Who Became Famous From the Jaws Movies?

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Famous People Who Acted in a Jaws Movie

Although there were only 4 Jaws movies, it certainly feels like there were going to be more. In fact, there is even a joke about it in Back to the Future Part II which features a “Jaws 19” holographic movie promotion.  Still, there are a number of Hollywood gems who sparkle throughout the sea fairing horror film.  And while some are more notable than others, Jaws has done a great job in truly bringing out the best in many! Let’s go over some of the biggest Jaws stars, who weren’t so big when they took the role.

Who Got a Big Break in the Shark-based Horror Franchise, Jaws

Roy Scheider

Although Roy had a somewhat lengthy career pre-Jaws, he had remained mostly an unknown.  He was also not Spielberg’s first choice.  He did, however, turn out very well and the film would not be the same had anyone else been cast as Chief Martin Brody.  After Jaws, Scheider would receive many other roles and see a very fruitful career, all the way up until his death in 2008.

Richard Dreyfuss

Richard is a super convincing oceanographer, Matt Hooper.  Basically, Richard plays the role of an educated pursuit of the unknown very well and his character develops into an extremely resourceful survivor by the end of it all!  Richard most certainly contributed to the stellar performance that is Jaws…so much so he would go on to see a great deal of additional success throughout his career (even to this day)!

Lorraine Gary

Although Lorraine would retire shortly after her success in Jaws, she would retain her role as Ellen Brody from the original Jaws film, two more times (playing in a total of 3 Jaws films). She also starred in 1941 and a couple other hits post-Jaws involvement.

Jeffrey Kramer

After Jeffrey played Deputy Hendricks in the Jaws franchise, he found a great deal of success both as an actor and a producer alike.

P.H. Moriarty

Mr. Moriarty started acting much later in life than most…however, saw a skyrocket in the value of roles offered to him after he played Jack Tate in Jaws 3-D (1983). He would go on to be known for hits such as Patriot games and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’.

Dennis Quaid

Although it could be argued Dennis got his start in a number of films, some predating his role as Mike Brody in Jaws 3-D, he most certainly saw a tremendously GREAT DEAL of success post-Jaws.  Dennis  is known for starring in blockbusters like: Frequency, Far from Heaven, In Good Company, The Day After Tomorrow, and Vantage Point.

Simon MacCorkindale

Jaws 3-D also spawned success for actor Simon MacCorkindale…who played Philip FitzRoyce in the shark-terror flick.  Post-Jaws, Simon would be offered roles such as Professor Jonathan Chase in Nightman and Peter Sinclair in Counterstrike.

Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson played Kelly Ann Bukowski in Jaws 3-D and then shortly thereafter be noticed for the Back to the Future franchise.  Lea would receive the valuable role of Lorraine Baines in all three of the Back to the Future movies…as well as a well-sought after role of Beverly in Howard the Duck.

Jaws horror movie painting of a shark attacking a man on a boat

Karen Young

Like Lea Thompson, Karen luckily received her role in the Jaws franchise relatively early in her career. She was cast as Carla Brody in Jaws 4: The Revenge (1987). Subsequently, she would receive notable roles in hits such as 9 ½ weeks (as Sue), Torch Song Trilogy (as Laurel), and Daylight (as Sarah Crighton).

Final Notes About the Jaws Franchise

Despite the many actors and actresses which have found fame and greater success from playing in a Jaws movie…there are many other performers who have contributed greatly to making the Jaws franchise what it is today.  If it were not for the many well-known associated actors and considered actors (who didn’t take the role or were turned down), the brand would never have provided so much fuel for those who needed the big break!

A special tip of the hat goes to Robert Shaw, who played Quint…a Horror Enthusiast favorite!

Who Became Famous From the Saw Movies?

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 Any Famous People Come From Saw?

