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In three years, Slasher app has amassed an incredibly loyal following. To build on the reasons horror fans love Slasher, the upcoming update to Slasher 4.0 will have new features that make it even easier for horror fans to stay in the loop with the things they enjoy. Filmmakers, authors, musicians, and podcasters will also have new, exciting ways to share their work. Refreshed mobile apps will be launched that will deliver an updated design and interface. Horror lovers will also be able to access Slasher’s features right from the Slasher website.

Horror fans are hooked on Slasher for all the right reasons. The genre is supported far better than on mainstream social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No one on Slasher gets banned for posting horror-related images – blood and gore special effects are welcome. People can build a network of friends faster than any of the mainstream social networks. Most importantly, it’s an enjoyable environment created by a horror fan, who is an active part of it.

“The three years we’ve been online have been amazing! I’m so thankful for all of the fantastic people who are on Slasher every day, making it so much fun for all of us! It’s also great to see all the filmmakers turning us on to their movies, authors who keep us informed of their new releases, artists who share their work with us, musicians who keep us going with new tracks, and the vendors who help us build our collections. I might have created the app, but it’s the people on it who are the ones that make it awesome each and every day. We’re all in this together and it’s been great working alongside fantastic people and companies who feel the same way we do about horror! Slasher 4.0 is going to help us provide more support, resources, and opportunities for everyone in the genre. This has been the most exciting project I’ve put together since Slasher was first released!” –

Damon Della Greca, creator of Slasher.

Slasher 4.0 is in development.

Slasher is currently available for free on Android & iOS in the U.S. and Canada. An Android beta is available in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Visit on the web or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @TheSlasherApp ###

About Slasher

Launched in 2019, Slasher is the social app created for the horror genre. It features a social timeline, events calendar, horror movie database, news and reviews, and the first dating feature for horror fans.


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Slasher App Supporting Horror Creators

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If you haven’t heard of the horror app Slasher for horror fans what better way to be introduced to the community than their efforts to support indie horror makers in these hard times.

Damon Della Greca, creator of the mobile horror app, SLASHER, has been providing a sense of community for everyone who loves horror during these unprecedented times.  In an effort to further help, SLASHER will offer FREE advertising for struggling horror businesses.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, we’re all doing what we can to survive; not only physically, but also in the sense of maintaining how we manage day to day. Everyone has been impacted in one way or another. Many of us are out of work, our social lives have seen drastic downturns, and our ability to simply make human connections has become very difficult. As horror fans…as people…we’re all in this together.

“While watching the docu-series, A Toy Store Near You (Amazon Prime), the 1313 Mockingbird Lane episode resonated with me.  Frontline healthcare workers & horror toy store owners, Terry & Liz Taylor, are the same passionate members of the horror community you might run into at a convention and they are struggling to keep their store open.  They made a difference by providing perspective, now I want to make a difference by providing what I can. Support indie horror.” – Damon Della Greca

Fortunately, SLASHER has gotten to a point where they can do something to help those who own horror-oriented businesses that are at risk of closing, or have suffered critical financial loss, due to the continuing pandemic. It’s not only retail shops, but the lack of conventions in 2020 that hurt the vendors who rely on them – many of whom count on that income to get by. In order to help people keep their businesses alive, SLASHER is offering FREE advertising to those businesses who could use the help. This offer will last until at least the end of April, but may be extended. Please send an email to with your store/business name, website address, and your name.

SLASHER – The Social Network for Horror



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