJESUS out of your friends. The art of buying the right Halloween mask, however, is a rather meticulous skill and one which should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are many tips for buying a great Halloween mask that is guaranteed to leave an impact, as well as survive the evening!

Steps to Buying the Best Halloween Mask

Finding the right Halloween mask can be complicated but fear not: we’ve laid out the groundwork for you!

Step #1: Think About Your Favorite Horror Movie Slasher




There are tons of horror movie masks out there. Taking the time to find the right mask is invaluable. If you take the time to find a horror movie mask that truly speaks to you, you will fill the role more flawlessly. A lot of times, a horror movie fan will favor one slasher or franchise more than the others; and oftentimes this horror movie slasher is the best one to choose when looking for a horror movie concept mask.

Step #2: Find a Horror Movie Mask That is Unique Concept


Of course, there is a little more to think about when purchasing a Halloween mask than simply picking your favorite horror movie slasher. A horror movie mask should also be a unique concept. No one wants to wear the same exact mask as someone else at a party or in a neighborhood trick-or-treat group. After all, everyone wearing the exact same hockey mask is lame. For that reason, there are unique concept masks. Picking an artistic rendition of your favorite horror movie slasher will set you apart from the crowd.

Step #3: Make Sure Your Mask Is Scary Enough


A horror movie Halloween mask should be able to pass the “scare test.” The scare test is an unspoken, unofficial “test” that is administered by YOU (the mask buyer) on a friend or sibling. Basically, it works like this: if you do not think putting on the mask and hiding in a closet will absolutely terrify your test subject…then this mask isn’t scary enough for Halloween!

Step #4: Find a High Quality Mask Supplier


High quality mask suppliers are hard to come by. Many suppliers are selling cheap, thin-layered latex that barely survives a few hours. It really sucks when the mask rips before the fun begins. Finding a mask supplier that can ship in a timely, efficient fashion can be a lifeline to remember for Halloween time. The better-quality mask suppliers also produce more realistic looking horror masks. Horror Enthusiast takes great pride in only supplying the highest quality Horror Movie Masks.

Step #5: Display Your Mask After Halloween


Buying a high-quality Halloween mask not only means that it will survive the night, but also that it will be display-worthy. Many of the best quality Halloween horror movie masks are so cool they deserve a permanent stand. All types of horror movie fans love to display their used Halloween masks on the walls, on the mantle, or even for collectible purposes.

Best Halloween Mask Ideas 2019

Obviously, some of the best choices for a Halloween mask will always be the classic horror movie slashers. These classic options do not grow old and haunt throughout time. Some of the most iconic horror movie slashers with some pretty great Halloween mask concepts include: Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Hellraiser, Jason Voorhees, and many others! There are a lot of reputable sources for high quality Halloween masks, including Horror Enthusiast. Ultimately, buying a higher quality mask that also doubles as a collectible can mean fun more than one year, and maintaining resale value!

Don’t forget to visit the Horror Store and check out some high quality Horror Movie Slasher Masks!

Famous Novels that Became Horror Movies

Best Horror Books Best Of Horror Books Scary Movies and Series

List of HorrorBooks that Became Famous Horror Movies

How Many Horror Movies Started As Books?

Many horror movies begin as novels or short stories of some kind. Some of them are more popular than others. There are horror movies which are nearly word-for-word scripted by the books. There are also movies that are only loosely based upon a true story. Whether it was loosely inspired, or a full-on contribution, novels which become horror movies have done pretty well in terms of creating a cult following and earning box office dollars. Most of the time, the books are even worth reading on their own!

Popular Books that Became Horror Movies

These are the most popular novels that became horror movies. Because it is impossible to rank these movies in terms of actual popularity, they are listed alphabetically.

1408 – Inspired by Stephen King

1408 is a very creative haunted house story. It stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Cusack plays a depressed, alcohol horror novelist reviewing haunted hotels. 1408 is a special room in New York’s Dolphin Hotel. The writer stays in the hotel room despite the many warnings from Jackson’s character, the hotel manager. The write, and the audience, battles the psychological thriller throughout the night until the room permanently consumes the protagonist.

