What Kind of Knife Does Michael Myers Use?

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How Big is Michael Myers’ Knife?

The Halloween movies are notorious for their knife-scenes. Most people die in Halloween movies by knife.  A lot of the Halloween movie cover arts even featured a knife, including Halloween (1978), Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009). So, how big was the knife used in the movies? What type of knife did Michael Myers use? Was there any reasoning in choosing a blade? Horror Enthusiast has searched the annals of Halloween movie horror to find the truth!

What Kind of Knife Is Used In the Halloween Movies?

Most Halloween fans understand that an encounter with Michael’s blade normally means instant death. Most Michael Myers fans, however, do not know much about the knife itself.  A lot of fans have suggested that it is a chef’s knife and they are correct: Michael’s knife is a wide bladed chef’s knife.

Michael Myer’s first knife in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) was a 17” Lamson chef’s knife.  The measurement is the full length of the entire knife, tip to end of handle.  The knife is so long that when Michael deeply stabs a victim, he can penetrate through their entire body and actually ‘stick’ them to the wall.

Every movie has featured a different knife. Some fans have even pointed out that different knives are used even in the same movie (sometimes it is necessary to show a bigger knife in some scenes for it to be visible at all). It has been speculated that the largest knife Michael has ever used was in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).  It is said that he had used a 19” knife in this sequel!

Final Words About Michael’s Blade

The Halloween movies tapped into a fear extremely close to home: that even a small child could become a stone cold slasher.  No one wants to see innocent turn evil, which is exactly what happens with Michael. That said, Michael Myers would only be half as scary without his knife. 

Michael’s creepy mask and stalking nature may inspire fear in anyone; however, his huge, shiny, reflective blade may be the biggest reason to RUN!


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What Other Movies is Freddy Krueger Referenced In?

Scary Movies and Series

Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger References and Cameos

Freddy Krueger has become a horror legend. With all of his glory and notoriety, he has paved the way for cameo appearances for life not only for himself but also for the franchise as a whole.  Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger, and his claw are referenced or found in a number of other horror movies, paying homage to the original horror masterpiece and its creators. After all, the horror movie genre would never be what it is today if it had not been for the smooth talking, charismatic slasher that is Freddy Krueger!

Movies that Reference Freddy Krueger or the Nightmare Franchise

Without further ado, here is the up-to-date list of other movies which reference the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, or Freddy Krueger directly.

Freddy with Needles as Fingers

Bride of Chucky

The Bride of Chucky decided to go all out and highlights a number of killer artifacts within the evidence locker.  Jason Voorhees and Michael Myer’s masks, Leatherface’s chainsaw, and Freddy Krueger’s glove are all present.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Freddy’s glove can be seen above the door within the tool shed. This was a homage paid to Wes Craven, and also a response to Craven putting up an Evil Dead (director: Sam Raimi) poster in the room of a Nightmare on Elm Street scene. Hilariously enough, this was a response to Sam Raimi putting up a Hills Have Eyes (1977) poster in another movie. Director easter eggs are awesome.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

A generalized reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street (and Freddy Krueger) story line is made in form of a little girl named Nancy (main character, first, third, and seventh films) complaining about a nightmare monster trying to kill her in her dreams.


The 2017 remake of the popular Stephen King film about a derranged child killer clown hosts homage to Freddy Krueger and the Nighmare franchise by playing Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child in a in-movie movie theatre in Derry. There is also a movie poster of the same flick.  The movie It was set in 1989, the same year Nightmare on Elm Street 5 was released.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Freddy Krueger’s glove makes a cameo appearance grabbing hold of Jason’s mask at the end of the film.

Ready Player One

A reference to Freddy is made in the trailer for the 2018 film, where Freddy is annihilated as he jumps towards one of the players in the movie.


Wes Craven has directed a number of horror films and projects, including Scream (1996). Wes Craven himself can be seen making a cameo in the movie as a janitor who wears Freddy Krueger-like clothing (fedora and sweater).  His name is even Fred!

