Is Freddy Krueger Immortal? [Nightmare on Elm Street Trivia]

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Does Freddy Krueger Live Forever?

Freddy Krueger is an intimidating, nightmare-intruding horror movie killer! Being one of the only “reality manipulating” slashers, he holds a lot more power than the traditional horror movie slasher.  In almost every Nightmare on Elm Street movie, they try to kill Freddy Krueger for good…but Freddy always seems to come back!  Freddy’s repeated return to the big screen leaves Elm Street fans everywhere wondering…

Is Freddy Krueger Actually Immortal? Is there any way to kill Freddy Krueger for good? What are the most effective strategies to survive a Nightmare on Elm Street movie?

Ways Freddy Krueger Has Died (or Been “Killed”)

Freddy Krueger is an intrusive, finger-knived slasher who just keeps coming back.  Still, here are some of the ways his victims have tried to take him out…

Death From Being Forgotten

When an entire town disbelieves in Freddy Krueger or otherwise “forgets” him, he is unable to kill.  Freddy Krueger gets his power from the fear his victims feel and think after hearing horror stories about the finger-bladed slasher.

Drag Him Out of the Dreamworld

The Nightmare on Elm Street killer thrives in the dream world, where his power truly vibrates.  With that said, many victims have discovered that Freddy Krueger can be pulled out of the dreamworld and into reality, where he is much weaker. And while he is still a very agile fighter in the real world and quite dangerous…at least the victims stand a better chance!

Killed by Fire

Although Freddy’s “real life” demise came from being burned alive while trapped in the boiler room…he was also burned alive, after being dragged into the real world at the end of the first movie.


Hypnocil is one of Freddy’s indirect weaknesses. The fictional “Elm Street” prescription eliminates dreams, effectively eliminating Freddy Krueger’s back door entrance to slaughtering endless Elm Street victims.

Holy Blessings

Freddy Krueger is pure evil, and thus hates all things “church.”  When anointed correctly with holy water or otherwise blessed, Freddy Krueger cannot sustain power.  The catch? His bones have to be blessed and they are buried in a super creepy automobile graveyard.  Bring a cross.

Steal His Power

In one movie, a heroine successfully ‘steals’ the power from some of her fallen friends.  Before Freddy knows what hit him, she beats his butt, sending him away for a long time.  The down side, is that only some people seem to have the power to absorb skills and abilities from their dead friends.


Krueger is a softie for attention. In fact, he absolutely loves the limelight! So any opportunity for attention usually takes priority for the glove-wielding slasher.  Victims have used his vanity and attention-loving weakness as a way to escape him or otherwise take him out.  One time, he was even beheaded after being distracted.

Trapped Souls

Freddy’s power gets greater as he absorbs the souls of his victims, trapping them in his evil forever. However, sometimes it is possible to find ‘cracks’ in Freddy’s spirit, freeing the trapped souls enough for them to fight back.  When the souls fight back, they fight back hard, typically dragging Freddy back to hell.

Freddy Always Comes Back

Painting of the Nightmare on Elm street house

The Nightmare on Elm Street slasher is one tough killer. No matter how they try to take Freddy out, he always comes back.  Freddy is even seen winking, taunting the audience in 2003 as Jason carries his head out of the water. Part of the problem people do not realize when trying to kill him, is that he is pure evil himself. Bottom line: Freddy Krueger is immortal, despite being able to die in the real world.



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Is Hell Fest Based On A True Story?

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Is The Movie Horror Fest Based On A True Story?

Theatrical release date: September 28, 2018.

Horror Fest is an awesomely inspiring horror film concept. The movie is set in a theme park-like carnival during Halloween time: the lights are dimmed, the air is crisp, the scares are elaborate and the park is open late. A group of haunted house-seeking friends are expecting a few lame scares when the fear suddenly becomes extremely real. Despite the cries for help and desperate maneuvers, it appears impossible to outrun the very real killer stalking the group of friends. Onlookers (other theme park customers) all believe the victims are actors themselves, so no one helps.

