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From our friends at Not For Prophet Productions comes a new indie horror release “Vibration.”

Not For Prophet Productions has completed production of the feature horror film “Vibration”. Written and directed by Shawn Garrity, the film’s trailer debuted at NE Comic Con in December and is now being submitted to film festivals and distributors in North America.

The film follows 16-year old Alexis (Abby Dawson), who, in an effort to communicate with her dead mother Sariel (Rachel Gordon), accidentally summons a demon named Bizugel (Adam Laframboise, aka Nightfall) who tries to steal her soul.

Vibration Indie paranormal horror Movie poster
Vibration Horror Movie Poster

Laframboise is known for his work on A Night at the Silent Movie Theater (2012), Hotel Secrets & Legends (2014) and Booth (2005). The film also features special effects makeup by Scott C. Miller, known for his work on The Man Who Killed Hiter and then Bigfoot (2018), Uncanny Harbor (2020), Aster and Sidney (2016) and Blood Highway (2017).

Vibration was shot in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts in 2018 and features an exclusively New England based cast and crew. In addition to being locally sourced, the film’s soundtrack was composed by Phil Martelly and Shawn Garrity. Martelly and Garrity own 4 School of Rock music school franchises, 3 of which are located in Massachusetts. They tapped into the school’s student body for talent and cast Abby Dawson as the film’s lead. Dawson has been a student at the Seekonk, MA School of Rock franchise location since 2016. The school’s in-house recording studio was also used to record the film’s soundtrack.

Producers Johnny C, Julie E. Martelly, and Joe Nasta worked together on previous projects including the web series “VulGarrity: The Series” and the music video for “Karma’s Got A Gun” by VulGarrity, which stars Charlotte Watts, granddaughter of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.


Not For Prophet Productions was founded in 2018 for the purpose of producing and releasing the feature film “Vibration”. For more information, go to



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Vintage – Book Recommendation

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Puzzle Box Horror Book Recommendation – Vintage by Steve Berman.

SYNOPSIS: On a chilly, autumn night, on a lonely New Jersey highway, a teenager meets the boy of his dreams dressed in vintage clothing. When the boy vanishes, the teenager discovers he’s encountered the local legend, the ghost of a young man who died four decades earlier and has haunted that stretch of road ever since. Curious and smitten, the next evening the teen returns with his best friend. So begins an unusual story of boy-meets-ghost complete with Ouija boards, hours spent in cemeteries, scares and macabre humor. This new edition of the book, to celebrate its thirteenth anniversary, features a new introduction by New York Times best-selling author Holly Black.

Author Steve Berman

Writer of: Fantastical fiction, eerie stories, queer tales
​Almost an Andre Norton Award Winner
Not quite a Shirley Jackson Award Winner
​Actually a Lambda Literary Award Winner!

Vintage is Steve Berman’s first novel and the reviews speak for themselves.

Richard Bowes:

“Steve Berman’s first novel Vintage is a skillful brew of Goth fashion, gay teen alienation, a sexually predatory ghost from the legendary past and an improvised exorcism into which the author has blended a surprisingly sweet coming-of-age love story.”

Holly Black:

“A witty, shuddersome, and extraordinary book that haunts as it charms.”

Ben Long:

I really love the set up of this story! It has many classic coming-of-age tropes, but it revisits them with a queer ghost story twist. Our narrator is a shy, quiet teen who works at a vintage clothing store and has yet to experience a romantic relationship. One night while walking home he chances upon the ghost of a young man, and a supernatural bond is formed. He’s falling in love, but the ghost may have more sinister motivations…

Go here to read the full review!

Vintage by Steve Berman is available now from Lethe Press.



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