Paranormal Movies/Television Series On Netflix January 2020

Scary Movies and Series

 Do you like the hairs standing up on the back of your neck? Well we’ve put together a list of the best paranormal movies and television series on Netflix right now for your fright nights viewing pleasure… We’ll update regularly as new titles become available.

10.) Insidious

Director: James Wan

Writer: Leigh Whannell

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Barbara Hershey

Parents (Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne) take drastic measures when it seems their new home is haunted and their comatose son (Ty Simpkins) is possessed by a malevolent entity, astral projecting and frightened, the parents call upon a medium (Lin Shaye).

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 66%

9.) Birdbox

Director: Susanne Bier

Writers: Eric Heisserer (screenplay), Josh Malerman (novel)

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver, Rosa Salazar, Danielle Macdonald, Lil Rel Howery, Tom Hollander, Machine Gun Kelly, BD Wong, Pruitt Taylor Vince

When a mysterious, paranormal force starts killing off the population, if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with an entity that takes shape of their worst fears. Searching for life and a new beginning, a woman and her two kids embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find a place of safety and life. To make it, they’ll have to cover their eyes from the evil that chases them, completing the trip blindfolded.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 63%

8.) The Ritual


Director: David Bruckner

Writers: Joe Barton, Adam Nevill

Cast: Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier, Sam Troughton, Paul Reid, Maria Erwolte

After the tragic death of their friend, four college friends reunite and set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. However when they take a wrong turn it leads them into the mysterious forests of Norse legend, where ancient evil forces exist and stalk them throughout.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 74%

7.) The Conjuring


Director: James Wan

Writer: Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Mackenzie Foy, Joey King, Hayley McFarland


In 1970, paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren are summoned to the home of Carolyn and Roger Perron. The Perrons and five daughters recently moved to a secluded farmhouse, where supernatural entities have been made known. Though the manifestation seems harmless at first, but soon events take place turning the house into a nightmare.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%

6.) The Ring


Director:  Gore Verbinski

Writer:  Ehren Kruger

Cast:  Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman, Brian Cox, Daveigh Chase

A videotape filled with disturbing and unsettling images, once you play it, the phone rings, telling of the viewer’s death in exactly seven days. Newspaper reporter Rachel Keller, skeptical, until four teenagers all die exactly one week after watching the tape. Rachel tracks down the video and watches it, leading her to having just seven days to unravel the paranormal mystery.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 71%

5.) Child’s Play (1988)


Director: Tom Holland

Writers: Don Mancini

Cast:  Catherine Hicks, Dinah Manoff, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif

Gunned down by Detective Mike Norris, dying murderer Charles Lee Ray uses black magic to put his soul inside a doll named Chucky, which Karen Barclay then buys for her young son, Andy. When Chucky kills Andy’s baby sitter, the boy realizes the doll is alive and tries to warn people, but he’s institutionalized.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

4.) The Haunting of Hill House


Director: Mike Flanagan

Writers:  Mike Flanagan, Meredith Averill, Elizabeth Ann Phang, Rebecca Klingel, Jeff Howard, Charise Castro Smith, Scott Kosar

Cast:  Michiel Huisman, Elizabeth Reaser, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Kate Siegel,  Victoria Pedretti

This reimagining of the Shirley Jacksn novel follows siblings who, as children, grew up in what would grow to be the most famous haunted house in the country. As adults, forced back into the past, they must finally confront it. Some ghosts lurk in their minds, others still around the Hill House.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93%

3.) The Witch


Director/Writer: Robert Eggers

Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, and Harvey Scrimshaw

In 1630 New England, panic and despair envelops a farmer, his wife and their children when the youngest son Samuel vanishes without a trace. The family blames the oldest daughter who was watching the boy at the time of his disappearance. With suspicion and paranoia mounting, twin siblings begin to point fingers at the eldest, accusing her of witchcraft.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 90%

