What Personality Type is Michael Myers, Myers-Briggs.

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Horror Slasher Personality Type: Michael Myers

The famously silent Halloween horror slasher, Michael Myers, has been mentally probed and analyzed for decades (both within his movies and also by real life psychologists).  And up until recently, there has only been generalized speculation, rather than factual analysis; Thus, Horror Enthusiast has broken down the specifics of Michael’s personality to come up with the most accurate Myers-Briggs personality type possible for the killer.  After all of his killings, he deserves a proper personality assessment!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Michael Myers Have?

Michael Myers is an INT-J Myers-Briggs personality type.

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining Michael Myers’ Myers-Briggs personality type.  These broken down personality traits have contributed to his suspected personality type.

A Quiet Killer

Michael Myers is notoriously mute. Unlike other horror movie slashers, who often enjoy taunting their victims, Michael prefers not to speak to anyone, killing or not. His withdraw from the world and quiet-like characteristics greatly contribute to his personality type, and especially the fact he is an introvert (hence the “I,” in his personality type).

Inward Delusions

The masked killer is highly interested in one thing and one thing only: seeking out his family for intense therapeutic killings. He is hardly concerned with the rest of the world and usually slays anyone in his way without hesitation.  Most importantly though: he only seeks out the one thing he wants and is concerned with: killing his family. Michael’s inner delusions also contribute to the “I” (Introversion) in his personality type.

Michael Lacks Strategy

Michael may stalk his victim, he may chase his victim, and he may kill his victim…but his strategies are left lacking.  He is often outsmarted by his victims several times before he gets his hands on them long enough to kill. He probably spends far too much time thinking about the overall goal of slaying his sister or other family members…leaving him more impulsive in the present.  Although it’s a close call between “S” sensing or “N” intuition, Horror Enthusiast speculates Michael relies on his intuition more than his factual judgment of situations, contributing to his score as an “N” Intuitive.

A Little Unrealistic

Ultimately there are many survivors in the Halloween movies, meaning Michael sets his goals a little too high! In fact, his plans for killing are often so simple it’s a wonder how any of them work out. Expecting to take out anyone standing in the way of a heroine in any horror movie, is typically unrealistic…as they always bring out the big guns towards the end of all the films.  Yet he keeps coming back based on inner desire to kill, further locking into place the score of “N” Intuition.

Singular Thoughts

michael myers in his classic horror movie jumpsuit and mask

Many speculate that Michael has no compassion, including Dr Loomis himself. Many (both on screen and off screen) have also speculated that Michael is not even human, or capable of human emotions.  He does not seem to care about any of his family, less for a few scenes here and there (most notably reaching out for his sister before she decapitates him in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later [1998]).  Ultimately, these very few instances of empathy do nothing for his overwhelming identification as a “T” Thinker.

Problem Solver

Although he may be a little mentally slower than other horror movie slashers, Michael is still a problem solver. When he is met with a defiant victim, someone who is willing to defend themselves, he is systematic in his ensuring their definite death.  Michael has a way to break through any barrier, get through any door, and is even willing to hijack and drive cars to get what he wants…contributing to his ranking as a “T” Thinker.

Down to Business

Michael Myers does not waste time when pursuing a victim. He will stalk his victim until the time is right for killing.  He kills as quickly as possible and hates to play games. His energy is consistent in pursuing his victims and his kills, methodically fatal…in fact, he rarely leaves any time for suffering.  This ‘down to business’ mentality contributes to Michael’s final letter ranking as “J” Judging.

Robotic Nature

Michael enjoys things being decided and is a very structured, task-oriented killer.  Regardless of his emotional impulses to kill, he still procures everything necessary to do so, even vehicles when necessary. He also seems to understand the importance of killing in the order that eliminates the greatest threat first.  His robotic-like movement throughout the film (meant to describe his choice of actions, rather than his actual on-screen movement) are a huge part of Michael’s “J” Judging rank.