Every year around Halloween people around the world get excited to visit their favor haunted house scares. Many people have thought about the possibility of a real act of violence occurring during one of these events. A lot of stories have circulated for as long as haunted house-style scares have existed, about real acts of violence, aggression, and molestation happening within these fun zones. And some of these stories have real substantiation, such as newspaper articles, police reports, and/or recordings of the incident. Here are some of the most significant acts of real terror or violent accidents which have occurred within a haunted house or Halloween-style theme park:

  • In 2011, a young girl by name Jessica Rue was working at a pop-up Halloween event like the one in the Hell Fest movie. She was an employee who was [purportedly by the lawsuit she filed against the company, Creepyworld] pressured to scare the patrons using a noose that was firmly bolted to the ceiling. She almost died and ended up in a coma for three days after being found dangling from the noose and having been unconscious. She still suffers memory loss and neurological damage and no one really knows what happened since Rue cannot remember the event or even working there (Thorsen, 2012).

  • In 2014, a man was found dead in a haunted house attraction out of Waukegan, Illinois. The man was elderly, worked his way up the stairs and leaned against a wall only to literally pass away in this position. He was there for almost two whole weeks before being discovered by children as dead. Patrons apparently thought he was part of the attraction, smell and all (Dvanl, 2014).

  • Also in 2014, a 16 year old Christian Faith Benge out of Middletown OH would meet her unfortunate demise right in the middle of a scare maze. It seems Ms Benge was born with only one lung and the fear of the maze created an overworked system and a fatal heart attack (Tenpas, 2018).

  • In 2016, an eerie haunted hayride in Chunky MS turned fatal for 3 of 10 passengers as a raging F-150 slammed into the tractor seemingly out of no where (Tenpas, 2018).

  • More recently, one man died in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Halloween-themed haunted house (South China Morning Post, 2017).

scary halloween masks

Real events may have inspired Horror Fest, however, the President of CBS Films (Terry Press) has noted that Horror Fest has been a long-time coming, and an idea that could even inspire an entire franchise (Sneider, 2017). It is also worth noting that a very similar plot came far before Hell Fest in a movie entitled The Houses October Built (2014), featuring a group of friends traveling across country in search of “the ultimate haunted house.” That said, Hell Fest still cannot be ignored as it is definitely backed by grade-a producers (with Valhalla Motion Pictures at the top of the list). Valhalla is a very established motion picture company and has produced some pretty notable hits including: Terminators 1-3, Aliens, Armageddon, Hulk, Tremors and more. It is also responsible for the Walking Dead series. With a successful track record like Valhalla Motion Pictures, it is obvious Hell Fest deserves serious consideration as a horror masterpiece.


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Is Jason Voorhees Immortal?

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Can Jason Voorhees Be Killed? [Friday the 13th Trivia]

Is the Friday the 13th Slasher an Immortal Killer?

Jason Voorhees is a sincerely strong horror movie slasher. Fans have watched him sustain unbelievable blows and violent damage to literally stand motionless.  He has even been lit on fire (Freddy vs Jason, for example), to simply walk forward with his blade as though it were not happening at all! Friday the 13th fans have been debating Jason’s mortality and when exactly he became the impenetrable monster that he is today.  Horror Enthusiast thumbs through the volumes of the Friday the 13th franchise to discover whether Jason Voorhees is immortal…or not!

Ways Jason Voorhees Has ‘Died’ (Ways They Tried to Kill Jason)

Can the hockey mask-wearing Friday the 13th slasher be killed? Following all of the ways people have tried to kill Jason Voorhees throughout his movies makes the answer clear!


Although it is later explained that Jason Voorhees survived the childhood tragedy, most fans believed and still believe he died in Crystal Lake.  Technically, he survived the drowning…and although it is not clear if he was immortal at the time of the near-drowning, it has been speculated he was born immortal.


Many people, including Tommy Jarvis (a character in some of the movies), thought that dismembering Jason Voorhees would kill him.  Unfortunately, Jason is immortal and he survived dismemberment.

Explosive Firing Squad

Jason Voorhees suffers some pretty extreme gunfire and literally blows up as a result. The FBI unloads a ton of fire power on this horror movie slasher.  None of the agents who fired at Jason that day would ever suspect he would be back yet again!

Swallowed By Hell

Jessica Kimble (a character in one of the movies) uses a magical dagger to strike Jason, sending him straight to hell. Still, hell would eventually spit him back out to slash again!