Other References and Mentions

Bloody Rage (Video Game)

Freddy Krueger is a playable character alongside Jason Voorhees.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Video Game)

Freddy Krueger / Robert Englund is a playable character on a map called “Call of the Dead.” He is caught saying some of Freddy’s most notable catchphrases, including “I am your worst nightmare!”

Dead by Daylight (Video Game)

Freddy Krueger is a downloadable character (currently paid content via expansion pack).  Freddy Krueger’s Springwood elementary school is a map that was released with the same expansion pack (though this was a free edition).  Also, Quentin Smith, the male protagonist from the movie remake in 2010, was also added to the game.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (Song)

The hip hop team produced a song called “A Nightmare on My Street” which was inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street series and had Freddy on the cover. The track even included a Freddy-like murder scene and modified catchphrase “I’m your DJ now, Princey!”

Everybody Hates Chris (TV)

In one episode of Everybody Hates Chris, Malvo threatens Chris, asking him to give back his gold chain, or he would be there when he least expected it.  Malvo goes on to explain he’d show up even in his dreams.  Later in the episode, Malvo shows up in a Freddy Krueger-like outfit, complete with a Fedora, green and red sweater and even a glove.

Family Guy (TV)

Episode “The Splendid Source” features a scene where Quagmire hires Freddy Krueger to visit Peter in his dreams and deliver a message. When Peter wakes he exclaims “When you poop in your dreams, you poop for real!”

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The (TV)

In the episode “Mistaken Identity,” Will dons a latex Freddy Krueger mask and scares Carlton in Mr. Furth’s car.

High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, The (TV)

The Teddy Juicer episode is a Freddy Krueger parody.

Mortal Kombat 9 (Video Game)

Freddy Krueger is a downloadable character.

Mucha Lucha (TV)

A wrestler known as Misterioso Grande is mythed to be able to steal another wrestler’s mask in the dreamworld if he defeats them.

R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps (Book)

“A Nightmare on Clown Street” is a book by R.L. Stine, a popular children’s horror author. The book is meant to refer to the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Robot Chicken (TV)

Freddy Krueger appears in a couple of episodes including “That Hurts Me” and also “I Love Her.”  Awesomely, the voice of the Dream Demon in one of the skits was loaned by Spencer from Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (aka actor Breckin Meyer).

Simpsons, The (TV)

A cameo made by Robert Englund’s voice can be found in Simpsons episode “Treehouse of Horror IX,” by which Freddy Krueger is seen with Jason on a couch complaining about how late the Simpsons are to the party.  Freddy is also seen among Moe’s band of ghouls in the same episode.

South Park (TV)

Freddy Krueger makes a cameo in the episodes “Imaginationland Episode II” and “Insheeption.”

Weird Al (Song)

Weird Al Yankovic sings “And he slashed up Dasher just like Freddy Krueger” in his “The Night Santa Went Crazy” song.

Freddy krueger in a painting with his knife glove on


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What Personality Type is Chucky? [Myers-Briggs Personality Type]

Scary Movies and Series

Chucky: a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Breakdown

The Child’s Play movies are well known for its sadistic doll-killer personality, Chucky.  Chucky is an interesting killer, as he is the only horror movie killer to survive death by inhabiting an inanimate object.  The Chucky doll is naturally scary and the deaths of his victims make him all-the-more horrifying.  But what really keeps Chucky up at night? What makes him tick and causes him to be so violent? Horror Enthusiast has beaten through the confused, mixed up thoughts of Charles Lee Ray (the Chucky doll possessing serial killer) in order to offer the most accurate Myers-Briggs personality type assessment possible for the slashing doll!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Chucky Have?

Chucky is an IST-J Myers-Briggs personality type.

Chucky is one of the smallest of the horror movie killers, but he definitely owns one of the most vibrant, talkative personalities of them all! His attraction to the spotlight has helped him earn his suspected personality type.