30 Days of Night – Inspired by Steve Niles

30 Days of Night is one of the best vampire movies ever made. The vampires have an “understood backstory,” which explains them in an almost gypsie-like fashion. They travel to feed, visiting towns which experience authentic darkness for a month or longer. Although they have the typical vampire power to convert a human into a blood sucker, they typically prefer to violently kill their victims and

American Psycho – Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis

Christian Bale is an incredible actor who fully immerses himself into a role. American Psycho is a display of talent that exceeds the expectation of even a Bale performance! This movie became an instant cult classic, but still spawns from one of the most elegantly composed orchestras ever to grace paper.

The Amityville Horror – Inspired by Jay Anson

The Amityville Horror is a well-respected haunted house horror classic. The film focuses on the weakness of unsuspecting residence to fall to spiritual possession. The patriarch of the family is always possessed and forced to adhere to the murderous ways of the spirit who controls the house. The spirit encourages the possessed to kill their entire family.

Cabal – Inspired by Clive Barker

This movie was written about nightmarish city-dwelling monsters, a psychiatrist-serial killer, and overall horror despair.

Candyman – Inspired by Clive Barker

Candyman (1992) is about a knife-wielding (hook handed) killer who can be summoned by repeating his name five times in front of a mirror. It is a demonic possession-thriller that is the fear of any human being who has ever heard an urban legend involving a mirror. Clive Barker is responsible for this masterpiece.

Candyman horror movie monster looking in a mirror

Carrie – Inspired by Stephen King

Carrie (1976) and the remake (2013) are really popular horror classics. They were given a humble entrance to the horror scene by an early Stephen King. Carrie has always done very well, drawing so much positive feedback and a significant cult following.

Children of the Corn – Inspired by Stephen King

Out of all of the books Stephen King has written which have inspired movies, Children of the Corn (1984) is one of the most disturbing stories. The town which engulfs the protagonists is a small town, but only children live there. Though, they are all followers of a super sinister preacher. The couple realizes they are the feature on the children’s sacrificial menu and they run for their lives.

Christine – Inspired by Stephen King

Christine is a scary movie about a car that takes on a life of its own. Unfortunately this vehicle has the personality of a murderer. It was a really popular movie in 1983 and has remained relevant even today. Christine got its start in another Stephen King book.

Cujo – Inspired by Stephen King

The 1981 terror known as Cujo showcases a horrifying experience of being hunted by a rabid St. Bernard. While many people would not find a dog particularly scary nor horror-worthy, Stephen King painted an excellent storyline for the insane canine killer.

The Dead Zone – Inspired by Stephen King

Christopher Walken plays a patient who awakens from a coma to find many years have eluded him. He also finds himself some new psychic abilities to play with.

The Devil’s Advocate – Inspired by Andrew Neiderman

The Devil’s Advocate is often considered one of the most perverse horror flicks to hit the big screen, even including some suggestive incest. Ultimately, it still built a very powerful cult following and performed very well at the box office. Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino pulled in the bacon and provided viewers a great rendition of Neiderman’s novel.

Dracula – Inspired by Bram Stoker

Dracula (1992) is one of the most infamous, instant classics to ever grace the horror genre. This is one of the better historical-period horror movies.

Dreamcatcher – Inspired by Stephen King

Dreamcatcher (2001) is about an alien invasion and was written in cursive while King recovered from a car accident. It was also his 36th novel.

The Exorcist – Inspired by William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist (1973) may be one of the older movies on this list, however, it was scary then and it is still scary today! Blatty did an excellent job with cementing terror through time.

Firestarter – Inspired by Stephen King

Firestarter (1984) is about a couple whom submitted themselves to medical testing and give birth to a daughter with a special ability. The little girl (played by Drew Barrymore) can start fires with her mind.

Frankenstein – Inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Frankenstein (1931) is one of the most classic horror movies of all time. It is also the oldest movie on this list.