The Saw movies are one of the most gruesome and sadistic horror franchises of them all!  As much as the franchise focuses on the torture and suffering of its death scene victims…a few talented performers had their break out role in a Saw movie.  Here are some of the most prominent actors and actresses which got their real start from dying in a Saw movie…

Leigh Whannell

Wayne is well known today for his roles in the Insidious franchise, among other films. Before Insidious, however, Leigh played Adam Faulkner-Stanheight in the original Saw movie…where all his magic began!

Erik Knudsen

The younger actor playing Detective Matthew’s son in Saw II, Erik Knudsen, saw a plethora of opportunities after his performance in the Jigsaw torture house! Being that Erik was only 16 at the time of the first Saw movie, he has had the opportunity to grow more diversely into the opportunities that have been presented.  Some of Erik’s more recent work includes: Youth in Revolt (2009), Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010), and Scream 4 (2011).

Shawnee Smith

Although Shawnee was known from the movie “The Blob” in 1988, it was not until she assumed her role of Amanda Young in the Saw franchise that she received mainstream success. Although she would receive many other roles in a number of other projects after the original Saw, she would also go on to play Amanda 3 more times in Saw II, Saw III and Saw VI.

Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw

There may be a little hesitation in adding Tobin Bell to this list, as he did have a huge acting history before Saw (dating all the way back to 1979, in fact).  Truth be told, however, most of Tobin’s roles were uncredited or too insignificant to land him mainstream publicity.  Playing John Kramer (aka Jigsaw) in Saw (2004), nearly 25 years after his first movie role, landed Tobin his international fame and household recognition status.  Tobin would reap continued success from the Saw franchise for years to come.

Michael Emerson

Michael is another actor who had many roles before Saw, but did not seem to achieve mainstream success until making an appearance in Saw. After his role in the first Saw movie, Emerson would be picked up for a number of big projects and lead roles including: 4 seasons of Lost (TV), 5 seasons of Person of Interest (TV), and even the Joker in the 2013 Batman movie!

Final Notes

The Saw franchise is most notorious for the torture devices and creepy Jigsaw killer (doll included). Although the number of actors and actresses which get funneled through the death scenes is rather large, very few of the faces seem to turn up mainstream success afterwards.  Still, the movies are made in an extremely realistic fashion and all actors or actresses who die a Jigsaw death deserve a round of applause!

Who is the Smartest Horror Movie Killer?

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Horror Movie Killer With the Highest IQ

Of all the horror movie killers, some are just smarter than the others! And as a horror fan, one realizes rather quickly that the variations between franchises and movies can be rather diverse. Some horror movies feature super smart killers who are able to outwit nearly any protagonist…keeping the audience’s jaw dropped to the floor. Other horror movies invite super dumb killers to the screen who chase their victims best, but with little to no cunning or wit at all! Ultimately, all horror movie killers can be ranked by IQ and their intelligence in kills.

Horror Movie Killers, Ranked by Intelligence (IQ)

The Horror Enthusiast has included the most notable killers along with their IQs. Here is a complete list of our favorite horror movie slashers and killers ranked by intelligence!*

*Killer must star in at least 3 films to be considered.

Jigsaw [IQ: 158]

jigsaw killer iq

Saw’s Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer is so smart that he continues to kill movie after movie, even after his physical character has died.  One of the most influential factors which make Jigsaw #1 Smartest Horror Movie Killer, is that he planned all of these additional killings (in one fashion or another) in advance of his own predicted death. If planning weren’t enough, Jigsaw’s traps are absolutely reeking of genius.

Pinhead [IQ: 154]

what is pinhead's iq

Hellraiser’s Pinhead is an interesting killer. He is ominous and speaks with authority. He uses a wide variety of psychological terrors and torture methodology to kill his victims. He is also classified as a demon, making his restrictions a little more divine and his limitations a little greater. He is a powerful and an extremely intelligent killer with aspirations to take over the world!