Hates Play Time

Chucky may be a “Good Guy Doll,” and owned by a child, but he is most certainly not fond of play time.  He does put on a good show though and is able to recite the recorded Good Guy Doll messages with ease. Chucky also tries to get along with his child-owner, Andy, in order to ultimately control him and get his way. This type of behavior helps him earn an “I” Introversion personality ranking.

Reserved Killer

It may be true that Charles Lee Ray (the serial killer who possessed the Chucky doll) had made a lot of real-life bad decisions, but as Chucky, he is reserved and calculated. Chucky only strikes out when he knows he can win…otherwise he appears to be nothing more than a child’s toy.  This ability to turn off the outside world and reflect, as well as calculate his killings, contributing strongly to his “I” Introversion personality type.

Never Forgets A Face

Chucky interestingly enough requires Andy’s help throughout the movie, and needs to be transferred into Andy to survive.  He haunts Andy throughout the films, using his past encounters and experiences as methods to work his way through.  Chucky’s logic and reasoning boil down to doing whatever is necessary to achieve his bottom line.  This mentality contributes to “S” Sensing personality rank.

Fact-Driven Killer

This doll understands his situation perfectly well, so much so in fact, that he will actually pretend to be fake throughout the movies in order to get what he wants. Chucky understands the facts well enough to manipulate his survival. This horror movie slasher’s fact-based activities ensure a rank of “S” Sensing.

Super Interested In The Details

Charles Lee Ray may have been a more impulsive serial killer in human form, but as a doll, he has had the luxury of his victims literally not believing their eyes. Thus, he has been able to truly enjoy his killings and enjoy them he does! Chucky can often be heard making clever remarks before or after a victim dies, and he seems to thoroughly enjoy the science behind a killing.  This type of behavior contributes to his rank as a “T” Thinker.

A Logical & Sound Slasher

Chucky is a very logical horror movie killer, analyzing his situation to decide the best outcome. He is often depicted as an uncaring killer with an indifferent perspective for nearly anything which doesn’t concern himself. Chucky will always search for the easiest, most reasonable way to get back into a human body, no matter the cost (even human lives). This type of slasher is most definitely a strong “T” Thinker personality trait.

Pre-determined Plans and Task-Oriented

The Child’s Play slasher has always liked for things to be pre-planned, decided and without contest.  He stages many traps for his victims, but also has big plans outlined for himself and his own future.  He thinks more about the future than most horror movie killers and cares a lot about his plans working out.  Chucky’s task-oriented mentality locks down a “J” Judging personality rank.

A Drive to Meet Deadlines

Chucky doll face from Child's Play horror movie

Charles Lee Ray understands deadlines better than most horror movie slashers.  He understands the deadline on his life when he jumps ship, possessing the Good Guy Doll. He also understands the deadline on requiring body transfers, and the time limitations that outline his survival.  Chucky’s push to ensure he meets his deadlines is an important personality factor that helps him attain a “J” Judging personality rank.

Chucky was very close to earning a “P” Perceiving ranking, for a number of reasons, but his overall drive to meet deadlines, and incredible work-ethic throughout the movies (killing is work too!), earn him a solid “J” Judging personality rank.

Final Mental Health Notes on Chucky

Chucky is in the company of horror movie slashers who actually enjoy killing as it happens, oftentimes becoming fascinated with the killing process. Chucky is a smart killer who loves the technical details of his slayings and his a deep and avid thinker. His desire to plan and keep his mind focused on his survival have made him one of the more desperate killers…making him much more dangerous as well. Despite Chucky’s roughed up, plastic look, his overall personality type of IST-J, has created a lot of on screen memories that will haunt the horror genre forever!



