J. Morvay releases Extended Cut of Bible Black: Lobster Girl & Other Tales

Indie Horror

Filmmaker J. Morvay releases an extended cut of BIBLE BLACK: LOBSTER GIRL & OTHER TALES.   This new cut includes unifying stories of lust, horror, and fantasy.  

BIBLE BLACK: LOBSTER GIRL & OTHER TALES is a collection of short stories and illustrations that take captivated readers into Dante’s Inferno, a descent into the madness of human folly and tragedy.  These tales invoke some of the rawest of human emotions and leave you feeling ultimately grateful for life as you know it. Morvay touches on everything from lust to religion, to war to abortion in this deranged compilation of fairy tales.

Official Youtube – Extended Cut: Bible Black: Lobster Girl & Other Tales

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Official Website – Bible Black: Lobster Girl & Other Tales


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