Final Mental Health Notes on Michael Myers

Michael Myers may exhibit many personality traits, but his more dominant characteristics as a quiet, obsessed, down-to-business systematic killer are what award him the INT-J personality type. This type of personality has made him much harder to catch, as he is very determined to see through his goals, always at any cost. Still, regardless of his personality type, Michael has become a horror icon and his on screen killings will be applauded for years to come!



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Which Horror Movie Killer Would Win?

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Pitting Horror Movie Killers and Slashers Against Each Other

The age old questions of which horror movie slasher is strongest, most powerful, most dangerous or would win in a fight, has been haunting us for decades! And almost all of the horror fans out there expected to see a clear winner in Freddy vs Jason (2003); Thus a great void was left in the “who would win” what-if scenario between the two horror villain giants.  And people are now wondering more than ever who would win a number of other Slasher vs Slasher fights.  Horror Enthusiast has stepped up to the plate, pitting a number of villains against one another and drawing a conclusion as to the outcome and winner of each fight!

Fictional Horror Movie Killer Fights (Who Would Win)

Without further ado, these fictional horror movie killer ‘one on ones’ will draw the line on who would have won after all in a fight!

Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers

Michael Myers has been a torment to survivors on many of the halloweens throughout the past few decades. Freddy Krueger has been active throughout various times of the year, but enjoys raising hell when school is in…thus, it is logical that the two horror movie slashers would meet up at one point or another!  If Freddy Krueger ran across Michael one Halloween, he would probably put Michael into a sleep-induced Haddonfield killing-spree coma, while he were buried alive.

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Method: Asphyxiation and Sleep-induced Coma

Leatherface vs Michael Myers

michael myers vs leatherface killer

Michael Myers keeps coming back from the dead and has been a demonic nightmare ever since the late 70s. However, Leatherface has also been killing since the 70s and may be the largest opponent Michael Myers has ever faced.  While this would be a close fight, the deciding factor came down to the ability to sustain blows.  Michael’s first blow would probably not be able to kill Leatherface, no matter how grim the wound.  Leatherface, however, is capable of literally chopping off limbs and cutting Michael’s body in half, with just one swing of his chainsaw.

Winner: Leatherface

Method: Body Dismemberment and Cut In Half

Pinhead vs Michael Myers

Michael Myers began life as a mortal human being, unlike Pinhead, who is a demon and supernatural by nature.  Myers received his supernatural developments throughout time, and unfortunately stands a serious handicap in the respect of actual power.  However, if he had a fair shot, he would probably at least look pretty while Pinhead tore him to pieces, literally!

Winner: Pinhead

Method: Detainment and Dismemberment

Leatherface vs Jason Voorhees

Leatherface is one bad mamba jamba, and has been taking out travelers for decades. Jason Voorhees, however, quite literally cannot die in a mortal sense.  Additionally, Jason can sustain unimaginable blows and still continue to hack and slash, showing no signs of slowing down.  Leatherface has been seen vulnerable on a number of occasions, leaving him writhing in pain after a survivor successfully lashes back.  Leatherface would meet his doom if encountering Jason in a one on one fight…even with his chainsaw!

Winner: Jason Voorhees

Method: Macheted In Half

Pinhead vs Jason Voorhees

jason vs pinhead winner

Jason Voorhees has been brought back from the dead after being spat out of hell. Pinhead is no longer human, just like Jason, however, he exists in an extradimensional realm only to travel to Earth to harvest souls. While the two characters share a lot in common (Jason only returns to Earth to murder and wreak havoc), Jason would be unable to overcome the impressive use of demonic magic that would be present within the fight.

Winner: Pinhead

Method: Detainment and Dismemberment

Chucky vs Michael Myers

Michael Myers stalks his victims and has a good chance of sneaking up on Chucky…however, Chucky is no stranger to deception himself.  Michael has killed a few victims based upon his strength, however, he is mostly known for his ability to kill with a blade. Chucky, being an inanimate doll, would likely be able to survive one or two slashes from Michael’s blade in order to outsmart him.  Given Michael is significantly lacking in the intelligence department, he would probably fall victim to a larger plot pre-planned by Chucky (probably using objects much larger than himself).