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What Personality Type is Freddy Krueger? [Myers-Briggs Personality Type]

Scary Movies and Series

Freddy Krueger: a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Breakdown

“One…two…Freddy’s coming for you!” This common catchphrase can be heard sung in the background before many deaths.  A Nightmare on Elm Street’s famed killer, Freddy Krueger, is the only horror slasher to claim his victims in their sleep.  With the power to manipulate dreams and fingers of knives…what more could a horror slasher ask for? Still, it seems Freddy is never satisfied and always craving more victims. Thus, Horror Enthusiast has decided to dig deep into the darkest alleyways of the dangerous killer’s mind to offer the most accurate Myers-Briggs personality type possible!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Freddy Krueger Have?

Freddy Krueger is most likely an EST-P Myers-Briggs personality type.

Freddy Krueger is one of the most entertaining horror movie killers, possessing a lot of dynamic, interesting attributes about his personality that have contributed to his suspected personality type.

Affinity for Attention

Freddy Krueger may have a serious problem with killing most people he encounters…but it doesn’t stop him from wanting the attention!  Freddy has been caught gloating about the attention he gets and wishing for more several times throughout his films. Sometimes, he wants the attention to grow more powerful, other times he enjoys the attention in a form of infamous notoriety. Regardless, this type of behavior has earned Freddy a powerfully attractive personality type of “E” Extraversion.

Freddy knows a lot of people and has harvested a lot of souls. He shoots wonderful glamour shots for the media.  He can also be seen rocking out with his victims, playing video games with them, and even working out with them (before their unavoidable death)! Not only does Freddy like to hang with nearly anyone, but lots of people admit to really liking Freddy (as present in Wes Craven’s A New Nightmare).  Freddy’s large fan base and huge group of friends helps lock in his “E” Extraversion personality trait.

Problem Solver

The claw wearing slasher is famous for working through a number of problems to get what he wants.  Freddy has even brought another horror slasher, Jason Voorhees, back from hell in order to give him the entrance he needs to start killing again!  Freddy has worked his way around a number of other problems as well, making him a powerful “S” Sensing killer.

A Pragmatic Killer

freddy krueger pushing on weight bar from nightmare on elm street movie

Reasoning is a really important part of a killer’s logic.  And while it may be nice to have a plan for any problem, being able to reason with the variety of ways to solve that problem is essential in coming out ahead. Freddy is such as successful killer as he has been able to use experience and factual analysis to predict his victims movements and thus claims many lives.  Freddy’s logic secures him the “S” Sensing personality trait.

An Eye For Weakness

Freddy Krueger has an amazing ability to detect a victim’s biggest fear and ultimately their greatest vulnerability. This attention to detail and skill of determining inconsistencies is critical in exploiting a victim in their dreams. Freddy’s behavior truly extracts the maximum amount of fear and helps earn a personality rank of “T” Thinker.

A Technical Slasher

Of all the horror movie killers, Freddy Krueger has to be one of the most creative and innovative slashers of them all.  He has killed people so many different ways, nearly all of them gruesome.  No matter the killing, he takes advantage of the fears of each person, or the technical details available to him. This spectacular show put on with each murder locks down his “T” Thinker personality rank!

Keeps His Options Open

Freddy may be a little rough around the edges, but he really enjoys a good chase! Freddy loves to stalk and chase his victims, even taunting them at times. Ultimately, Freddy is one of the only killers who really enjoys the chase probably more than the kill itself. He pays close attention to details and an individual victim’s fears, in order to create the most powerful “P” Perceiving personality trait possible!

A Seasonal Killer

Although Freddy is down to hack and slash whenever they release a new film, there are almost always references in his sequels (and even in the original movie), to him lying dormant for long periods of time.  The first movie, for instance, only features Freddy Krueger killings years after his death.  Each sequel seems to allow an entire new group of fresh meat to move onto Elm Street before he begins claiming souls.  This sporadic type of behavior and his fluctuating energy levels lock into place his “P” Perceiving personality rank.

Final Mental Health Notes on Freddy Krueger

freddy Krueger with knife glove on

Freddy Krueger is one of the most infamous horror movie killers of them all. He is a dream-weaving, claw-wielding nightmare monster that no one wants to ever run into.  He has proven that he is indestructible, immortal and will keep coming back.  But still, underneath all those tattered cloths and burnt flesh, lies an attention hungry man who was rejected by society and simply turned to the darkside to satisfy his cravings. Freddy Krueger is an EST-P personality type, but he is also a lover, deep deep down and just wants to be accepted!