2.) Rosemary’s Baby


Director: Roman Polanski

Writers: Ira Levin

Cast:  Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer, Maurice Evans, Ralph Bellamy, Angela Dorian, Clay Tanner, Charles Grodin

A young wife believes that her child is not of this world. Waifish Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband Guy move to a NYC apartment building with an ominous reputation and odd neighbors. When Rosemary gets pregnant she becomes isolated, and the truth is revealed once she gives birth.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97%

1.) Veronica


Director: Paco Plaza

Writers: Fernando Navarro

Cast: Sandra Escacena, Bruna Gonzalez, Claudia Placer, Ivan Chavero, Ana Torrent, Consuelo Trujillo, Sonia Almara, Carla Campra

During a solar eclipse, Verónica and her friends want to summon the spirit of Verónica’s father using an Ouija board. However, during the session she loses consciousness and soon it becomes clear that evil demons have arrived. Stalking Veronica and her friends, things take a drastic turn for the worse.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 90%



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Puzzle Box Top Ten Classic Horror Movie Kills

Featured Scary Movies and Series

What’s your favorite part of seeing a horror movie? If you’re anything like me – and if you are, I’m truly sorry – then the only possible answer is “the kills.” Stabbings, drownings, decapitations, slashings… whatever form they take, kills are often the most memorable part of a horror movie. In this list, I will document ten of the most iconic and influential kills in the history of horror. Let’s get started. (Spoilers ahead!) 

10. Night of the Living Dead — Mommy Dea(d)est. 

Zombie child from Night of the Living Dead 1968

George Romero’s 1968 masterpiece is one of the most influential horror movies ever made. Borrowing from both Caribbean folklore and the works of Richard Matheson, Night of the Living Dead single-handedly invented the zombie movie as we know it. Its black and white photography and over-the-top acting may betray its 60s origins, but the brutality and nihilism of the film have not aged a day. 

Although its sequels would up the gore factor, neither of them contain a kill as effective as the one at the climax of Night. In the most blood-curdling scene of the movie, a zombified girl mercilessly hacks her mother to death with a trowel 

before chowing down on her corpse. The sound mixing and editing in this scene elevate it into a nightmarish fever dream. Most chilling of all, though, is the scene’s symbolic significance. In a world in which sweet young girls kill and eat their own mothers, truly nothing is sacred. 

9. Scream — What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? 

First kill from Scream Horror Movie

By the mid-90s, horror had become exhausted. A deluge of unimaginative slashers and never ending sequels had turned the genre into a punchline. Wes Craven’s Scream couldn’t have come at a better time. Hilariously skewering slasher tropes, Scream also stands alone as one of the best horror movies of the decade. 

And what is a great slasher without a great first kill? Scream’s is certainly one for the books, taking the controversial choice to kill star Drew Barrymore before the opening credits even roll. The scene is a masterclass in tension and terror. What begins as a playful phone conversation about scary movies escalates into the quiz show from hell, culminating in a chase that introduces the now-iconic Ghostface. When the victim’s parents discover her mutilated corpse, guts hanging out, you know you’re in for a grisly ride. 

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Hammer Time. 

Leather face attacking a victim with a hammer

Tobe Hooper scares me. Yes, I know we’re supposed to separate the artist from the art. But anyone who could make a movie as grimy, disturbing, and punishing as loosely based on a true story The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has to have a few screws loose, right? Sadly, Mr. Hooper passed away in 2017. The uncompromising horror of Texas Chainsaw, however, will live forever. 

Ironically, the most iconic kill in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t involve a chainsaw at all. Instead, Leatherface dispatches his first victim with a short, sharp blow with a hammer. The sound design and editing of the scene are brilliant for their simplicity – it is easy to forget that no real gore is shown. But it is the nonchalance of the action that really raises the terror factor; you get the impression that Leatherface does this sort of thing every day, seeing human beings as nothing more than a potential next meal. 