Winner: Chucky

Method: Trapping and Smashing Michael Between Two Heavy Objects

Freddy Krueger vs Chucky

chucky vs freddy drawing

Chucky may be practically invulnerable to a mortal human being, however, when subject to the dreamworld, he would be much more vulnerable.  Freddy is able to manipulate dreams and would most likely destroy Chucky by way of extreme explosion while he slept, scattering all of his pieces and stuffings throughout the dreamworld. Remember: “If you die in your dreams you die for real!”

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Method: Extreme Explosive Dismemberment

Leatherface vs Pinhead

Leatherface is rash and impulsive, thus his demise versus a telekinetic and supernatural power-harnessing demon from another dimension (such as Pinhead) would be rather quick!  Most likely, Leatherface would rush towards his opponent, only to be controlled by telekinesis and quickly facing his own chainsaw in the chest!

Winner: Pinhead

Method: Telekinetic Manipulation of a Chainsaw to the Gut

Freddy Krueger vs Leatherface

Leatherface may be muscular, fast and brutal, but he is no match for falling asleep and dying in his dreams.  Leatherface would likely be terrorized by confusion, as he is the least smartest of the horror movie slashers. When he awoke, it would probably be to the feeling of a chainsaw working its way through his chest somehow, or being impaled on a meat hook.

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Method: Impaled by a Running Chainsaw / Impaled on a Meat Hook

Jason Voorhees vs Chucky

Although Jason may be a little dumb, Chucky’s ability to outwit him may be nullified by Jason’s slower, unpredictable movements. Jason stands a chance at catching Chucky due to his slower movement increasing the likelihood of Chucky growing frustrated and getting too close to the slashing giant.  With Jason’s strength, it would not even require a machete!

Winner: Jason Voorhees

Method: Beheading and Crushing of the Doll’s Skull

Freddy Krueger vs Pinhead

The only killer with the ability to set up Freddy with a life sentence of psychological torture, or torture of any means, is Pinhead. Pinhead is a powerful demon capable of traveling between dimensions and manipulating reality.  Freddy lacks the ability to actually read minds and can only manipulate reality in the dreamworld. Does Pinhead even sleep?  In a fight, Freddy would only be able to resort to his agile martial-arts like movements focusing primarily on his claw-weapon.  This would make him no greater contest than a black belt in karate with a sword.*

*Though Freddy has been seen manipulating reality (telekinesis primarily) in the real-world…he is ultimately powerless against Pinheads ability to cause any object, including ones he would be controlling, to spontaneously combust.  Additionally, Pinhead can conjure any object out of thin air.

Winner: Pinhead

Method: Detainment and Psychological Torment For The Rest Of Time

Leatherface vs Chucky

Most victims run from Leatherface. Most of the other killers would stand up to fight Leatherface. Chucky, however, would hide to fight Leatherface. Chucky is a pretty smart doll, and being that he is really small and Leatherface is rather large and less flexible, Leatherface would have a hard time catching Chucky to inflict any damage. Chucky, on the other hand, is quite crafty and a very clever slasher. Before Leatherface had any idea what hit him, he’d be tumbling into a human-sized meat grinder.

Winner: Chucky

Method: Falling Into an Industrial Size Meat Grinder (or Wood Chipper of Sorts)

Pinhead vs Chucky

pinhead drawing

Unfortunately, Chucky faces the same problems as Michael Myers when it comes to Pinhead: Pinhead is a supreme supernaturally powerful demon and Chucky is a normal human being with a curse.  Chucky is also limited to human-capable methods of murder, such as death by knife…whereas Pinhead has the ability to create and manipulate the world with magic.

Winner: Pinhead

Method: Detainment and Dismemberment

Anyone vs Ghostface

Unfortunately for Ghostface, ridiculous teenagers with knives do not stand chances against real horror movie slashers (no offense Ghostface and Scream crowd).  While Ghostface may seriously tear through some victims on screen, he is most definitely the least likely to win out of all of the horror slashers when pit against any of them.