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What Personality Type is Jason Voorhees [Myers-Briggs Personality Type]

Scary Movies and Series

Analyzing the Personality of Friday the 13th Slasher Jason

Friday the 13th is a staple in the slasher horror genre…and Jason is one of the best killing machines there is!  However, despite many attempts at understanding the silent, hockey-mask wearing killer, the body count continues to rise!  Horror Enthusiast has been able to break down the most critical characteristics and traits which make up Jason’s Myers-Briggs personality type after all!

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Jason Voorhees Have?

Jason Voorhees is a INT-J Myers-Briggs personality type.

Jason Voorhees is not that complicated of a killer if one is provided enough background information.  Still, his undeniably strong personality traits are what contribute to his suspected personality type.

Hates Other People

Besides his mother, Jason hates just about everyone else.  This is probably due to his natural deformities making him a prime target for harassment as a child. He is eventually drowned at camp by unsupervised bullies.  Overall, his hatred of other people easily qualifies him as an “I” Introversion personality rank.

Thrives On His Own

Many killers have required assistance from others in order to achieve their goals, be it creatures, supernatural entities, or their family members.  Truthfully, Jason handles everything himself and pretty much thrives being alone!  This extreme success from being so independent also qualifies a ranking of “I” Introversion.

Convoluted Ambition

Jason loves to kill but sometimes loses track of his target in exchange for something more interesting, or exploring a new possibility. He often has hazy recollections of his past which fuel his killing ambition, but his big picture is always the same: get them back for what they have done; and the facts and subsidiaries that make up the big picture take a backseat to his slaughter fest. This convoluted ambition scores Jason a “N” Intuition personality ranking.

Loves His Mother

Jason’s mother is dead for most of the movies, and all of the movies which feature Jason as a horror killer. He still remembers his mother, hears his mother’s voice and listens to his mother to hack and slash victim after victim.  He is so trusting in the symbol that is his mother from beyond the grave, that it contributes to a personality ranking of “N” Intuition.

Methodical Killing

Jason is methodical in his killings, slashing victim after victim, one by one, as quickly as possible. This systematic approach to slaughtering campers has given Jason more kills than any other horror movie killer to date. It also makes him more of a “T” Thinker than a feeler!

A Just Killer

Drawing of Jason from Friday the 13th horror movie in his hockey mask

Due to the fact that Jason was a victim of brutal bullying himself, the audience naturally has sympathy for Jason.  Jason, as well, kills only because he and his mother believe the killings are just.  After all, the camp counselors and other kids were all negligent bullies…so it is easier to condemn their behavior. The fact that he does not kill purely for sport, makes him a reasoning, logical killer (despite his low IQ), and thus he scores more firmly as a “T” Thinker.

Never Procrastinates

Jason is not a procrastinator, and ensures all of his victims are slain as promptly as possible throughout all of his films.  The chases are usually brief and many times the deaths are sudden.  Jason is considered task-oriented due to his ability to follow instructions from his mother (or Freddy Krueger) so precisely!  His well-rounded reliability as a killer ranks him a strong “J” Judging personality.

Tunnel Vision

Unfortunately for Jason, he can become so obsessed with a harder-to-kill survivor, that he becomes a little reckless and sometimes misses new information.  In fact, this is what usually leads to his capture, death or dismembering.  It is also what secures his ranking as a “J” Judging personality.

Final Mental Health Notes on Jason Voorhees

Jason is a reliable, punctual, methodical horror movie slasher who will rank INT-J every time. And his killings are far more horrifying after understanding the “just” psychology behind them, and his procedural format for ripping through his victims. Regardless, no matter how little Jason may talk or what his personality type may indicate, a lot of times, his machete speaks on his behalf!



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