7. Hereditary – Don’t Lose Your Head! 

decapitated head scene from the horror movie Heredity

The most recent entry on this list is also the one that quite possibly traumatized me the most. In the few short years since its release, Ari Aster’s Hereditary has earned a fearsome reputation for grueling and unflinching horror. Ask any horror fan what the scariest movie they’ve seen recently is, and there’s a good chance Hereditary will be the answer. 

Does it count as a kill if the “killer” is a telephone pole? No matter: the sudden and shocking decapitation of Charlie in Hereditary is the most harrowing death scene I have seen in years. The moment of death is effective enough, but it is the scenes that come after which really push the horror to unflinching extremes. The image of Peter lying awake all night, after he knows what he has done… the parents’ screams in the morning… the slam cut to the severed head covered in ants… I’m shivering just writing about it now. 

6. Nightmare on Elm Street – Depp Red

bloody scene from nightmare on elm street

Halloween and Friday the 13th may have laid the foundation for the slasher subgenre, but Nightmare on Elm Street is arguably more iconic than both franchises. This is due, of course, to the incomparable Freddie Kreuger, the most charismatic and creative figure in the whole slasher villain pantheon. 

This kill from the first Nightmare is a classic example of Freddie’s style: gory, over-the-top, and darkly hilarious. As our heroine Nancy hopelessly attempts to warn him, Glen (Johnny Depp!) is dragged into his mattress and transformed into a literal blood tornado. It’s one of the most memorable moments from the original film, and serves as a perfect calling card for the one and only Freddie Kreuger. 

5. Alien – Getting Something Off My Chest. 

Alien bursting from a mans chest in the horror classic"alien"

Is Ridley Scott’s Alien a horror movie, or just science fiction? Who cares? It remains one of the scariest and influential movies of the 1980s, regardless of the genre labels you throw on it. But even if it contained nothing more exciting than the kill I’ve highlighted here, it would be an unforgettable film. 

Obviously I’m talking about the chestburster scene, one of the most gruesome kills ever put on film. As the crew of the starship Nostromo is enjoying a meal following a close encounter with some overly affectionate aliens, John Hurt doubles over and clutches his chest in pain. The next few moments are a blur of blood and guts that should be enough to put anyone off their meal. Some of the film’s following scenes may be more claustrophobic and violent, but none are as viscerally horrifying. 

4. The Omen – Look At Me, Damien! 

Hanging scene from Omen horror movie

The Omen was sort of the Hereditary of its day: a classy film, featuring respectable actors and directors, that nevertheless plumbed the depths of modern American horror. Dealing with blasphemy, bestiality, and infanticide (among other nasty topics,) it is honestly a little shocking that The Omen was so popular with contemporary audiences. 

It was hard to pick just one kill from this movie, as there are several memorable ones. Honorable mention is reserved for the encounter between photographer Keith and a pane of glass, but the real prize goes to the sucide of five-year-old Antichrist Damien’s nanny. Announcing in a ghoulishly cheerful voice that she

is doing it “all for you!,” the nanny hangs herself from a high window in front of a crowd of children. Forget the end times – the therapy bills for those kids will be the real horror story. 

3. Halloween – Sibling Rivalry. 

Michael Meyers as a child with a knife and a clown costume

When John Carpenter was tasked with making a film about some babysitters getting murdered, there was no way he could have known what he was starting. Cut to just a few years later, and the slasher would become the defining subgenre of horror, earning equal parts applause and criticism. It’s hard to believe it all started with a movie as simple – and as well executed – as John Carpenter’s Halloween

The slasher is one of the most formulaic of horror subgenres, and nearly all of them start with a flashback to the killer’s childhood. In this case, the audience peers through the eyes of young Michael Myersas he murders his sister with a 

butcher knife. Although not as bloody as later slashers would become, the use of POV, the sound design, and the iconic score make this kill effective to this day. Michael Myers would go on to slaughter dozens of teens, but his first kill will always remain the most memorable. 