Winner: Anyone other than Ghostface

Method: Nearly Any Weapon Would Do

Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees [real fight]

Horror Enthusiast disagrees with the result of Freddy vs Jason (2003) and thus has redrawn the scenario, as a proper horror fanatic would.  Freddy wins. Jason dies.  The end.

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Method: Drowning and Sleep-induced Coma

Final Notes About Which Killer Would Win

Pinhead is the clear overall winner, being able to detain and or destroy any of the other horror movie killers. However, Freddy Krueger is a close second, as his demon-like manipulation techniques are simply too powerful for any other slasher to overcome.  In a few scenarios, Freddy may even have a chance to take Pinhead out for good…though, highly unlikely! Chucky receives an honorable mention for his ability to take down some of the much larger giants despite his small size.

Although the fights are between killers who have franchises and are well known for their scary death counts, we realize we have not included all noteworthy horror slashers. If you would like to see how your killer of choice (or anyone we have left out) stacks up against the rest, leave a comment below!

Also, check out our other article on who has the most kills.



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Who Became Famous From the Halloween Movies?

Scary Movies and Series

Famous Actors and Actresses that Started In the Halloween Franchise

The Michael Myers Halloween films date back to 1978 and have featured some pretty radical kill scenes…however, there were some truly talented actors and actresses who got their big break from starring in one of these horror slashers.  The franchise was such a success, right from the start, that it spawned success that would be experienced across a number of careers! Check out some of the biggest winners from the horror favorite that is the Halloween franchise.

Actors Made Famous From Starring in the Halloween Movies

Jamie Lee Curtis

As a horror movie icon from her time spent as Laurie Strode in 7 of the 13 Halloween movies (including the in-production 2018 film), she cannot be ignored as a clear number one winner emerging from the franchise. Jamie’s first role of any real notoriety absolutely boils down to the first Halloween movie in 1978.  She put on a fantastic performance fleeing her brother back then, and has since graced the horror franchise with her presence in subsequent chases throughout the years. Jamie Lee Curtis’ character might be one of the only people able to truly understand, control, trap or otherwise kill her famed Halloween-killing brother, Michael Myers.

Josh Hartnett

Josh got pretty good traction in the horror genre, and specifically was very positively received in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. Playing John, the son of Laurie Strode, he is one of the prime targets when Michael Myers returns to wreak havoc! Josh and Jamie have a seemingly instinctual dynamic between them that makes their mother-son relationship in the movie feel extremely natural and real.  Honestly, Josh does so well that it is pretty unbelievable that Halloween was his first feature film.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

Like Josh Hartnett, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s first hollywood movie credit rests well with Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).  Jodi Lyn plays Sarah, who suffers one of the most terrifying deaths of all of the Halloween movies, including the use of a dumbwaiter!  Sarah’s character may not have survived the entire flick, but her death was not in vain…for Jodi Lyn’s performance would launch the successful career she enjoys today.

Tony Moran

The first actor to play Michael Myers in the Halloween original (1978), was Tony Moran.  Although he would receive a small amount of work throughout the following few decades, it seems the last few years have been much better to Tony.  Perhaps he is finally getting the recognition he deserves for his stellar performance as one of the first most horrific slashers, who changed the horror genre forever!

Nancy Stephens

Crazy Dr Loomis’ nurse, Marion can be found in 3 of the Halloween films. Before the 1978 Halloween hit, Nancy would only achieve success in TV…making Halloween her break out movie role!  She reprises her role in Halloween II (1981) and again in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998). Unfortunately, Marion is killed off rather early in the beginning of the 1998 film, along with the explained death of Dr Loomis.  Still, Nancy died with dignity and put on a heck of a show!

LL Cool J

It is true that LL Cool J had a small handful of roles before Halloween H20…however, many attribute his break out “on-screen” role to Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998). LL Cool J played a likable protagonist (Ronny), an inspiring erotic novelist working as a very convincing security guard.  He almost gets murdered by Michael and narrowly escapes an almost fatal accident to end up surviving! After the experience, Ronny decides to write a romantic thriller.