Atmospheric Disintegration

Of the many insane ways horror movie slashers meet their “demise,” being burned up alive in Earth’s atmosphere HAS TO BE THE CRAZIEST!  Jason still returns after his outrageous death in Jason X (2001).

jason voorhees drawing from Friday the 13th holding a machete.

Jason Has the Last Laugh

Although many sources claim that Jason Voorhees is definitely dead…his constant re-emergence at Camp Crystal Lake has been evidence that he is here to stay.  Jason has literally come back from hell itself in order to torment again.  One time, another killer (Freddy Krueger), even had the power to bring him back.  No matter how many times fans may think he is dead for good, he seems to return! Jason Voorhees also maintains the title ‘deadliest horror movie slasher’ (highest body count)!

This horror movie slasher may live on forever through his glorious on-screen kills…however, he has also become a cultural horror icon, as each year, millions around the world enjoy a hockey mask costume for Halloween. One thing is definitely certain, Jason Voorhees is immortal one way or another!



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Is Jeepers Creepers Based on a True Story?

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Is Jeepers Creepers all fiction, or could it be that there was some true story inspiration for such a terrifying opening, not to mention the bloody events that follow?

Victor Salva’s millennial cult classic Jeepers Creepers (2001) was an important film in the lives of many budding horror fans. Its story of a brother and sister’s road trip crossing paths with the twisted and deadly Creeper captivated audiences in its day. Though packed with genre clichés and predictable cheese, the film features one of the more imaginative and effectively chilling openings of the 2000s; a long and sparse shot of a rural stretch of road where an increasingly menacing-looking van approaches our protagonists’ car. While the rest of the flick doesn’t quite retain the nail-biting tension offered here, Jeepers Creepers still remains a fun and gory horror outing for nostalgic or less-demanding viewers.

The Horrific Story of Dennis DePue

Dennis and Marilynn DePue

Here we introduce Dennis DePue, a disturbed murderer and a direct influence on the character of the Creeper himself. Dennis’ story, and that of his wife Marilynn and their three children, follows unsettlingly similar beats to that of Salva’s 2001 pseudo-slasher, though the reality is far more horrifying than any fictional, bat-winged killer scarecrow could hope to be.

Marilynn had many, many opportunities to treat me fairly during this divorce, but she chose to string it out, trick me, lie to me. And when you lose your wife, children, and home, there’s not much left. I was too old to start over.

Dennis DuPue

Following building tensions on an already tense marriage, forty-six-year-old Dennis DePue had murdered his forty-eight-year-old wife Marilynn earlier that day, beating and pushing her down a flight of stairs, as reports go. He carried her body to the car, telling their children that he was taking her to the hospital. They never saw her again. her body found by an eerie old school bus also ties back to Jeepers Creepers as it is similar how the creeper stores his bodies.

DePue was found only when his story aired on Unsolved Mysteries. Having changed his name and attracting a new girlfriend, Mary, DePue was living happily as Hank when his story was made public. After he disappeared and Mary discovered who he really was, she contacted the police immediately and DePue was located within just four hours. After firing a couple of warning shots at approaching officers, DePue then turned the gun on himself, thus ending the grim saga.

Comparing the intro to DePue’s Story

AndersYdna on youtube got creative and spliced together the intro from Jeepers Creepers and the Unsolved Mysteries story about Dennis DePue to show the similarities. It’s a quick 10 min watch.

The Thornton’s True Story Inspiration

April 15th, 1990. A couple, Ray and Marie Thornton, set off on their weekly routine of a peaceful country drive outside of Coldwater, Michigan. Little did they know that their usual Sunday tradition would this week land them in the centre of a horrific and bloody mystery. As they drove south on Snow Prairie Road a strange van revved loudly from behind as it sped past them. Marie noticed that the van’s license plate began with “GZ”, exclaiming, “jeez, he’s really in a hurry”.

Some miles down the road, the Thorntons passed an old schoolhouse where they saw the mystery van a second time. The van was parked between the school and a huge tank, and its driver was carrying a blood-soaked blanket across the grounds. Not long after this, the now-clearly-dangerous stranger was behind them once more, this time tailgating them within inches for at least two miles. As Ray pulled off the highway, the van parked itself at the side of the road and the bold Thorntons decided to swing back in an attempt to see the rest of its license plate. When the mystery driver was seen changing his license plate, the Thorntons decided to head back to the schoolhouse where they found the bloodied blanket partly stuffed into a rabbit hole. They immediately went to the police.

