Birch Hill Cemetery, Fairbanks, AK

Date of Discovery/Date of Establishment & Haunting

Sightings of apparitions within the Birch Hill Cemetery have been happening since the 1930s.

Name & Location

Birch Hill Cemetery houses at least one apparition, the most notable of which is the White Lady.

Physical Description

Gwich'in Elder Grave at Birch Hill Cemetery
Gwich’in Elder Grave at Birch Hill Cemetery

The Birch Hill Cemetery is a prominent geographical feature in Fairbanks, it rises on the north slope of the city and faces the Steese Highway. It is a peaceful cemetery that is surrounded on three sides by dense woods and the overlooking hill to the city displays seven planters that are in the shape of the Big Dipper–the symbol on the Alaskan flag. It is a very unsuspecting location for a haunting, it’s a beautiful location.

The White Lady appears in an early 1900s era dress and a fancy hat–something that would have been worn during the early pioneering days of Fairbanks. Aside from the White Lady, the apparition who appears most often, there have been reports of a little girl and a little boy who haunt the cemetery on their own.


The Birch Hill Cemetery officially became the main cemetery in Fairbanks after the Clay Street Cemetery began to quickly fill up–it covers approximately thirty-two acres of the southwest side of Birch Hill and there are still plots available today.

Mythology and Lore

The White Lady has been sighted since 1938 when the cemetery was officially established, along with two apparitions of children.

In 2001, Fairbanks paranormal investigator by the name of Jessie Desmond obtained an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), but states that they are not necessarily “the result of intentional voice recordings.” He also stated that Paranormal Explorers of Alaska (PEAK) uses this particular cemetery for training and to see if they can capture more information about Birch Hill Cemetery’s resident ghosts. They occasionally capture orbs in their pictures and would hear movements that have no known origin.

In May of 2012, Jessie Desmond collaborated with Neelie Lythgoe and Tony Hernandez members of Investigators of the Paranormal in Alaska (IOPIA) from the Anchorage region; it was during this investigation that they were able to capture a few EVPs as well as a picture of what they believe was an apparition.

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The Lady in White of Easton

Haunted Places

Date of Discovery

Union Cemetery dates back to the 1700s and is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Most of the spirits roaming its grounds do not come with a clear origin or reports recording their first sightings.


The Lady in White also known as the White Lady, roam the Easton, Connecticut grounds of Union Cemetery and it’s surrounding roads.

Physical Description

The White Lady is described as having longing black hair and a white gown, possibly a wedding gown. Many have reported her floating just above the ground around the graves.



The Lady in White’s origin is a bit of a mystery, multiple stories try to explain were her spirit came from and why she is “haunting” the cemetery. One legend says she’s the spirit of a woman who was murdered in the 1940s after killing her husband; another legend is that she was killed at the turn of the 20th century and dumped in the sinkhole behind the church. The last legend states she died in childbirth and is still roaming the earth searching for her lost child. We still can’t say for certain where her spirit came from, as she is not a talkative ghost.

Mythology & Lore

The White Lady has been seen by several visitors to the graveyard, as well as been captured in many photographs and videos (most famous being Ed Warren’s). The Lady in White also likes to appear in the middle of Route 59 seeming to be “hit” by a car, only to leave the driver shaken and confused after she disappears. She has many reports of sightings on roads nearby the Easton Cemetery, but there are also reports stating the White Lady has also been seen in a Monroe cemetery as well. It seems most reports show she is not an angry or malicious spirit, rather one that is a minor trickster playing harmless games with visitors to the grounds.

Modern Pop-Culture References

Books & Literature

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