2. Jaws – Don’t Get In The Water! 

Jaws opening scene with woman swimming

Jaws changed everything. Considered the first true blockbuster, this summer chiller by a little director named Steven Spielberg didn’t just make audiences scared to go into the water; it drew them to the theaters in droves, forever transforming the way Hollywood made and sold movies. 

When it comes to the kills in Jaws, nothing can beat the horror of the first five minutes, in which a tipsy, reckless co-ed decides to go out for a nighttime skinny dip. While such shenanigans are inadvisable in a horror movie setting, can you really blame young Chrissie for thinking the water was safe? As John Williams’ ominous score picks up in volume, the audience can only watch in terror as she is dragged to her watery fate. It’s not the bloodiest kill of 70s horror, but it may well be the most important in the long run. 

1. Psycho – Showertime.

shower scene from Psycho

While it did not exactly follow the formula that would be cemented by Halloween, Psycho remains the great-granddaddy of all slasher movies to come. Michael Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface, and more would never have slit a single throat if Norman Bates hadn’t first slipped into his mother’s dress and paid an unsuspecting visit to poor Marion Crane. 

Of course I’m talking about the shower scene. What list of horror movie kills would be complete without it? Whole books have been written on this iconic scene, and the ways that it uses editing, music, and performance to capture sheer horror. While it is hard for modern audiences to appreciate just how shocking this scene was, its importance cannot be understated. Every other kill on this list owes its existence to the shower scene – one could even argue that the entire genre of modern horror was born in these three minutes.



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Puzzle Box Winter Horror Guide

Best Horror Books Best Of Best of Movies Featured Horror Books Scary Movies and Series

Winter is a wonderful time with falling snow, crackling fireplaces, and precious family moments. However, like all beautiful things, this season also has a dark side – and Puzzle Box Horror is bringing you the ultimate guide to winter horror seasonal scares. From real-world terrors like almost dying from frostbite to holiday folklore creatures that pull you into the depths of Hell, here are the top winter horror stories you need this season.


30 Days of Night 

Released: 2007

30 days of night winter horror movie poster

Before there was Twilight, there was 30 Days of Night… a truly brilliant horror film that tells the story of bloodsuckers, captivity, and bone-chilling terror in Alaska. The town of Barrow is preparing for the annual “30 Days of Night,” a period during the winter when there is a polar night for an entire month. Or in simpler terms, 24-hour a day darkness. As the community is snowed in and confined to their homes, a band of bloodthirsty vampires arrives and begins to pick off the townspeople one-by-one. With monstrous killers on the loose, and no communication to the outside world, the main characters must find a way to stay alive and overcome the darkness. Both literally and figuratively. If you’re a real vampire enthusiast with a side of winter horror obsession, this is the perfect film for you! Stream on Amazon here.


Released: 2015


Who doesn’t love a good holiday horror movie? Especially when it’s about a demonic creature from European folklore that guarantees you’ll sleep with one eye open on Christmas Eve. Krampus has everything you could typically expect from a Christmas film – a dysfunctional family, a blizzard snowing people in, a child doubting his holiday spirit – but instead of Santa, you have Krampus. This horned, demonic creature originates from German folklore, and descends each winter to punish those who have lost their Christmas spirit and drag them straight to Hell. Which seems a little harsh, if you ask us… but you’ll get a kick out of this winter comedy horror film that’s scarily good. Stream on Amazon here.


Released: 2010


Sometimes your winter vacation can turn into a nightmare, and it definitely did for the three college students in Frozen. It’s a simple premise, but truly terrifying. One second, you’re in a chairlift getting ready to ski and snowboard at a high-end resort – and the next, you’re trapped in freezing cold temperatures 100 feet above the ground. When the three friends get stranded in the chairlift with no help in sight, they go to extreme measures to stay alive and avoid freezing to death. There’s no ghosts or demons, just three people fighting against nature to protect themselves from the woes of winter… and it’s incredibly frightening. Stream on Amazon here.