Jeepers Creepers Film poster featuring a scary eye peeking through a sack

Is Jeepers Creepers Based on a True Story?

While many Jeepers Creeper fans will see a lot of similarities between what the brave Thorntons did (and saw) that day and the establishing minutes of Jeepers Creepers, the reality is no less harrowing than Salva’s reimagining. Although DuPue seems to have a direct influence on the Creeper it does not appear to be based purely on him.



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Is Leatherface Mentally Challenged?

Scary Movies and Series

Leatherface, the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise slasher, has long been rumored by fans to battle mental illness. However, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) did reveal a few details about his past and the history of Leatherface before he ever used a chainsaw.  Turns out, Leatherface did suffer from an intellectual disability (basically a mental retardation) being diagnosed with a degenerative neuro disorder when he was only 12 years old.  Leatherface was raised by the Hewitts/Sawyers (depending upon which movie) after being abandoned in a dumpster at a meat packing plant.  Although it is highly unlikely he ever took an IQ test, or a test of any kind for that matter, many horror fans speculate that Leatherface would have a rather low IQ.

Does Leatherface Have an Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation)?

There are a few facts and activities spread throughout his killing sprees on-screen, which give credence to his diagnosis of mental illness being accurate.

Leatherface Plays With Children’s Toy

In Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Leatherface enjoys some time with one of his favorite children’s toys, a sort of “speak and spell” type of electronic.  The digital screen displays the image of a clown and Leatherface types “FOOD” repeatedly while the machine replies “Sorry, wrong answer!”  Eventually he angrily smashes and thrashes around, throwing a fit.

Leatherface’s Curious Encounter

In Leatherface Chainsaw 3D, the monstrous chainsaw-wielding villain stops dead in his tracks during a chase for a kid with a toy chainsaw. Although Leatherface eventually gains composure and scares the kid off, he is taken aback to see another chainsaw weilder.

Frustrated Tantrums

Leatherface is seen in many films getting frustrated with his inability to catch his victims or appease his family members.  Usually he will become more violent than normal, spinning out of control with his chainsaw while standing in place…or shoving one of his family member’s heads into an oven, fire ablaze!

Human-Face Masks

Many psychologists would likely declare Leatherface mentally ill. One of the biggest reasons being that Leatherface feels a lack of identity to the point he needs to shave faces off of other human beings, wearing them as his own.

Creepy Bone & Flesh Collection

Although there are normal uses for animal bones and various organic matters, Leatherface (and family) take it to a whole new level of disgusting. The Hewitt/Sawyer properties often feature dead animals, hanging bones and human skulls scattered all over the scene!  They are even cannibals, creating a human stew (probably really high in protein). In fact, a psychologist would probably have a few disorders lined up for Leatherface based on his collections alone!

Other Characters Recognize Leatherface As Mentally Slow

There are a couple of key characters who have been around Leatherface for a good part of his life to know him well. Leatherface’s boss and co-worker at his butchery call him a “dumb animal” and even a “retard,” leaving him angry enough to slay them right then and there.  Later on, the sheriff is talking to Leatherface’s uncle Charlie about getting Leatherface under control…referring to him as “retarded.”

Leatherface is Mute

Leatherface is unable to verbally communicate, besides a few grunts and groans. Occasionally, when a survivor has successfully hurt Leatherface, he can be heard screaming like a little girl.

Leatherface Plays With Makeup Like a Child

Leatherface is unable to resists the temptations of decorating his victims and his mask made of human face with lipstick in one flick.  Although most would agree: Leatherface would be a terrible makeup artist and should stick to his day job!

The Final Word on the IQ of Leatherface

Leatherface is most certainly mentally handicapped and suffers a low IQ. Ultimately, this explains why he so quick to follow his family’s truly demented orders, and also why he is sometimes a little easier to outwit than other horror movie slashers.  Regardless of his true IQ and how mentally deranged he may be…Leatherface is infamous for an array of truly entertaining on-screen kills!

Check out Who is the Smartest slasher and see how Leatherface compares to the wits of other slasher favorites!



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