Were the Friday the 13th Movies Released on Friday the 13th?

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When Were the Friday the 13th Movies Released?

The movie title “Friday the 13th” would lead fans to believe all of the movies were released on Friday the 13th itself. The truth, however, is that the movies would be released as it were most profitable for the film makers and theaters playing the films.  It does appear that they attempted to get it close, however, the true release dates of the Friday the 13th movies will surprise many fans.  Additionally, the plot of the films seem to draw very little connection to the ‘unlucky’ day, Friday the 13th. Still, Horror Enthusiast mapped out the release dates in order to draw a fair conclusion.

List of Friday the 13th Movie Release Dates

It is interesting that the Friday the 13th movies were not released on Friday the 13th. Here is a full list of the release dates of all Friday the 13th movies.

  • Friday the 13th (1980) was released on May 9th. While it was a Friday, it was not the 13th.
  • Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) was released on May 1st. This was a Friday, but not the 13th.
  • Friday the 13th Part III (1982) was released on August 13th, the first movie to be released on an actual Friday the 13th.
  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) was released on April 13th, the second movie in the franchise to snag an authentic Friday the 13th release date.
  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) was released on March 22nd, which was a Friday, but not the 13th.
  • Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) was released on August 1st. Again, they secured a Friday but not a 13th.
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) released on May 13th, a Friday, securing the third movie in the franchise with a genuine Friday the 13th release date.
  • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) was released on July 28th, a Friday but not the 13th.
  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) got released on August 13th, a Friday and a 13th. This becomes the 4th movie in the franchise to have an authentic Friday the 13th release date.
  • Jason X (2001), aka “Jason in Space,” was released on April 26, which may have been a Friday, but was most certainly not a 13th.
  • Freddy vs Jason (2003) opened on August 15th, a Friday but again, not a 13th.
  • Friday the 13th (2009), the latest in the franchise, released on February the 13th. This movie locks in the 5th movie with an official Friday the 13th release date.

Last Notes About the Friday the 13th Release Dates

In the end, they got the release date right 5 times out of 12 movies.  That’s not that bad considering there are very few Friday the 13th dates each year (if more than one at all). The movies themselves are not very much so based on the date. And it has even been speculated that the movie title was chosen as a way to capitalize on Halloween’s success. Still, however, the Friday the 13th movies do quite well and wind up getting played across tons of TV networks and movie screens on Friday the 13th itself!


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What Personality Type is Jason Voorhees [Myers-Briggs Personality Type]

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Analyzing the Personality of Friday the 13th Slasher Jason

Friday the 13th is a staple in the slasher horror genre…and Jason is one of the best killing machines there is!  However, despite many attempts at understanding the silent, hockey-mask wearing killer, the body count continues to rise!  Horror Enthusiast has been able to break down the most critical characteristics and traits which make up Jason’s Myers-Briggs personality type after all!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Jason Voorhees Have?

Jason Voorhees is a INT-J Myers-Briggs personality type.

Jason Voorhees is not that complicated of a killer if one is provided enough background information.  Still, his undeniably strong personality traits are what contribute to his suspected personality type.

Hates Other People

Besides his mother, Jason hates just about everyone else.  This is probably due to his natural deformities making him a prime target for harassment as a child. He is eventually drowned at camp by unsupervised bullies.  Overall, his hatred of other people easily qualifies him as an “I” Introversion personality rank.

Thrives On His Own

Many killers have required assistance from others in order to achieve their goals, be it creatures, supernatural entities, or their family members.  Truthfully, Jason handles everything himself and pretty much thrives being alone!  This extreme success from being so independent also qualifies a ranking of “I” Introversion.

Convoluted Ambition

Jason loves to kill but sometimes loses track of his target in exchange for something more interesting, or exploring a new possibility. He often has hazy recollections of his past which fuel his killing ambition, but his big picture is always the same: get them back for what they have done; and the facts and subsidiaries that make up the big picture take a backseat to his slaughter fest. This convoluted ambition scores Jason a “N” Intuition personality ranking.

Loves His Mother

Jason’s mother is dead for most of the movies, and all of the movies which feature Jason as a horror killer. He still remembers his mother, hears his mother’s voice and listens to his mother to hack and slash victim after victim.  He is so trusting in the symbol that is his mother from beyond the grave, that it contributes to a personality ranking of “N” Intuition.

Methodical Killing

Jason is methodical in his killings, slashing victim after victim, one by one, as quickly as possible. This systematic approach to slaughtering campers has given Jason more kills than any other horror movie killer to date. It also makes him more of a “T” Thinker than a feeler!

A Just Killer

Drawing of Jason from Friday the 13th horror movie in his hockey mask

Due to the fact that Jason was a victim of brutal bullying himself, the audience naturally has sympathy for Jason.  Jason, as well, kills only because he and his mother believe the killings are just.  After all, the camp counselors and other kids were all negligent bullies…so it is easier to condemn their behavior. The fact that he does not kill purely for sport, makes him a reasoning, logical killer (despite his low IQ), and thus he scores more firmly as a “T” Thinker.

Never Procrastinates

Jason is not a procrastinator, and ensures all of his victims are slain as promptly as possible throughout all of his films.  The chases are usually brief and many times the deaths are sudden.  Jason is considered task-oriented due to his ability to follow instructions from his mother (or Freddy Krueger) so precisely!  His well-rounded reliability as a killer ranks him a strong “J” Judging personality.

Tunnel Vision

Unfortunately for Jason, he can become so obsessed with a harder-to-kill survivor, that he becomes a little reckless and sometimes misses new information.  In fact, this is what usually leads to his capture, death or dismembering.  It is also what secures his ranking as a “J” Judging personality.

Final Mental Health Notes on Jason Voorhees

Jason is a reliable, punctual, methodical horror movie slasher who will rank INT-J every time. And his killings are far more horrifying after understanding the “just” psychology behind them, and his procedural format for ripping through his victims. Regardless, no matter how little Jason may talk or what his personality type may indicate, a lot of times, his machete speaks on his behalf!



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