The Thing

Released: 1982


When a group of researchers in Antarctica encounter “The Thing,” it’s not just the bitter cold that they need to protect themselves from. This alien orgasm is a parasite that can imitate people to perfection, giving them all paranoia that they can’t trust each other. And to be honest, they probably can’t. Like many winter horror films, this is a story of survival amongst both evil forces and the steep snow… and it’s simply chilling to watch. After you’ve finished watching the 1982 version of The Thing, you can also watch the 2011 remake that many horror fans believe is as brilliant as the original! Purchase the DVD here.

The Invisible Man

Released: 1933


If you’re in the mood for a black-and-white holiday movie that’s a bit less cheery than It’s A Wonderful Life, this eerie winter horror film will definitely do the trick. As the name suggests, it tells the story of a man who checks into a hotel on a snowy night with this face fully wrapped in bandages and topped off with goggles. After a series of events, it’s uncovered that this man has discovered the science of invisibility, and he’s even more dangerous than you think. An invisible man who can sneak up on his victims before their brutal murders, in the middle of the snowy winter? What could possibly go wrong? Stream on Amazon here.


The Shining

Author: Steven King

Published: 1977


The Shining isn’t just one of the best haunted books of all time, it’s also a winter horror masterpiece. While it’s the supernatural forces that cause Jack Torrance to lose himself and become a danger to himself and his family – it’s safe to say that any of us would go crazy after being trapped in a haunted hotel during a winter snowstorm. Jack begins working there as a caretaker as he recovers from alcoholism, and his inner demons combined with actual evil spirits begin to take over his body. As the snow falls around this Colorado hotel, he goes on a quest to kill his son Danny (who posseses psychic powers called “the shining”), wife Wendy, and anybody else who stands in his way. Even if you’ve seen the cult favorite 1980 film starring Jack Nicholson, this Steven King novel is a classic that you should definitely read from your creepy hotel room. Available on Amazon here.

The Winter People 

Author: Jennifer McMahon

Published: 2014


Living “off the grid” in a Vermont farmhouse to survive the winter cold may seem like a dream at first. Netflix, blankets, and hot cocoa… oh my! But things take a turn when 19-year-old Ruthie moves into the home with her mother and sister, only for her mother to mysteriously vanish one day. Trapped in the middle of nowhere with no answers, she uncovers an old diary that pulls her into a town mystery that may or may not decide her mother’s fate. Along with provide answers for the other townspeople who have disappeared throughout the decades. Available on Amazon here.

Ghost Story

Author: Peter Straub

Published: 1971


You know you’ve written a killer book when even Stephen King compliments it. The famed horror author has nothing but great things to say about Ghost Story, as does Puzzle Box Horror. It tells the tale of four old men who gather around one winter night to tell the many stories of their past. Some are simple, others are frightening, but there’s one that’s purely horrifying. A terrible mistake that shows that your past can always come back to haunt you, and no sin is truly forgiven. Available on Amazon here.


Author: Christopher Golden

Published: 2014


The snow is the true villain in this novel by Christopher Golden, as the town of Coventry still struggles to recover from a devastating blizzard that happened over a decade ago. And it wasn’t just your typical natural disaster. Many people died, others mysteriously vanished, and strange things began to happen as icy figures danced in the snow and gazed inside children’s windows. With another blizzard set to hit the town, the people of Coventry must put away their painful memories and prepare to save themselves from the supernatural forces of the snow. Available on Amazon here.


Author: Stephen King

Published: 1987


Snow and Stephan King novels are always a scarily good combination, and Misery is no exception. When acclaimed author Paul Sheldon gets caught in a snowstorm and crashes his car, he awakens to find that he has been captured by Annie Wilkes, a superfan of his work who will go to great lengths to get her definition of a happy ending. This includes holding him hostage, manipulating him by withholding food and painkillers, and even cutting off his foot. It becomes clear that Annie is unstable and Paul’s life is in danger, and he must escape her before his own life story comes to an end. This novel was also made into a highly successful movie starring James Caan and Kathy Bates! Available on Amazon here.



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