Larisa Miller

Larisa also received her first feature film role in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), like many others. She played Claudia, who barely survives an encounter with Michael Myers while taking her daughter to the bathroom in the beginning of the movie. She would go on to have a small bit of success in TV, however, must have chosen to retire after 2007…despite a career seemingly on the uprise from her part in the movie.

Other Hollywood Icons and Legends Who Got Their Start in Halloween

Severed head from Halloween Horror Movie

John Carpenter

John Carpenter is an extremely talented individual, contributing a number of credits to so many titles throughout his career. He even contributed to the Halloween soundtrack, writing the main theme song to Halloween that still makes the audience tremble today.  It is more than arguable that Halloween could have been Carpenter’s true break out role as a director…as it is much more widely known than his only real prior hit, Assault on Precinct 13.  And Carpenter, without a doubt, was the spine of the original Halloween movie.

Rick Rosenthal

Another famous director responsible for a lot of hits that are enjoyed today, Rick Rosenthal, got his big feature film break directing a Halloween film.  Rosenthal was responsible for Halloween II, which is amazing considering the success of the first film and Rosenthal only having a single episode of TV as experience in directing. Regardless, he would produce an incredible scare that has been admired for years to come that is the first sequel in the hit horror franchise.

Final Notes About the Halloween Franchise

It would not be right to address famous actors and actresses getting a big break from the Halloween movies without mentioning the actor who famously played Dr Loomis.  Donald Pleasence is a huge part of the story line and suspenseful drama throughout the movies.  While Donald was widely known and quite famous before assuming the role of the demented killer’s mental doctor…there is no questioning his notoriety and glory living on larger and more vibrant than ever through the Halloween films.

There is absolutely no doubt that the horror franchise, especially the slasher sub-genre, would ever be the same without the influence from the Halloween franchise horror films.   Each person played their part (pun intended), creating the legend the still haunts the screen on the occasional Halloween. And while Michael Myers may be immortal through his on-screen terror, he could not have done it alone.  Without the collaborated effort of all the crew and cast involved in the making of the Halloween movies, these movies simply would not be the polished horror we know them as today!



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Would You Survive Michael Myers If You Were In a Movie?

Featured Scary Movies and Series

How to Escape and Survive a Real Life Michael Myers

Michael Myers is one of the scariest figures in the horror slasher genre…and has claimed one of the highest horror movie killer body counts of them all! He is ominous, seemingly immortal and possesses terrifying presence! What if Michael Myers were chasing you throughout his childhood home?  What if you found yourself at a hospital late at night alongside Laurie Strode? What if you found yourself in Haddonfield on Halloween?

Would You Survive Michael Myers In Real Life?

Horror Enthusiast has created the Michael Myers Survival Points system in order to track your progress during a real life Michael Myers escape.  Making favorable decisions earns you positive points, while making mistakes may cost you your points (or much worse!).

You start out with Zero (0) points, unless your last name is “Myers” or “Strode,” in which case you start out with negative five (-5) points!

After you complete the quiz and tally up your score, you will be able to determine whether you would be likely to survive a real life Michael Myers chase or be the next resident of the Haddonfield cemetery!

Weapon to Use Against Michael Myers

Most survivors are not strong enough by themselves, thus a weapon in a horror movie is an invaluable asset. Michael Myers almost always has a large kitchen knife which can be seen gleaming in the background as he stalks his a victim. Having a weapon has sometimes helped a Michael Myers survivor find their way to safety. You may choose one (1) weapon to use against Michael Myers to aid your survival!

  • If you would attempt to inject Michael with a powerful sedative that would knock him out instantly, add 8 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to use a knife or piece of broken glass against Michael, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to hit Michael with a car or other vehicle, add 12 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to knock Michael out with a piece of furniture or other heavy object, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to shoot Michael with a pistol or a shotgun, add 8 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to wrestle Michael’s knife out of his hands to use against him, add 6 point to your score.
  • If you choose to avoid an encounter, do not modify your score.