Hannibal – Inspired by Thomas Harris

Hannibal (2001) is the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. The story tracks Dr. Hannibal Lecter after he escaped custody in Europe. Julianne Moore joins Anthony Hopkins to put author Thomas Harris’ sequel to life on the big screen.

The Haunting of Hill House – Inspired by Shirley Jackson

The Haunting of Hill House is actually a novel which inspired multiple horror movies. The two most notable movies which based their storyline most closely to the book include The Haunting (1999) and House on Haunted Hill (1999). Jackson was truly a wicked good writer and a creative soul!

Hellraiser – Inspired by Clive Barker

Hellraiser (1987) was created after the Clive Barker novel The Hellbound Heart. It’s a creepy film about a man who opens a portal to hell. The demons released are insanely disturbing. So is the reincarnation of a dead man who requires fresh blood to reconstruct his being.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – Inspired by Lois Duncan

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) rustled together an all-star cast including: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddie Prinze Jr.). The partying high school graduates accidentally hit a pedestrian with their car, creating a wild train of paranoia and suspense worthy of the horror industry. The original story is credited to Lois Duncan.

Interview With the Vampire – Inspired by Anne Rice

Interview With the Vampire (1994) is a period horror set in the 18th century. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt put on an amazing show, all of which is being recorded by biographer Christian Slater.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Inspired by Jack Finney

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) is another one of the older horror movies. Still, very thrilling and about a nearly unstoppable alien invasion.

IT – Inspired by Stephen King

The original IT from 1990 is technically a TV mini-series. It is an extreme psychological terror flick. However, the movie adaptation of 2017 takes Pennywise and evil to an entirely new level. The gore, blood, and killings are truly horrifying. The cinematic value is extremely well-done and the mental depravity is unruly.

Jaws – Inspired by Peter Benchley

Jaws (1975) was directed by Steven Spielberg and brought to life one of the most intimidating beasts of the sea: a mammoth-sized shark that haunts unsuspecting water-dwelling beach-goers and boat-riders. Before Jaws became an instant cult franchise classic, the original material came from the clever mind of Peter Benchley.

The Midnight Meat Train – Inspired by Clive Barker

The Midnight Meat Train (2008) is an interesting horror movie about photographer down on his luck who follows an organization onto one of the most bloodiest subway rides ever seen.

Misery – Inspired by Stephen King

Misery (1990) is another Stephen King inspired film to make the list. This movie highlights realistic horror. A nurse rescues a writer after a serious car accident and is revealed to be an obsessive lunatic.

The Mist – Inspired by Stephen King

The Mist (2007) is about a destructive storm that forces a family into town for supplies. Terror in the form of a mist surrounds the family when they enter a grocery store and they are forced to hole up. The true terror, however, was yet to come from the fog!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Inspired by Seth Grahame-Smith

Grahame-Smith made this movie into a much more cinematic thriller than many of the other movies in the general genre. Still, the 2016 action-thriller still makes the list due to its obvious horror-oriented theme.

Psycho – Inspired by Robert Bloch

Psycho (1960) is one of the coolest ideas for a horror movie of its time. This is because it focuses on normal, everyday life and embraces a lot of realism. Norman Bates and his mother are in charge of a hotel which they use to terrorize and murder guests.

The Ring – Inspired by Koji Suzuki

The Ring (2002) left many moviegoers in shock and too scarred to ever watch another video cassette again. The movie crafts the idea that a simple videotape could invoke an evil that kills the viewer within 7 days. For a very long time, many people pranked one another, imitating the eerie phone call a viewer would get directly after watching the film. Thank you, Koji Suzuki, for this scary masterpiece!

Rosemary’s Baby – Inspired by Ira Levin

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is another older flick that made the list. Levin does a wonderful job of painting the most horrifying picture about a mother who decides her baby is from another world.

The Shining – Inspired by Stephen King

The Shining (1980) is one of Jack Nicholson’s finest performances. He was extremely immersive in his acting. The story of psychic premonition and suspense is carefully crafted. Jack’s character is a writer who’s writing dries up and forces him into mania.