Hannibal Lecter [IQ: 140]

Hannibal Lector's iq

Silence of the Lambs brings Hannibal Lecter, who is a devious killer able to literally cut open someone’s skull, remove, cook and eat the victim’s brains, all right in front of their eyes!  Hannibal is educated, assumes the identity of a doctor, and convinces others to kill and mutilate, making him a super manipulative killer, and the third most intelligent horror movie killer.

Freddy Krueger [IQ: 121]

what s freddy krueger's iq

Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger is a little predictive, but still puts on a really good show. Freddy pulls off a number of creative deaths and outsmarts a lot of really resourceful protagonists. One of the most important factors to consider, is that Freddy often comes back for victims that have survived the past movies, finding new ways to overcome and slay them. Freddy Krueger maintains a respectable 4th place when it comes to horror movie killer IQs!

Chucky [IQ: 111]

what is chucky's iq

Child’s Play’s Chucky is a doll inhabited by a desperate fugitive serial killer, Charles Lee Ray.  Charles is not too bright himself, often being outwitted or otherwise outdone by a child or other dimwit character.  However, given the nature of most other horror movie killers, Chucky still rakes in a strong fifth place!

Ghostface [IQ: 102]

what is ghostface's iq

Scream’s Ghostface killer ends up being two of the high school students involved in the plot from the start.  Protagonist Sidney Prescott’s boyfriend (Billy) and her friend (Stu) are the killers, sharing the same outfit in order to manipulate the characters throughout the scenes faster and with less suspicion. Still, a team of high school killers hatch a plan smart enough to outscore a lot of the more traditional hack and slash jobs!

Michael Myers [IQ: 78]

what is michael myers iq

Halloween’s Michael Myers has a variety of movies to showcase his intelligence, but he just doesn’t meet the bar! He is constantly outsmarted by characters that get away time and time again…most notably being Dr Loomis, who can be found in a number of Halloween movies constantly trying to reacquire and actually track Michael Myers.

Jason Voorhees [IQ: 69]

what is jason voorhees's iq

Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees is portrayed as a disabled child in Freddy Vs Jason (2008) and has had several other references made throughout his films insinuating he is mentally challenged. He still manages to kill an astronomical amount of people rather quickly…probably because he is too stupid to play with his food!

Leatherface [IQ: 67]

what is leatherface's iq

Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface wins the award for the most deranged killer, being that the character is literally mentally challenged. Leatherface is supposed to be the result of a redneck, Texas inbred family (referenced in some of the flicks themselves), who lives life by following family orders.  Still, as low of an IQ as Leatherface might have, he is no less entertaining, finding ways to make the same types of kills interesting every time!

Final Words About the Smartest Horror Movie Villains

Not all of the killers we see in horror flicks are slashers, making the running a lot harder for first place! There are many creative ways a smarter killer is able to showcase a death and a lot of these movies feature proof of exactly that! 

Have a killer you’d like to see ranked? Leave your comment below and we’ll assess the monster/slasher and add them to the list!

Who is the Voice of Billy the Puppet From Saw? [Saw Facts]

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Is the Voice of Billy the Puppet Familiar?

The scary little tricycle riding puppet from the Saw movies, more formally known as ‘Billy the Puppet’ is one of the most terrifying props used throughout the franchise.  His oversized head and creepy eyes let the Saw victims and the audience know that danger is imminent. Usually Billy is around to explain to the victims why they are in the trap to begin with and the general rules of the game.  He also tells people how to survive the games.  James Wan (the original Saw director) did a great job making the puppet from scratch himself.  However, many Saw fans still want to know, who plays Billy the Puppet as far as casting goes (what real life actor is credited with Billy the Puppet)? Who is the Billy the Puppet voice in Saw?

Tobin Bell Voices Billy the Puppet

Billy the Puppet is very diabolical in appearance. But the news the puppet has to relay is much scarier! That said, the actual voice used for the puppet to speak to the victims about the traps they are in…is all Tobin! He is the complete villain package, both playing the vigilante-style sympathetic killer that is John Kramer (the Jigsaw killer), as well as being able to voice his own accomplice-puppet!