Hiding Place When Running From Michael Myers

michael myers Halloween movie seen of girl being grabbed by a man in a ghost costume

It is impossible for nearly all survivors to run indefinitely…although the slashers seem to have endless streams of energy.  Hiding is therefore essential to a good survival plan, and where you hide against Michael Myers matters.  Michael is an expert at hide and go seek, so choose carefully! You may choose one (1) hiding place to help you survive a real life Michael Myers chase!

  • If you would choose to hide in an inoperable vehicle, add 9 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in a barn, add 12 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide under a desk or table, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in a dumbwaiter, add 5 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to hide in a closet, add 9 points to your score.
  • If you would never choose to hide, do not modify your score.

Escape Routes to Escape Michael Myers

Although Michael’s total body count is rather high, some survivors still slip through to the end and go on to live for a sequel! Most of the victims have tried to escape, but their escape route turns out to be a poor choice against “The Shape.” Those who get away typically have to run for a while and require a collaboration of creative escape routes to survive. You may choose two (2) escape routes in order to create your preferred combination for survival!

  • If you would attempt to get into a car, knowing the keys are inside, and drive away from Michael, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to call 911 and wait it out in hiding within a building (hospital, school, etc), add 7 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to jump from a two story window, without knowing what was below, add 10 points to your score.
  • If you would attempt to seriously incapacitate or kill Michael Myers in order to escape, add 15 points to your score.
  • If you would choose to trap Michel Myers in any way (with a car, with a heavy object, with a noose trap, etc), add 15 points to your score.

Ways to Die Against Michael Myers

michael myers attacking a man with a garden tool from Halloween horror movie.

There are a lot of mistakes to be made when a horror movie slasher is chasing you. Michael Myers is a lot less tolerant of mistakes and will typically seize these opportunities to slay his victims. Unfortunately, these common mistakes will diminish the chance of survival!

Assuming He Is Dead

Many characters make the mistake of assuming Michael Myers is dead at one point or another.  This is a recurring theme, and one that winds up being fatal for many characters.  Whether it is hell reincarnated in human form, simple supernatural powers, Michael Myers does not seem to die.

If you would approach Michael Myers while he lay still in front of you, seemingly dead, with any reason other than to do him immediate harm, subtract 25 points from your score!

Celebrating Halloween

Almost all of Michael’s victims celebrated to some extent. Some victims even went trick or treating! Michael only seems to be interested in killing on Samhain (Halloween day itself), and thus, those out and about celebrating Halloween are at greater risk!

If you are a Halloween lover, subtract 25 points from your score!

Having Intercourse

Like many other horror slashers of his generation, Michael loves to kill those who are in a …compromising position!  People who become intimate in the Halloween movies are at an increased risk for becoming part of Michael’s never ending body count.

If you would find yourself in an intimate, ‘compromising position’ on Halloween day, subtract 20 points from your score!

Protecting a Potential Victim

There are a lot of kills that did not have to happen! Michael Myers oftentimes has to tear through a few unnecessary deaths in order to reach his true intended victim.  Because Michael is seeking out his family, those who stand in the way to protect or defend the targets, usually die themselves.

If you feel you would stand up for one of Michael’s families, a Strode or a Myers, subtract 15 points from your score!

Curse of the Working Man

Michael Myers is a very mobile slasher, and finds his way around in order to reach his targets.  Unfortunately, this means killing a lot of innocent people along the way who are key in him working his way to his victims.  He will kill doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, attendants, mechanics, and more.

If you have a job that involves helping others in any way (in person), you might come into contact with Michael Myers by sheer chance (bad luck), so subtract 10 points from your score!

Did You Survive Michael Myers?

michael myers in chains from Halloween horror movie

Tallying up your Michael Myers Survival Points will indicate your likelihood of surviving a real life encounter with Michael Myers. 



0 to 3 points………… SLIM CHANCE OF SURVIVAL

-9 to -1 points……… PROBABLY DEAD ON ARRIVAL

-19 to -10 points……DEFINITE DEATH


Remember, Michael has killed a lot of people and not all of them have realized what was happening until it was too late.  Many people mistake him for a peer, and many people believe he can be tamed. Michael’s kill count continues to go up, although nearly every kill has been spectacular.



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