The Silence of the Lambs – Inspired by Thomas Harris

No one can deny The Silence of the Lambs (1991) was not one of Anthony Hopkin’s most realistic and disturbing performances. The movie follows a psychiatrist who hunts people and eats them. Yes, eats them. Thomas Harris is the writer who originally found this idea appealing, although, the cult following suggests he is not alone!

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Inspired by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of the most underrated authors of all time, however, his horror staples made a dent in the genre that will last forever. Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) is about a terrifying carnival owner who preys on people having fun.

A Stir of Echoes – Inspired by Richard Mattheson

A Stir of Echoes (1999) is an incredible mystery-horror flick which follows a blue-collar worker (played by Kevin Bacon) throughout his newly found psychic lifestyle.

Last Words About Horror Novels

Many other books have also evolved into really great horror flicks as well. In fact, it is very rare for a film to draw no inspiration from any written content. Obviously, Stephen King has taken the largest chunk of the pie in terms of “novel to horror movie” genre, however, many other great authors have surfaced too. After all, fear is evolving, and it is only a matter of time before the next horror movie genius is born upon the pages!

Surprising Facts About The Fright Night Remake

Other Horror Movies

Interesting Facts About The Fright Night Remake


Behind the Scenes of Fright Night (2011)

Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin put on a fantastic performance in the 2011 remake of Fright Night.  Farrell plays a sophisticated, experienced, yet rugged vampire who is hundreds of years old and choosing to feed in Las Vegas, land of the nightlife.  Yelchin plays Charlie Brewster, an average high school nerd who fights to uncover the truth about his neighbor (Farrell).  The vampire flick is a true thriller, keeping the audience on alert the whole movie through, sprinkled with enough comedy to keep make it an all-around hit.  But what are some of the interesting or surprising behind the scenes fun facts about Fright Night which have helped create the masterpiece it is today?  These are some of the most surprising facts about the Fright Night remake.

Hair Raising Fright Night Remake Trivia and Fun Facts

Even the craziest Fright Night fans are surprised when they learn some of these trivia and fun facts about the movie’s 2011 remake.  These facts are in no particular order.

Steven Spielberg

Spielberg has had his hands on a large number of masterpieces in the movie industry (both horror and otherwise).  It is not as well known, however, that he had contributed a lot of input during the production of the movie.  There is no question that he greatly influenced the Fright Night remake.

Jerry’s Makeup

Unbelievable amounts of time went into Jerry’s makeup, and Robert Englund (who played Freddy Krueger for all of the original films) will explain how horrible that can be!  While it may not have been as bad for Jerry as it was for Freddy Krueger, he did have 4 different stages of makeup, representing different phases of his anger/transformation/vampirehood.  He also had a 5th stage which technically wasn’t makeup but 100 percent CGI.

fright night movie remake picturesMost of It Wasn’t Filmed In Las Vegas

The Fright Night remake was filmed in a small suburb near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Some of it, however, was filmed at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas.

Original Cast

The only member of the original cast of Fright Night (1985) to appear in both other Fright Night films is Chris Sarandon.  In the remake, he is the victim driving the other vehicle which strikes Charlie, his mother and his girlfriend when they are sitting in the middle of the road.

Heath Ledger

Before Heath Ledger’s unfortunate demise in 2008, he was in early stage talks of playing the role Jerry (the head vampire in Fright Night).  Colin Farrell would instead take the role after being impressed by the previous work of the director, Craig Gillespie.

The Final Bite On Fright Night…

The Fright Night remake was an instant classic (no irony intended really), and in many people’s eyes, it was a lot better than the original.  The movie stands out as a classic vampire flick, despite its rather modern release.  The all-star cast does a great job of portraying believable roles and it keeps the audience immersed in the storyline and fighting for the protagonists. The entire tale is truly invigorating and leaves the audience feeling as though they are a part of the movie.  In fact, many fans consider Fright Night (2011) as one of the best vampire movies ever made!