Tobin Bell is a very talented actor. Whether he is showing face on the screen itself or simply loaning his voice, he knows how to captivate the audience with the power of his presence. He is without a doubt the PERFECT Jigsaw slasher for the Saw movies! And Billy the Puppet has been an excellent partner to Jigsaw.  They are truly a very good fit, and thus, it is only appropriate that the Saw puppet is voiced by Tobin himself.

Final Notes About Billy the Puppet

Rusty wheels on a little red tricycle. White gloves to match an eerie white, humanoid-like face. Black unkempt hair and a mechanical mouth that moves as the killer speaks.  Billy the Puppet stands out as one of the most horrifying props used by a horror movie killer to date!  And it even has the scariest voice to match…thanks to Tobin Bell, the voice of Billy the Puppet!

Why Doesn’t Chucky Possess a Different Doll?

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Why Wouldn’t Chucky Switch to a Scarier Doll?

Ever heard the expression “bigger isn’t always better?”  Well, Child’s Play director and writers believed that “bigger isn’t always scarier!” And they were right, as Child’s Play movies and the Chucky doll have been scaring horror fans for decades! The real fear created by the Child’s Play movies is two-fold, as seen from the perspective of either an adult or a child.  Children expect their toys (especially dolls resembling human beings) to be friendly and fun to play with.  Parents expect their children’s toys to be safe and harmless.  A killer doll that has been gifted to your child, who only interacts with the child in secret is bad news.  It’s much worse when that doll convinces or uses your child to do bad things. 

Why Did Chucky Pick Such a Small, Incapable Doll?

Most Child’s Play fans have wondered: Why didn’t Chucky Possess a Different Doll?

Unfortunately for Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer responsible for the voodoo possession ritual, selection was rather slim. At the time of the possession, Charles was desperate and on the run, evading imminent capture and likely death for his murders.  Should he have had the chance to choose any doll, he likely would have chose a life-size version of Jason Voorhees, considering the Friday the 13th series had already been released for about 8 years. Instead, however, his options were limited and he only had the ability to possess a simple “Good Guy Doll.” The Good Guy Doll was a really popular toy in the movie and gave Chucky a lot of great chances to blend in with the commonplace and really lower his victims’ guards.

Besides, the doll becomes more and more like the grungy-looking Charles Lee Ray we know from his human serial killer days, picking up tears, scars and grime that better fit the character of a slasher.

Behind the Scenes: Why Not Pick a Scarier Doll?

chucky doll painting

The idea that a regular toy a child and parents alike could trust that had so wildly saturated the toy industry marketplace to the point everybody wanted one made for a strongly vulnerable scenario.  At the time of the first Child’s Play movie in 1988, a popular chain of dolls had already hit the market in real life: the My Buddy doll. These dolls were so popular nearly everyone had one, despite the fact they were creepy as hell! Child’s Play writer, Don Mancini, admitted that these My Buddy dolls were his inspiration for the killer that is infamously known as Chucky today. In fact, the original script even called the killer “Buddy” instead, though it was not usable due to the real-life dolls flooding the toy industry. Combining Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy and My Buddy concepts, the Chucky doll designer Kevin Yagher was able to create the Chucky look we are familiar with.  The size never seemed to be an issue, and the writer and team appear to have relied on the psychological facets of horror instead, choosing to maintain the small size of the My Buddy doll while creating their horror slasher, Chucky. In fact, the Chucky doll’s small size contributes to the horrible fact he could be hiding anywhere!

Final Notes About Chucky and Child’s Play

The size of the doll in the Chucky films is by no means a measurement of the terror invoked by its presence on screen! And while Charles may not have chosen Chucky out of a wide selection of dolls, the small stature had plenty of advantages. After all, Chucky may be small but he is a thoroughly creepy doll who has the ability to strike fear into the heart of nearly any viewer!

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